MBA Back to School Haul!

Hi everyone! I have a new YouTube video for you! As promised, I made a back to school haul video. I know you guys enjoyed my first video so I hope you enjoy this second one as well!


I have a video planned of my experience applying to the program, getting accepted, and orientation so look forward to that. I hope to have it up later this month after orientation. And probably a what’s in my bag video.

Let me know if you think I’ve forgotten anything!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I am a note-taking freak. I live to take notes! It’s so funny how you’re like, “I never wear t-shirts.” You’re a girlie girl. πŸ™‚ I always forget about adding a cute scarf to my bag. It’s such a cute look; I’ll have to remember.

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    • I love taking notes too! But my handwriting is so bad most of mine have to be digital. πŸ˜… And I do avoid t-shirts. They’re too restricting and not cute on me!!! And yes, get a scarf! I personally don’t like the “poof” thing everyone has been using so scarves are the way to go!


  2. That was a splendid haul alright. The college did give out a fair bit of goodies as your welcome pack. What a fun feeling! The different note books, the planner with the girly floral detail on the cover, the blue tote. Love them all. xx

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