Stress Relief Tips! 

Hi everyone! So I’ve been quite stressed lately and have been going through all of my stress relief activities. I thought I’d be a good idea to share them with you! Midterms are this week and next so at the time of writing this that means that my accounting class group and I are meeting round the clock to finish our paper and practice our presentation. When you read this, I’ve already done my group presentation and I’m hoping it went well!

Update at the time of posting: it went well! I’m waiting on the grade so hopefully there aren’t any surprises. That means I have one more to go and am currently studying for my management midterm.

So here are some things that help me when I’m feeling the stress.

Take a shower or bath. I find it so relaxing and some of the best ideas can come out of it.

Listen to music. I am very susceptible to music as I think a lot of people are!

Watch ASMR videos. I do find them very relaxing and fun to watch.

Take a short break. Honestly, after staring at a computer screen all day I just need to get up and walk around or do something different.

Take a short blogging break. I believe most of my followers are bloggers and some are even students as well! So you know what I mean. Blogging takes time. School takes time. Life in general takes time. Taking a blogging break is necessary and can do you some good! I took two days off last week and it was exactly what I needed.

Partake in your favorite hobby. I love going to musicals, or reading so I try to get some of that in.

Watch something you enjoy. I take some time to watch an episode of The Office. Just make sure you don’t spend all your time watching stuff!

Try something new. Whether it be trying to learn to crochet or paint or anything else, focusing on something else for a bit will do you some good! That’s how I discovered I love yoga!

Speaking of, do some yoga.

Go for a walk. It’s so nice to get outside and clear your head.

Sleep. I can’t function without sleep so when it’s late and I feel super stressed, I get up and go to bed.

And that’s my stress relief tips for you! Let me know what you do to destress and if if you do anything I suggested already. I’d love to know! 

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I like to take showers and listen to music most when I’m stressed-it helps a lot. And I know for some taking a break from blogging could be a stress reliver, but for me blogging is a pretty relaxing activity too. Is that weird? Haha anyways great post (:

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  2. I hope the results of your midterm come out well :). The Office is one of my favorite shows, I watch shows that I enjoy, sleep, drive around to clear my head, try something new, listen to music and look for something new to try.

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