My Lively August!

Hi everyone! I’ve been quite active this month and I’m excited to share that with you! If you’re new here, first of all hi! Second of all, my monthly “Lively” posts are the posts where I share my hobbies with you that I’ve been doing this month. For the most part you could find out about what hobbies I do on my Instagram or I’ll talk about it in other posts but I love putting them all together into one post.


I mentioned this a bit yesterday in my books post but I’ve started schoolwork (my first class is tonight!) so I can already tell a lot of time is going to be dedicated to that. Hopefully I can still get in a few fun things for this post!


Oh, and thank you to everyone as we’ve reached 800 followers on this blog! It’s exactly 3 weeks since we hit 700 so that’s amazing and I thank each and every one of you that have supported me along the way!

So here we go!



And we reached the end of my ballet class this month. I was so sad as I really did love it. For the last class it was just me, New BFF, and Excited Dance Mom (EDM). Miss Teacher had asked myself and New BFF the week before what we wanted to do for the last class so she did tailor the class towards that. She also said she’d ask Judgy Teen to let us know if they do add an adult class in the spring or offer it again in the summer.

Judgy Teen and Judgy Jr. were not in class, which I was sad about as Judgy Teen had really grown on me, but we are friends on Facebook now and we follow each other on Instagram so that works out. EDM and Miss Teacher were fun to get to know as well. We learned that EDM hadn’t been in the past two classes as she’d had a family thing on one and forgot about the other. That sounds like her for sure! Miss Teacher is still going to be teaching but she did say that she was going to ask for more adult dance classes for us as we did want to continue. I would love to do more ballet or try tap or jazz.

New BFF and I had looked for another adult ballet class. I found one in a town close to me and sent the info to her but unfortunately I decided not to sign up for it. It’s late on Monday nights so I didn’t think I could do that as I have class late on Tuesdays already. I want to be in bed as early as possible on Mondays so I did let her know I wouldn’t be doing it. I do need to reach out to her soon to hang out though. We got along so well!



I know, how can work be a hobby? Well it’s not my full time job so I’m considering it a hobby. Anyway, I help my dad with his landscape business on weekends if I’m not busy. It’s nice to be able to get out and do physical work every once in awhile since my full time job is in an office and I don’t get to move about a lot in it unless you could various bathroom breaks and walks to the conference rooms for meetings!


I don’t have a photo for this one but I started doing yoga! I haven’t done it as often as I’d like but I try to do a yoga video on the days when I don’t run. I’ve been doing videos by Yoga With Adriene on YouTube, and I did start with beginner videos but it was much too easy for me so I switched to other videos that she doesn’t specifically say are for beginners. They are harder and I can’t do everything for as long as she does it but I feel like it’s still mostly easy for me to do. Just a few things I have trouble with. My sister pointed out that I’ve naturally very flexible so that might be why. But it’s super fun!



I’m happy to say that I’ve actually been running this month! I’ve been running about 3-4 times a week for the past two or three weeks now, so not the whole month but a good amount! At first it was my dad who wanted to go and had to convince me to go with him (it was his idea to go after work), but lately it’s been me to ask if we’re going and to convince him. We’ve been having a bit of a lazy/busy spell (a little of both) but we’re really enjoying it.


I used to wonder how people had time to be active during the work week. I work about an hour away from home so it takes a lot of time to go back and forth. But now that I’ve been running during the week I’ve realized that it’s easy if you manage your time well. It’s just a matter of getting shit done and then lacing up your shoes. At least that’s what I’ve learned!

So that’s my lively month! Let me know what you have been up to lately in the comments. I’d love to hear about it!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Best of luck with your first class tonight!! And Congratulations on 800+ followers!! Hope you find a way to continue doing ballet! That is most definitely a lively August! πŸ˜‚ lovely to see what you have been up to! πŸ˜„πŸ’—

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  2. Honey, I’m so proud of you. You can accomplish so much while having a full-time job and a long commute. I’m glad you went back to running and that you’re enjoying yoga. They are both great for you. Haha I love that they each have a nickname. What’s mine

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    • Thanks! It’s honestly so fun to do it as an adult. I don’t think it would ever be too late to start. The teachers tailor it to the students so they’ll find ways to challenge everyone and help them grow!


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