Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Product Review! 

Hi everyone! I’m back with a product review on the Revlon ColorStay Ulitmate Suede lip color. I bought these a few weeks ago during a promotion at Target, where Revlon was buy one get one for half off I believe. I would say that was a good deal! There were tons of colors to chose from and I have to say that I thought a lot of them were very similar to each other. I spent quite some time comparing nearly identical shades. Btw I’m not sponsored by any company listed here. I know, I’m sad too.

I ended up with 035 Backstage, which is a darker burgundy shade, and 045 Supermodel, which is a nude but more on the purple side. I actually was wearing Supermodel in my selfie for my Fall Makeup Look!

The guy on this train in front of me is probably thinking I’m crazy looking at my lip products. I’m about to confirm it as I plan to swatch and take photos next!

Phew he didn’t notice that part. Hey, when you’re busy you do what you gotta do, right? Great, I don’t have tissues with me…

These products go on quite sheer but are very buildable. I went over each color about three times for the swatches I think. Supermodel is my favorite of the two. Once on it’s very opaque and looks more metallic once on. Backstage is a nice color but is more patchy and not quite as opaque. I can see hints of metallic but not nearly as much. It’s definitely more sheer.

Their staying power is not very good. If you eat or drink anything it all comes off, so you do need to have them on hand to reapply. But they are easy to put on and glide beautifully on.

As for the packaging, I love that the top is clear so you can see the color. Their label did go over both the bottom and the lid so it was easy to see if they had been opened before but I didn’t notice any in the store that had been, probably because it was easy to see the shade. However the top doesn’t come off easily so I worry that I might accidentally hit the product and ruin it if I’m not careful. Also the product can’t be lowered back down so I can’t try to avoid disaster that way.

Overall I think they’re a great product for no fuss makeup days or if you’re new to makeup. There are better products out there but these are so simple and easy to use that they’re nice to have on hand.

So let me know if you’ve tried any products from this line and, if so, which ones! 

Oh! And thank you everyone for your well wishes for my midterm. It went really well and I got excellent feedback!! I’m attributing it to all of you! One midterm down, one to go!

Thanks for reading!


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