My Current Skin Care Routine!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to share my current skin care routine with you! I have a fairly simple routine I think. I’m going to include it all here because of that, my morning, evening, and weekend routine (yes they’re all different) are included here.


Let’s get into it!

Morning Routine


My morning routine is so fast. I get ready pretty quickly. I normally use face wipes as they’re quick and easy. Right now I’m using the Up & Up Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes as they came in my Target Beauty Box back in August just as I ran out of my old ones! Besides that, I use the Estee Lauder DayWear Matte Moisturizer before I start my makeup routine. Woot woot! Two product morning skin care routine!

Evening Routine


My evening routine is slightly longer. I do have a lot more to do since I’m taking off my makeup. First I’ll wash my face with the Trader Joe’s Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil. If I feel I need it, I’ll use my e.l.f. Exfoliating Scrub but I don’t use it too often. Maybe once or twice a week max. I don’t use my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover as much anymore as my cleanser is actually really, really good with mascara but if used more cleanser-resistant products I do. I usually finish off with my No 7 Beautiful Skin Toner, Night Cream, and Eye Cream. I have talked about these products before in a review and I do love them but I do have a confession.


Here’s my confession… I haven’t used my exfoliator, toner, night cream, or eye cream in about two weeks. I’ve been having really strange breakouts for about a year. It’ll be one or two really large blemishes in random areas of my face at a time, and this has been happening constantly. At first I blamed my Body Shop Seaweed Toner, then I switched to the Body Shop Aloe Toner and it seemed to go away. But then after using almost the entire thing I started getting the breakouts again. So then I decided it must be the Ole Hendricksen night cream and stopped using it but it didn’t really stop, just happened less frequently. Then I started using the No7 products and it’s happening more often.

So now I’m not sure what’s causing it! Since I’ve stopped using all those products my skin has been slowly clearing up but I don’t like that I am not using a moisturizer. I might try to find a tea tree oil based one or something more natural as now I’m convinced it must be a particular ingredient but have no idea what. I mean, I have other bad habits, I constantly touch my face, only wash my brushes once a week, and don’t switch my pillow cases nearly as often as I probably should. But I have a feeling it’s not that, I think it’s just something in the products that slowly irritate my skin after I’ve used it for awhile. Or does that sound strange?

Weekend Routine


My weekend routine is fairly simple as well. I try to give my skin a break and not wear makeup at least one day on the weekend so if I do go out I put on the Eucerin Daily Protection Face Lotion with SPF 30. This has been a favorite of mine for years! I try to use pore strips about once a week or every two weeks. I am using up my Up & Up Pore Strips and they do their job but I have to admit, they’re not as good as the Biore strips so I’m not going to repurchase these but will buy the Biore ones instead. I usually also try to use a mask about once a week. Normally I use samples that I have, but my favorite long-term mask I use is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. So that one gets to represent that aspect. I have also been loving sheet masks and the one I plan to use today (at the time of writing this on 9/10) is pictured above. It’s the SpaLife Nourishing Natural Extract Orange Facial Mask that I got in my September Beauty Box. I actually need to get myself some new masks since this is my last one!


So that’s my skin care routine. I think it’s pretty simple! What about your routine? Tell me about it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. It totally makes sense that an ingredient in one of your skin care products makes you breakout. It’s a good idea to cut things out and see what makes your face clear up. All face scrubs especially the ones with beads make me break out.

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