My Top 5 Songs Right Now! – September 2017

Hi everyone! Like the title says, I’m going to share my top 5 favorite songs right now with you! I love listening to the same songs over and over and over again because I love them so much.


Before we go on, I’m finally caught up on blog posts from last week. The changes in my job and school at the same time were a bit much and I had a lot to catch up on as I didn’t get to read them last week. But all my homework is done (kinda, I still need to write my first reflection paper for the 8th), my September schedule for my blog is done, and I’ve gotten my first few events (four to be specific) for work in my new position. So yes, it’s been a bit crazy but I’m happy with how everything is going so far.

So onto the musical aspect of today’s post! In no particular order, here are my top 5 songs at this moment!

Bang Bang by Jessie J ft. Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj




Oh my goodness, I love this song so much! I found it because I actually love Ariana Grande and then this song came on the radio (I don’t listen to the radio too often) and recognized her voice. I asked Siri what song it was (thanks Siri) and that’s when I decided this song was one of my favorites. I can’t stop listening to it!

Look What You Made Me Do by Taylor Swift



I know, who doesn’t love this song! I love Taylor Swift so I was so excited to hear her new single and see her new video. She did not disappoint! The video is so glam and she throws soooo much shade around. The ending was so hilarious as well! I really want to try to see her on her next tour either here or in Phoenix as I might try to go with my bestie Erin who is planning to move down there.

Wait For It – Hamilton by Leslie Odom Jr., Original Broadway Cast Recording

It wouldn’t be a music post by me if there wasn’t at least one Hamilton song! I listen to the entire album constantly. But lately I’ve been loving “Wait For It” a lot. Leslie Odom Jr.’s voice is incredible and he does get some of the best songs in the entire musical as Aaron Burr (sir).

Ins and Outs by Sofia Carson

Since watching the Disney movies Descendants and Descendants 2 I have loved Sofia Carson. (She plays Evie.) I decided to check out her music as I’m pretty much obsessed with her voice now. She recently released her music video and it’s so glam and the song is catchy!

Shiny – Moana by Jemaine Clement

Also not one of my music posts without a Disney song! I love a fun villain song and this one is so catchy and fun! It was written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, just as “Wait For It” was, so clearly I’m a fan of his work. I do love the movie Moana as a whole and the music in the entire film, I’ve just been especially obsessed with this one lately.

So that’s my top 5 favorite songs right now! Let me know if you liked this kind of post so I can plan another later. Also feel free to share your own favorite songs at the moment in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

Otherwise Happy Labor Day to everyone celebrating and (hopefully) enjoying the day off!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Bang, Bang is still one of my favorites! And I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I don’t love that Taylor song. I’m a HUGE Taylor fan but that one just hasn’t grown on me yet. With that being said, I do like her new song “…Ready for it”! Thanks for sharing! xo

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