My Video Game Collection!

Hi everyone! How do you feel about taking a peek at my video game collection? Great! I’m going to share my games with you!

I don’t game very often anymore, but for awhile I did and I have many games I enjoyed. I own a PlayStation 3 and hope to upgrade to a 4 someday. I’m a PlayStation gamer for sure!


Here we go!


First up I have two games from the Assassin’s Creed franchise by Ubisoft. First, I own Brotherhood which is set in ancient Rome. I finished this game and I greatly enjoyed it. It was really fun to run around Rome and build up the assassins by helping citizens and recruiting them as well as doing the quests. Being able to climb buildings and make crazy leaps is fun too. While the graphics are quite old, the game is still stunning. It’s open world, so I can go anywhere (although certain areas are locked until higher levels or until after a certain point in the story) and that’s my favorite type of game play.

I also have Black Flag but I actually have only played a tiny bit of it so far. I really haven’t gotten very far as I don’t have much time to play anymore. This one is about an assassin who is a pirate I believe, which is cool! So far I loved collection the songs for my future crews to sing.


The next game I’ll talk about is one that I picked up because it was very discounted, Batman Arkham City but I don’t believe I’ve played this one at all! This game is by Warner Bros and I have played the app store game and it was fun, so I do want to try it.

Another game I have that I haven’t played yet is Book of Spells. I bought it when Sony was closing one of their stores and the employee had told me that I could play it even without the PlayStation Move controller or Eye. Turns out I did need that to play and my sister did buy them so I do need to try it sometime. Apparently you just get to pretend you’re doing spells from Harry Potter so I’m excited!


I also have Far Cry 3 which I really, really love but can’t play often because it gives me motion sickness easily. It’s strange because my other games don’t do that! I’ve gotten pretty far, a little more than halfway. Basically the main character and his rich friends and brothers go skydiving while on vacation but land on a ruthless island where they are hunted down. The main character tries to get his friends to safety and fights his way through the island to get to them and get the items they need to escape. This game was developed by Ubisoft. It is an open world as well as a first person shooter so I love exploring the world and liberating the camps that are taken by the violent enemies. It’s also forced me to become proficient at shooting in video games. I was dreadful before!


I bought these two on recommendation from the friends I made at the local GameStop. (GameStop, sponsor me.) I’ve played a bit of Fallout 3 but I haven’t been able to get very far as I’m unable to figure how to get to the next area I need to go to for the mission. I’m very good at video games but I just can’t figure it out and my character is still very weak so I can’t get past many bad guys. For this game the main character’s father breaks out of their under ground bunker and the main character follows him shortly after. That’s as far as I’ve got so far. Since I can’t figure out where to go now, I haven’t played it in a long time. This is a role playing game (RPG) and also open world although it has very tough areas already so there’s not much I can do yet.

I also have the next game in the series New Vegas but I have not played it as I wanted to finish the 3rd one I have. Both of these are Bethesda games.


I loved these two so much! We’re getting into my favorites now. These two have very similar gameplay. Heavy Rain was developed by Quantic Dream and follows multiple characters who are all connected. The story opens up quite sadly as one of the character’s loses his child due to a momentary distraction. There is also a journalist, private detective, and FBI agent who are investigating a serial killer. The game (and the next) displays choices for the player to pick in terms of dialogue, action, and quick-time events. The game auto saves after each decision so you cannot go back and undo a decision, and each one affects the game play and ultimately the ending you get. It’s very dark but a great game.

Beyond Two Souls plays like Heavy Rain, and it makes sense because it is also a Quantic Dream game. The main character is tied to a supernatural being which can cause problems in her life, and as the game goes on you learn more about both the human Jodie and the entity Aiden. The story doesn’t go chronologically so one scene could be present Jodie and the next could be her as a child. Each choice you make affects that scene and ultimately the entire game as well. For example, there is a scene where you can just mildly freak out the people tormenting Jodie and bullying her as Aiden, or you can terrify them and burn down the house. The graphics are gorgeous and the gameplay is amazing.


This was the first game I played on my PS3 as it came with it. I actually hadn’t planned to try it at all but the employees at the store convinced me to give it a try. I loved the game a lot! I honestly had a great time exploring the world and driving through Los Santos (based on Los Angeles) and causing mayhem. It took awhile to get used to the rampant criminal activity. In fact, when I first started playing the game I was trying to figure out what each button did and accidentally punched a woman on the street. The paramedics came to get her but I felt so bad that I restarted. Now I finally got the hang of it but I’ve finished the game so I haven’t really played it much more. The biggest complaint I have for it is, 3 main characters and not one of them could be a lady? This game was developed by Rockstar and is open world (I really do enjoy open world).


Tomb Raider is Lara Croft’s origins story, developed by Square Enix. This game was amazing! You start out as the ship Lara is on suddenly sinks off an island. As soon as Lara reaches the shore she is knocked out and kidnapped. Like Far Cry, the island is rough and has multiple factions vying for control of the island. If anyone wants to leave, they are stopped by a mystical force, so Lara is tasked with not only navigating through the island and staying alive, but also with gathering the crew that is now separated and rescuing them when needed, as well as figuring out why the island won’t let them leave and find a way to change that. It is open world but very linear. You can go all over the island afterΒ  you have reached that part in the story. There are very few side quests but it’s still very fun and the game features great story telling when you save and find a camp as well as through collectible items.


This is another of my first games that I bought, Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I spent hundreds of hours on this game probably, it was that good! This one is open world RPG with a main quest as well as tons of side quests and smaller quests. This game is by Bethesda, just like the Fallout series so the game play is very, very similar. However I enjoyed this game so much more. The main character escapes a prison after receiving help from the King who is assassinated and goes off to find the next King. While I’ve “finished” the game in terms of the main story line, there are still endless side quests I could keep doing. I don’t think I’ll play it very much in the future though but it’s such a great game.


The Last of Us is such a beautiful game. It was developed by Naughty Dog who did an amazing job with this work. The players spend the game in post-apocalyptic USA with Joel, who is a smuggler, and Ellie, who is a teenager he is smuggling across the country. The world has become chaotic because of a fungus which is affecting the population and turning them into zombie-like creatures. The art of the game is stunning and this game is very powerful and perfectly done.


Lastly, my all-time favorite game, Elder Scrolls Skyrim. This game was actually the reason I got a PlayStation after I saw a few videos Felicia Day posted about the game. The artwork is also beautiful and the game is so much more improved over Oblivion which was already a great game. The main character is the “Dragonborn” who is meant to protect Skyrim from dragons as well as serve as a diplomat of sorts in the land. I also finished the main story line for this game but am still completing the side quests as well as building my houses up. The most frustrating thing about this game is how easy it is to “break” it. There are many glitches you can get and since I don’t play on a computer I can’t enter a code to fix it. But the game is amazing and does make up for it in terms of the overall beauty of the game.


So that’s my video game collection! Let me know if you’ve played any of these games and if so, what did you think? Also is a “games I want to play” post something that would interest you? I’ve got quite the list for that too!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This is a cool idea! I’ve accumulated a bit of a video game collection. On Ps2, PS3, and PC. I gravitate towards PC, but I absolutely loved The Last of Us!! I’ve never played Heavy Rain but I’ve watched so many playthroughs, that game is intense πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah those two games require a lot of emotional investment for sure! I have been meaning to play The Last of Us but I’d want a full weekend when I don’t have anything to do to just play it all the way through.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m horrible at hames, zero eye/hand coordination. We are a Call of Duty household and those are tye3 only games I don’t totally suck at. Assassin’s Creed has always intrigued me – sounds cool. Yea! I’d like to read about what other games you are interested in#

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahaha I’ve gotten better overtime, did not start out that way at all. I wish I still had my PS2 and those games because those were fun too. I gave them away to a family member though. Assassin’s Creed is so fun to play, you should try it! And I think I will do a post about the games I want to play then! πŸ™‚

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