My Home Office Tour! 

Hey everyone! This was posted originally on February 10th, 2017 but I thought I’d share it again! 

You might remember how crazy my week has been fighting with Apple from my post yesterday. I won’t bore you with that story again but basically I’m trying to catch up on everything that I’ve fallen behind on because of their incompetence.

That includes homework, and we all know school comes first! So I am reposting my home office tour for everyone to check out. Somethings are different so I’ll note where they are, but I haven’t taken new photos yet! All my new comments will be in bold.

I promised long ago I would do a home office tour when I was done fixing it up. Well I’m happy to say I’m finally done and it is my new favorite room in the house! My parents seem to be super jealous of it and I’m quite proud of how it turned out. Their only criticism is that there’s no where for them to sit. They don’t seem to understand that this is a work room, not a social room! It’s not perfect and there’s much I still want to change, but it’s so cute so far.


Walking in, you see the desk at the far wall. You’ll see my old lamp from college as well, I’m sure lots of college kids have this lamp as Target still sells versions of it. It’s not the best as the base is quite loose and I have to tighten it at least once a week but it’ll do for now. The little lamp on the file cabinet on the far left is not very good, which is why I brought the pink lamp in. Oh the file cabinet over there in the corner is pretty much the only thing I don’t use in here, as that’s my dad’s. And the bag by my desk is a croquet set I won at the company picnic last year and I just put it there for storage.


On the side of the bookshelf on the right hand wall, I put some of the wall hooks and put up a framed drawing of Olaf as an Assassin’s Creed character. I got this drawing from a friend when I worked retail, he and I had become friends over a shared hobby of video gaming and he thought my Frozen obsession was hilarious. We’ve lost touch and I am no longer as Frozen obsessed nor do I play video games very often anymore but I still love the drawing and framed it for display. I also have a smaller frame I got from the dollar section at Target that says “hello” on it with a mint green backdrop. The glass frame opens so you can change it out but I find it so cute I’ve left it as is. I also have a flip flop keychain on there that I found randomly in my things and thought it was so cute.


Now here we are facing the right wall. I have all my art supplies that I’ve gathered through the years as I try to force myself to be more artistic in teal and black crates. These art supplies have since moved to a different area of the room and I keep my tripod in that corner instead. I also have my boxes from my riding helmet, Loot Crate boxes, and Pop Funko boxes. That’s a corner I still have to work on and I’m looking for a small, skinny bookshelf to put all of that on. At the top of the bookshelf I have some of my Disney dolls, mostly Belle and one Elsa. I used to have some Merida dolls but they didn’t fit when I put them on the riser. In the front I have my figurines, some Pop Funkos, figures from the Loot Crate box, a ballerina from my sister, and a flamenco dancer I got in Spain.

On the shelves I have a few photos, on of myself and Hannah Hart when I met her at BookCon, one of myself and my sister when we went to the Museum of Science and Industry to see a Disney exhibit in Chicago, and one of myself in a ballet slipper frame. I never took much more than beginner ballet classes at college but you can see how much I had enjoyed it! I have a ton of binders in the top shelf, but those will be moved soon as I need more space for books. The binders were moved eventually to make way for mugs and tea. Other than that, I have biographies, classics, magazines, DVD collections, and other books I intend to read on this bookcase. I do intend to do a bookshelf tour sometime so I won’t go into too much detail yet on this. I still haven’t done this. Anyone interested? Let me know!

And then next to that I have a little cherry red wood cabinet that I got from when the office moved last year. On the open shelf I have a ton of candles waiting to bee used, and inside I keep office supplies and the banners I use to decorate the office (more on that later). You might recognize the top with the cutting board as that’s where I take most of my blog pictures as of late. I’m still doing that!


Turning around, now we’re facing the left wall. I have another bookshelf there behind that spare chair where my camera is charging and my iPad is playing a video. Again, I plan on doing a bookshelf tour so I didn’t bother to move the chair (suspense!) although I will link to the shelf tour I did do, my Harry Potter book shelf! I don’t think much has changed other than a few more fun items and the Fantastic Beasts screenplay book. On the top I have a framed postcard that I received from my study abroad program before I went to Barcelona. I also have a little flower pot from Target which I love with the colors, and I have my initials in the marquee letters from Michael’s.

You might recognize that bookshelf from my YouTube videos! The shelves have remained the same but the decor has moved about. A lot! Oh and my art supplies have moved to the bottom two shelves of the black bookshelf unit.


Next I have a wood filing cabinet that I intended to paint a darker color so that it would match my current items a little better but ended up keeping as it was. I also bought this from the office furniture sale for storing my paperwork. I the bottom drawer I have file folders full of my school work, award certificates, and more stuff like that. I keep a lot of things so all the paper accomplishments I have I keep there. I know lots of people say to scan them instead but my laptop crashed a few years ago and I lost everything so I haven’t done that, although I have bought an external hard drive to prevent that from happening again. Even so, I don’t use my laptop for much anymore since I’m not in school and normally save documents as Google Docs or something. Ah well! Ha! I’m back in school now and will use my laptop but I’m still using Google Docs. Learned my lesson for sure.

In the top drawer I have more mementos that are things like an old (still working) music box my mom bought me as a child, school name tags, event badges, and so on. I need to reorganize that drawer as well. I also have some old posters that are not framed and I don’t really have a place to put them. I keep seasonal decor in here too.

On the top I have a vintage wood doll bench with a conch shell from a childhood family trip to Acapulco. I also have wine boxes with wine bottles in them, and a Sandalwood Citrus candle from Bath & Body Works. Like I said, this is all different now. All these items are now in different places in the room and I have new stuff or stuff from other photos here now.


And then I have one last shelf in here. On the top shelf I have a cute white and gold file organizer, a cup with my name spelled in American Sign Language. For a time I was trying to teach myself ASL so I love this cup a lot. I also have a Merida figure with her bow. Actually the file organizer is on that brown file cabinet, the cup is on my white bookshelf with the tea and mug, and Merida is in my bedroom now. I mentioned that my art supplies are now on the bottom shelves.

The next shelf I have my Bailey the Beluga from the Shedd Aquarium (named before Finding Dory was a thing), a framed photo of myself and my sister with a clown at the circus (Hermanos Vasquez circus), and my water kettle that I keep in my office for when I want tea.

The bottom shelf has my little crate of tea next to one of my mugs and strainer. I also have my riding bag down there, I use a bag I got at BookCon to keep my helmet, gloves, dog treats, and who knows what else. I do need to clean it out, I’ve been putting it off. But I do take it with me to my lesson every week and makes it much easier to make sure I don’t forget anything. I have since unpacked my riding bag, and I did so in the linked post!

You can also see my pink seat there on the right. I use it as a foot rest sometimes as well and it opens for storage but I don’t actually have anything in there. I might use it for cleaning supplies as I have glass and monitor cleaners floating about (currently hiding behind my water kettle).


And finally, my desk! Under my desk I do have a few crates of paper and notebooks for some reason. Mostly old stationary that I need to use up. On my desk I have my MacBook Pro, the same one that crashed! The Apple store was able to replace the hardware so it’s still my old laptop, but runs pretty well because of that. I have a wireless Apple mouse that I got from my sister who got it from a friend, and an Apple keyboard (not wireless) that I found at a TJ Maxx. I have my laptop connected to the monitor on top of the fake books that I use for risers. At work I have two monitors so I’m so used to it that I get mad if I’m trying to use a single monitor computer now. Ultimate first world problems!

I also have my Blogging Day mug on my desk and I have my agendas and pens out as well. I have the book I’m currently reading, Hidden Figures by Margot Lee Shetterly, which I bought after watching the movie which has now been nominated for a few Oscars, including Best Picture. I have my printer here as well, although mostly I print from my iPad and it’s wireless. Above my desk, I use the curtain hooks to string across a banner that I change out depending on the season. This is one of the banners I mentioned earlier, as it’s coming up to Valentine’s day I have this XOXO banner up but I also have a birthday one, spring ones, Christmas ones, etc. I get a lot of the banners from the Target dollar spot so it’s inexpensive and fun to switch them out. The banner is now a patriotic Stars & Stripes banner which is scheduled to be up all summer until Labor Day or until I remember to change it. This desk is so cluttered right now I can’t get any work done! I need a major cleaning session here!

Above my desk I have a cute little shelf that I bought ages ago. My dad finally put it up, and really that’s why I was waiting to write this post. I have a string of copper lights on there, along with a blue, gold, and white vase that I need to find some fake flowers for. I also have a vintage set of coasters with ships on the ends and a Teotihuacan pyramid souvenir from Mexico. I have my bull figurine that I bought at Target that I really love and found on sale. And lastly I have a watercolor painting of a village I bought from an artisan market in Mexico. I loved it so much that I framed it when I got home to put it up. For the most part this is the same. The coasters are now on the brown file cabinet, the vase is now on the brown bookshelf replaced by the pink peonies. Otherwise this is the same!

And that’s my office! Let me know what you think! I can of course do an updated tour once I’ve cleaned up a bit in there and reorganized. It is a little different now, although not by much. Plus I think my photography skills have improved a bit or I could do it as a video. So, what does your work space look like?

Thanks for reading!


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    • Hahahahaha! I mean they’re not the worst office mates to have. He could be a Xbox guy (I’m a total PS fan!). It is nice to have a space just for creating. I’m super lucky my parents let me have the spare room for a home office. Hopefully you get a space of your own soon! Thanks so much for your comments and reading my posts!! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • He has an xbox as well 😂.. That was kind of them then 😃. I am buying a laptop soon so I can sit downstairs and have some peace and quiet so I can concentrate better 😄. You’re welcome, I look forward to following your blog 😃

        Liked by 1 person

      • Omg he’s out to get you! 😂 Fingers crossed for you to get a laptop so you can have a nice peaceful spot of your own!!! You blog looks amazing and I can’t wait to read more of your blog as well!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. My desk is cluttered too, so I definitely understand. I would like to see a book tour. I love the lights, pictures and target dollar spot decorations (honestly one of the best places to find cheap, cute decorations for your space).

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That’s awesome! You have a separate study to your bedroom? I’d love that! My room at home has a desk in (and my bookcases) but I really want to get a double bed at home but there’s no room as long as I have my desk in my room 😦 Plus I think it would be so much nicer to keep work separate from my room. So many times at uni I’ve woken up thinking about work and worrying about it and I think keeping the spaces separate would be better!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes that’s why I set up in a different room! My room had no space for everything and I didn’t want to keep my books in the basement either because of all the moisture. It’s nice to have an area just for work!

      Liked by 1 person

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