Target Beauty Box – October 2017!

Hi everyone! I’m back with the October Target Beauty Box! As you may know, I went crazy a few weeks back and ordered a bunch of boxes, and the Beauty Box is one that I continue to order!


The Target Beauty Box is $7. This month they had one box option. Last month they did have two but only one sold out, so I’m assuming that’s why? Or maybe it was always supposed to be a trail run.

As always, the box came with a flyer that listed the items in the box and a $3 off a beauty purchase of $15 or more.

Okay, onto the items!


First up, I got a sample of the Maui Moisture Shea Butter Shampoo. It is a hydrating shampoo and meant for dry/damaged hair so I won’t get much benefit from it. I’m thinking this one will be gifted to my mom. The plus of this is that it’s made with no silicones, parabens, and even gluten.

Next is the Masque BAR Wrinkle-Reducing Mask. This is a single mask and normally retails for $3.49 on it’s own. Already, that’s half of the box value! I’m excited to try it as I have really loved face masks lately. And I’m in serious need of some pampering!

I also got an e.l.f. Wax Brow Pencil. This product retails for $1.99 and since I’ve been more interested in brows and brow products lately, I’m looking forward to trying it. I’m hoping it’ll be a good everyday product as I often worry that if I fill them in it looks much too dramatic. I don’t know why I worry because I am dramatic.

Another full sized product is the Neutrogena Nourishing Eye Liner. I got the color Spiced Chocolate 30 and it’s on sale right now for $6.74. Regular price is $7.49, which is over the price of the box! That’s almost the entire price of the box just in this product! I know I do like these eye liners, as I’ve had them before, but I’ve never tried a brown liner so I’m curious as to what it will look like. I already  have brown eyes and hair, so I’m hoping it won’t look weird.

The next items are samples of the L’Oreal Extraordinary Hair Clay System. It is also meant to hydrate hair, which is something I try to avoid as I have oily hair. I actually use a daily clarifying shampoo for that reason. I’m thinking I’ll pass this to my mom as she’s the one with dry hair. It is silicone free as well.

I really love how the boxes contain products with natural ingredients. The next item is a sample of the Raw Sugar Lemon Sugar Hand Wash that I’m excited to try. I still have quite a bit of my current hand wash so it’ll be awhile before I try it but I am always happy to have samples of essential items in case I run out of my current items without back ups!

And last but not least, I have a Rimmel Matte Liquid Lip Color. I got the color 820 Heartbeat. This product is normally $4.99, over half the price of the box, and it is full sized. I don’t think hot pink is quite the color for my lips but hey, makeup is supposed to be fun, right?

Altogether the full sized products are valued at $13.72 right now. If you take the eyeliner’s full price instead of the sale price it’s $14.47 which is over twice the sale price of the box! By the way, I’m not sponsored, I’m just happy with the box. Unfortunately it is sold out already as I ordered quite late. I don’t recall getting an email about it being on sale so I didn’t order it right away. I must have been in the last few days it was available. That’s the thing about this box, it does tend to sell out quickly.

I believe they do normally go on sale about a week or week and a half before the end of the month for the following month so I’ll try to be a little quicker for next month if it’s a good one! It is not a subscription as you have to order each one individually, and you can see what products are included when you order. If you can get one you get good products so I’d say it’s worth it!

And that’s the October Beauty Box! I really do enjoy getting them. Let me know if you’ve tried the box!

Also, wanted to leave a quick note that I am taking the remainder of the week off from blogging (so tomorrow and Friday). I plan to be back on Monday with another post but I really do need the rest of the week off. I have a project to work on for school and thought a little break from blogging would do me, my group’s sanity, and our grade some good. (I’m hoping it’s a good one! I really want straight A’s for my entire MBA experience!)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The clay shampoo is actually for oily people! It drys out the oils while hydrating it so it’s not being completely stripped! It’s awesome. I have always wanted to get my hands on a target beauty box! Maybe next month xx

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