Decorating for Fall!

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you some seasonal decor I have going on in my home office. Should be fun!


While writing this I’m sitting at the car dealership waiting for an oil change and something about the rear breaks. The guy explained it but I already forgot. Bruce (my car, named after Bruce Wayne aka Batman) is also getting a car wash after that so he’s having a spa day pretty much.

Update post oil change: Baby Bat (aka Bruce) is all set! He is soooo shiny again! Best little car in the world for sure haha.

As for me, I participated in the vampire blood drive (see yesterday’s post for details) and it went well! The nurse was super nice and funny and the both of us had a good laugh. My poor left arm. It got poked on Tuesday for the flu shot and today for the blood draw. I had my band-aid on for most of the day even though it was only supposed to be on for 15 minutes. When I finally took it off it hurt a lot. That’s one strong band-aid! Twelve hours of fasting overall wasn’t so bad I guess. I slept through most of it then ate a bagel after so it worked out I think. I was still told off for not drinking enough water. Better luck next year.

Apparently the fact that my coworkers and I talking about how stressed we are before hand didn’t wreck my blood pressure. I got 113/82 and the nurse said below 140/90 is good so that was great!


Okay back to decor!


First off I have this Halloween banner that I put above my desk. I still need to put it up but I normally have it up all of October.


I also have the Thanksgiving one that I put up for November. By now I have one for all major holidays I think! I got them both from Target at the See Spot Save section either last year or the year before. By the way, this is very Halloween/Day of the Dead/General Fall because the Thanksgiving stuff isn’t out yet. It likely will be soon but I wanted to get this post up so I might have to do a part 2!


I also got some new fake flowers and a new vase from the Dollar Store. It’s turning into my favorite place for cheap decor! I get so much there now! I went with a deep red theme for the fall although my mom wanted me to add black glitter twigs to add a spooked factor in there.


Next, I have another See Spot Save item next. I have a pink Day of the Dead candle holder that I got last year. I think it’s so cute! I do need some tea lights for it as my normal candles are too big and it doesn’t light up correctly!


The Day of the Dead banner is from the Target Halloween section and I just recently bought it. I was originally going to put it up at work but I love having it on my door to the office. It’s my dream to go to Mexico for Day of the Dead. The state where my parents are from is known for its celebrations but strangely they don’t really get on board!


Another Day of the Dead item is this little statue of dancing skeletons that I got at Michael’s recently. I thought it was too cute to pass up! Shall I name them? Leave ideas below if you think I should!


Lastly I have this bowl from the See Spot Save section. It reminds me of Sephora actually with the stripes! On the side it says “Hocus Pocus” in gold lettering and I thought it was just too cute to pass on!

That’s pretty much all my Fall decor items! I don’t have too much storage space so I can’t go all out. Plus I only have two rooms so there’s not much to decorate. However I do have a few things to celebrate the season with!

What kind of decorations do you have for the fall and upcoming holidays? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Dollar Tree is such a great place to get cheap decor and Target dollar spot is another of my favorite places as well. I love Michaels too, today they had a sale on fake blue dahlias and metallic mason jars. So I picked up a couple of flowers and a mason jar to add to my nightstand :). I also got a big colorful calendar for the year and stones from the dollar store to add to my mason jar. I also got some candles from my room. I highly recommend marshalls and ross for inexpensive soy candles, so worth it.

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  2. I love all of the Day of the Dead stuff that has been out this year – I saw a neat cat at Michael’s that I might go back for! Super cute bowl too, very festive – love it all!

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  3. I love the banner! We have a few Day of the Dead decorations as well. So cool.

    This is such a wonderful time of year. Great decorations and thanks for sharing. 💖

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