My Lively September!

Hi everyone! Time to get to my September hobbies! It’s been a crazy month! I feel like I’ve been in school much longer but I only started at the end of August.


I’ve mentioned this before but school has taken up a lot more time than expected. Well maybe not more than expected but still a lot. It’s mostly because of the crazy amount of homework, which is mostly just busy work in my opinion. I’d rather not have homework than have busy work but ah well.

So because of that I haven’t had too much time for hobbies but I’ve gotten a bit in! Here we go!



Older photo but I haven’t been running much. I think I only managed to get out for a run once or twice this entire month because of school as well as those Apple issues that I was having and a few other things that have popped up. I hope to be able to get out more in October though!


I’ve been able to do yoga about 2-3 times per week. I am still really enjoying it and I found a few poses that are actually difficult for me! The main issue I have now is that I tend to do yoga before bed, when I’ve already taken out my contacts. Since I have to check the video to see how to do the next thing, I get tons of interruptions as I have to look up and if my glasses fall off my face then I need to pick them up and put them back on. I also don’t do some things correctly in order to keep my glasses on my face. And if I take them off then I have to stop what I’m doing to move my face closer to the iPad to see the next pose. I’ve thought about using my new VR headset that I bought for $10 at Walmart so that way I can still see what is going on though. LOL!

Working – Landscape


I’ve still been working with my dad. It’s been fun still and pretty easy lately. Honestly the most work is at the very beginning of the season and the very end. Since my dad has been busy with other small jobs for his business then there was a day when my mom and I went by ourselves to our usual client. I did everything that I normally do and a bit of what my dad normally does. It was a good time but I’m looking forward to the end of the season so I can get my entire weekends back!



So my mom and I went for a walk a few times this month. We do try to go at least a few times a week but we didn’t get to go as often this month. We did go for a walk at the beach near my house though! It’s so close but yet we almost never go to the beach anymore. Probably since we have Six Flags so close to us, and we can go to Hurricane Harbor for much warmer and cleaned water, but it’s nice to see a lake and the protected forest that leads up to it.

And that’s pretty much all I have for today! Let me know what hobbies you’ve been enjoying lately. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. The beach looks beautiful <3. Yoga is a great workout as well. I've been loving my training camp, attending local events and discovering new places to eat.

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