My School Books!

Hi everyone! You get two MBA related posts in a row! How fun! Today I’m sharing my school books and giving you a mini review on them. As most of you may know, I’m a current MBA student in my first year. I just started but already its been a journey.

So I’m taking two classes this semester. I’ll explain each book and how I got it as well as what I think so far.




My first class is Financial and Managerial Accounting. The book is called Understanding Financial Statements by Lyn M. Fraser and Aileen Ormiston. It is 11th Edition and published by Pearson. We area actually only using this book for the first half of the class, as it’s only for the Financial Accounting portion of class. My managerial class does not have a book as the professor hasn’t found one he likes enough. Phew!

So far I really like this book, It’s concise, has good and frequent examples, and short. I do actually read the chapter ahead of time because it’s so good at explaining stuff and the professor is as well so I feel like I’m actually learning and understanding the concepts. It’s a great resource for our discussion posts that we need to do and perfect for the quizzes. So far it lines up almost perfectly and word for word for each quiz our professor gives us so it’s been working out great.

As you can see, I rented it from Chegg. I believe I paid a little extra to rent it for a few extra weeks as it was due back a week before finals or the week of. I think it was $30 or so before the extra time and around $40 after I added that. I didn’t want to deal with shipping it back before finals or during as I’m not sure if I’ll need it for any exams. I don’t think so and I think I’ll be fully finished with it half way through the semester but I figured better safe than sorry!



My second class is Organizational Management. The book is called Organizational Management and it’s actually made just for the class. I don’t really like this book. We do use it very occasionally so I can’t return it but I don’t really read it before class. I do skim it a bit but it’s very rudimentary.

It reminds me of my undergrad books based on how it looks. It has strangely placed photos and tables (it’s a pet peeve when they cut off the sentence or paragraph and forces it to the next page or when it cuts off the very thing that’s trying to explain what I’m going to see). There’s also definitions in the margins although the words are defined in the paragraph. It’s not as concise as my accounting book, in face it’s quite the opposite. And while the cases studies do relate to the content they also disrupt the flow of the chapter as do the aforementioned photos and tables.

The fact that we use it from time to time is unfortunate for me because I was hoping to sell it back immediately. I had put that I wanted to rent the book for around $50 but since the bookstore didn’t have a book available to rent they sent me a new book and charged me the full amount, $150 instead. I called them to get it fixed but they said the reason why was because the book was updated recently and so they only had new books. They apparently can rent out new books so I was stuck with paying $150 for a book I don’t really want. I’m hoping to sell it back at the end of the semester and hopefully get some money back. Keep your fingers crossed they do buy it back from me and I won’t have to keep it please!


So that’s my school books!

Before I go, I do want to address a few things going on around us. My thoughts are with everyone affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, as well as all my fellow Americans reflecting on the events of 9/11 today.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I get so excited when I would get the syllabus and see what textbooks I needed! Both when I studied music and teaching (I’m such a nerd πŸ˜‚) They can be ridiculously overpriced though. I hope you can sell it back, I did that with quite a few of my books πŸ™‚

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  2. When I was going to college, my parents agreed to pay for my classes as long as I didn’t fail them (then I’d have to pay)…they made ME pay for books though. This was unfortunate as the classes were cheaper cause it was community college, but the books were still the same high prices!

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