Kat Von D Products Review – Lock-It Concealer and Saint Perfume!

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing two products from Kat Von D! The Lock-It Concealer Creme and the Saint Perfume. If you remember, I got a sample of the concealer in my August Sephora Play subscription box. I had asked if there was anything you wanted to see reviewed and a couple people said the concealer! See? I listen to you!

The perfume is just and added bonus, I don’t think I mentioned I had bought it in my blog. I did get it when I went to redeem my bonus points at Sephora from my Play box though!



Quick updates though, I know I haven’t answered comments quite as quickly and you may have noticed that if I normally comment on your blogs I’m usually a few days late now. I’ve had quite a few things eating up my time lately, namely those pesky Apple/Best Buy issues and school. I’ve had quite a bit of homework last week, well more than usual, and have a bit this week so I’ll be behind this week as well but will be catching up this weekend for sure!

That is also why this post is a wee bit later in the day than normal, and tomorrow’s likely will be as well. I just don’t have time to write it until the end of the day! When I started taking my blog more seriously I said I wouldn’t use time constraints as an excuse, but I totally need to right now. I just have so much going on! Of course, it was my decision to go back to school and to prioritize it, and everyone has been so incredibly supportive but I really dislike being late or missing deadlines.

On a different note, I am so saddened by the earthquakes Mexico has been having. I have a lot of family in Mexico City and luckily they’re all okay. I’m extremely relieved and so proud of my aunt who is a nurse as she’s stayed at work the entire time. She’s a pediatric nurse so it can’t be easy in general but it must be even tougher in times of crisis. I hope my family and the entire city continues to be safe as I know the area is on alert for aftershocks and such. It really was a very powerful earthquake so I know their fears are well justified, just from hearing my mom’s stories from the earthquake she was in before she came to the US and the news coverage.

With all that said, thank you so much for your patience, your words of encouragement, and continued support! In fact…



Thank you so much for 900 followers! I could see the number creeping up on me and it still feels so strange to type out. So thank you for this as well!

So that’s all the administrative stuff I suppose! Let’s get back to the makeup!


So first up, is the Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme in Deep 33 which is described on the Sephora website as “deep cider with warm undertone”. However it says D33 Warm on the label, so when I first got it I thought it would be a good match, not realizing the “D” meant “deep”. Unfortunately it is much too dark for me but I still tried it out to review.

It definitely lives up to the full coverage and long lasting claims. If it wasn’t so dark I would use it all the time! In order to be able to use it day to day though, I’ve had to use only a little bit at a time so I couldn’t get the full coverage benefits. I absolutely love it though because it does last all day. I used it under my foundation in order to cover up some of the color (I usually put concealer over my foundation) and it didn’t seem to rub off or anything in the process of layering.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been having skin issues and this covered everything up wonderfully. If it matched a bit better I’d use it more often but I was constantly checking my face to see if the darker concealer was showing through the foundation throughout the day. I didn’t notice anything but my face does weird things.

It is paraben free and the entire brand is cruelty free. The full size is $26 so I’m considering getting my actual shade once I use up the sample as much as I can and my current concealer as well.


I recently bought the Kat Von D Saint perfume! I got myself a travel size so I could keep it in my bag, although I never actually do strangely enough. It is a floral scent with vanilla, musk, and jasmine notes. I chose this one over the Sinner version since I loved how it smelled just a tad bit more and was looking for a work-appropriate fragrance.

From what I’ve read and heard, I believe these are older fragrances that hadn’t been sold by the brand for awhile so there’s been a lot of hype around them and there are a few other products in the line as well. The scents aren’t exactly the same from the comments I’ve read, but they are close and Saint is a lot more floral than the previous version. So far I do like the line although I likely won’t purchase more from the Saint and Sinner line just because I’ve had a lot of expenses (new windshields are not cheap!).

I do like this perfume however something about it makes me sneeze when I put it on. Not like allergy sneezes (I think) but just because the scent particles are still around and tickle the inside of my nose (is that allergies?). Still that isn’t enough to keep me from using it everyday so that’s how much I like it! It does smell very sweet but in a floral way, not like a food way.

This perfume is vegan and, like the rest of the brand, cruelty free. I won’t purchase the full bottle but I do like it and see myself using this entire travel size, mostly because of the spray. I don’t like roller ball versions of perfumes but this one does have a spray! The travel size is $22.



So that’s my review on both products! Let me know if you’ve tried either of these and, if so, what you thought!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Congrats on your well-deserved 900 followers!! 😊🍾

    Aww, how disappointing that the concealer was too dark!! ☹️ Thanks for trying it anyways, it really sounds like the concealer I’ll be trying out next, once my current one is out. 😊

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