Product Review – No7 Products!

Hi everyone! Today I’m reviewing three products from the brand No7 that I recently purchased.Β I recently found these at Target (not sponsored, but Target/No7, sponsor me) while looking for a few things. Luckily Target came through and had what I needed!

Some background about me, I have combination skin and it’s not super sensitive but I tend to go for products that are meant for sensitive skin to be safe.

Fun news before we go on! There’s quite a bit going on with me lately. I got a new job! Kinda. I mean it is but it’s a different position within my department. I’m super happy and I get to blend my old one and new one a bit, so even better!

Orientation for my MBA program is this Saturday. So far two of my work friends offered to go with me (lol). I am a little nervous, but overall I know I’m going to be too sleepy to care much. It’s an hour away and starts at 8:30am plus I need time to get Starbucks (no way I’m showing up without Starbucks!) so it’s going to be an early day. Orientation ends at 3:30pm so I might end up at the mall over there since there’s a Lush, and I don’t have one close to me. We’ll see!

I already have homework. Yay. I got the syllabus for one of my classes but the book has been delayed (thanks a lot UPS) as it was “sorted incorrectly” or something so I haven’t been able to start my reading. I did start entering all the due dates from the syllabus into my planner though after I entered all my musicals. Priorities.

Lastly, I’m doing a workshop! I am doing a Big Tough Girl (BTG) workshop BTG5 right now. I just started so I don’t have too many opinions on it yet but it was highly recommended so I’m excited to keep learning. So far the only topic is something I have already realized on my own but as it was quite recent it’s nice to have it reinforce that. The next few steps should be much more helpful to me.


Okay now that I’ve rambled a bit about my life, back to the No7 products! Here we go!

No7 Beautiful Skin Rich Hydrating Eye Cream


I haven’t used eye cream consistently over the years but as I’m 26 now I thought I should start. I’m finding grey hairs for crying out loud! I’m confused as to how I’m supposed to know if this product is working as it’s meant to be a long term product I believe but it feels great. It is very hydrating and feels so soothing as well. I don’t typically have dark circles and haven’t noticed fine lines so I can’t measure that but I do like it so far. This cream is good for all skin types and sensitive skin according to their own description, so I felt good picking it up.

No7 Beautiful Skin Balancing Toner Normal/Oily


One of the products I had been looking for was a new toner. I was going through a lot of breakouts (actually I still kinda am) and thought it was either my toner or night cream. I decided to try all new products. This toner is really good and delivers on all it’s promises! I do see less shine throughout the day, my face feels a lot more clean and does take off the last bit of makeup at the end of the day. While I don’t think it was my toner causing the issue anymore I do see an improvement in my skin and less breakouts!

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream Normal/Oily


Same story for my night cream! I don’t think it was that product either anymore as my breakouts haven’t gone away although they have diminished. Anyway, back to the actual product. I really like it. It’s the same range for normal/oily skin as the toner so instantly I feel like my life is together because they match. It also has a lot of the same smoothing feeling as the toner and is very lightweight. I normally have problems with creams and such as they feel greasy but I don’t have that problem with this one at all. I do like it as it hasn’t caused any problems with my skin so far and feels great!

So that’s my reviews for all three of these No7 products! I’m glad I tried them, as I’ve been eyeing this brand for sometime now. Let me know if you’ve tried these products or anything else from No7 and if you liked it. I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love No7!! I didn’t realise they sold outside of the UK either so thats cool to know πŸ™‚
    I love there hydration face mask, its my fav for the winter months and when I’m feeling i need an extra pick me up!! xxx

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  2. You instantly feel like your life is together because they match! That’s so funny. It’s the little things, right? I think it sounds like a good idea to use sensitive skin products. Less of the harsh chemicals or process is always a good thing.


  3. Congratulations on the new job πŸ™‚ I’ve tried the No. 7 night cream, but a different one for dry skin. I really liked it and I don’t think we hear enough about this brand. I haven’t tried the eye cream, but would be interested in getting it when I’ve used some of my others up.

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    • Thank you Kirsty! I agree, this brand has flown under the radar. Honestly if Target hadn’t featured it with a discount offer the day I went it, I may not have tried it. I’m very glad I did give it a chance as I am impressed!


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