My Halloween and Day of the Dead DIYs!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share with you two DIYs. One for Halloween and one for Day of the Dead! I decided to do them this past weekend when I had some down time and wanted to do something fun after my midterms.

I think I did rather well! Our presentation got an A and I think I did well with my test for my organizational management test! Now I just have to finish my accounting homework for next week and I’m hoping it’s not too bad.


First up is my Halloween wreath. I made it out of wire I had from a used up notebook and wrapped it with some white ribbon that I had bought at the dollar store. The ribbon also had black spider webs and gold spiders.


After I did that I added the black with silver glittery spider webs fabric that I cut into shorter strips and tied with some small plastic hair ties. I would have got glued them but I couldn’t find my hot glue gun!


Then I added some silver skull ribbon thing and again tied it on with the hair ties because of the missing glue gun.


And here’s the finished product! I think it looks quite fun!

And now for the Day of the Dead Bracelet that I made! I bought stuff to make jewelry with a long time ago but never used it until this year. When I realized how easy it is I decided I wanted to keep doing it. I’ve made a few items and so when I found some beads in a crafts store I knew I had to buy them and try to make something.


And here’s the finished bracelet! I still have some extra beads so I’m not sure what to do with those but oh well. I think it looks cute! The brown and white beads remind me of the bones on the skeleton decor items, then there’s flowers as there are always flowers everywhere. And to finish it off it has skulls with diamonds for eyes! I think it’s perfect for the holiday!

So that’s what I was able to craft this month! Let me know what kind of crafts you have done recently. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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