Baking Adventures: Making Churros! 

Hey everyone! I had quite the adventure baking some churros! This post originally was posted last February 6, 2017 but I wanted to share it again. It was so much fun to make and while I’ve been banned from baking as of late I think I’ll be able to get back to it in the fall! I’ve promised my mom to take the treats to the office so they’re not just sitting at home and she seems happy with that.

So without further ado, here’s how I made churros!

Time for some more baking adventures! This time I made churros!

Now, I had wanted to make churros for a long time, but I hadn’t tried it yet. Once my mom and I were out at various stores, including Hispanic food shops looking for cinnamon sticks and at one store we stopped at I found a churro mix.


I hadn’t planned to make it from a mix, as I hadn’t know that was an option! But I thought I might as well give it a try.

The box gave the directions, pour out the mix, add water, and proceed to dip in a bunch of oil! Super healthy, I know. The box supplied a bad and a tip to put the mix into to make sure that they were churro-shaped.

My mom did help as she has very little faith in me when I experiment making stuff in the kitchen. It was very helpful though because it was a two person job. Basically she stood at the stove and made sure the churros didn’t stick to the pot. We were supposed to use a pan which would have worked better as it would make more rooms for more churros but we didn’t have that much oil so we contained it in a smaller space.

I got the mix ready and put it in the bag, squeezed it into the pot for it to cook, then took it out and put them on a strainer over another pot to have some of the oil drip off. After they had cooled slightly I would take them and pour a ground cinnamon and sugar mix that I made myself by mixing the two ingredients together and made sure to cover the whole churro.


Even with the mix, it was more difficult than anticipated because so many things had to be done at the same time. When I make cupcakes or a cake, I just take my time and I have to wait for the cupcakes to cool anyway before decorating them. There’s also downtime when waiting for them to bake in the oven. For churros, I had to make sure the mix was ready in the bag to squeeze out but also make sure the ones in the pot didn’t burn, while also putting the cinnamon and sugar on the ones that were nearly done before they cooled or it wouldn’t stick.

I took some to work and they were a hit! We are all in the “new year, healthy me” phase so this backfired slightly because everyone looked guilty eating them but I received good feedback and while I’ll probably try to find a healthy recipe next time I make churros and try to make them from scratch, I look forward to trying it again!

I haven’t tried churros again since but I do have a similar mix for bunuelos to try! We shall see if I’m brave enough to try them this fall. I feel this one was only a success because my mom helped. And she doesn’t even like baking!

So have you baked anything out of your comfort zone lately? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. There is no healthy thing to be added to the word churros 😛 It is okay to enjoy it deep fried and full of sin. After all you are not dunking it in dark chocolate everyday! Have Angela and you ganged up on us poor readers? I just swung by hers and saw her scoffing snickerdoodles. I am hungry! xx

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