My Jewelry Collection!

Hi everyone! Time for a jewelry collection! A few of my blogging friends and I were chatting (hey ladies!!!) and we agreed to share our jewelry collections on our blogs. So here’s mine! It’s pretty much all costume jewelry but it’s fun!


I feel like I have a lot of items but only because of all the earrings. Otherwise I don’t really have a large collection and nearly all of it is costume jewelry. Perhaps I should donate a lot of that and start investing in some good pieces!

Here we go!


Here’s some necklaces I have. The first two on the left are from Charming Charlie and I had a promotion where I could buy one and the second was free. I couldn’t pick between the blue and green so I bought them both! Next is an antique necklace my sister bought me as a present (I believe it was for Christmas). The next is also from Charming Charlie and has pink and purple flowers. Then I have a ballerina that’s Betsey Johnson. I’m not sure where I got it from but I believe I likely picked it up when I worked at a department store. The next three are from Charming Charlie. There’s a blue jewels necklace with a pearl in the middle and a silver ballerina which I bought when I was in college taking ballet the first time. Then there’s a peacock with blue on the feathers who’s chain broke so I need to fix that. And lastly there’s a silver Eiffel Tower with pearls that my mom got me.

I hardly wear the longer ones anymore because they clang against my desk at work, but they’re so cute!


The next two are a simple gold chain and a pink mega necklace. I will likely use the chain in the future to put a charm or something on there. I haven’t worn the pink one as I ended up changing the outfit I planned to wear it with for a party but I’m sure I’ll find something to wear it for!


The next ones are ones I’ve worn more. First on the left, I have a little camera necklace (Charming Charlie) that I bought when taking a photography course. Then I have a necklace I bought from Modcloth that says “Once Upon a Time” on it. The next one I don’t remember where I got it from but I think it was from my mom. It has little diamonds that hang off it. Then another Charming Charlie peacock that has the feathers in different metals. The next one is a silver leaf with little diamonds on each leaf. I think it might also be Charming Charlie but I don’t remember. And then the last necklace and bracelet are the ones I made a few months ago.


Now are my bigger earrings. I hardly wear them because they’re quite large and I have small ears. First on the left is a pair of Betsey Johnson earrings. I believe I also bought these when I worked in the department store. Then I have two diamond earrings and I believe those are real but I can’t remember. Then I have pink earrings from Acapulco (matching necklace later), black fancy earrings, grey dangle earrings, coral oval ones, silver spirals (gift from my dad), and rose gold dangle earrings. Most of these were Charming Charlie as well.


And some bracelets! I hardly wear them because they get in the way when I try to type. But I have a square black and silver bracelet, one with silver/green/pink sections, green jeweled bracelet, a black one with a white stripe, and a brown shell like bracelet.


The three that look like glass are souvenirs from when I was in Barcelona. I also have a silver “P” that I got as a gift from a coworker at the department store. I lost contact with her but it was very nice and she said she thought every woman should have her initial in jewelry.


These are all real jewelry, all were gifts from my parents. My diamond earrings on the left were my last birthday present. I got the gold and silver chain years and years ago. I think I’ve had it since high school. Then there’s also a gold cross that they gave me years ago as well.


I’m not going to go through each of these but these are all from Charming Charlie I believe except for two. The pink roses are from Barcelona (can’t remember which store) and the green dangle ones are from Acapulco. I wear the pearly earrings a lot. I keep them in the “My sister is just like me only better” jewelry dish my sister got me for my birthday.


I don’t wear these as often but I’ve had them a long time. Most are from Charming Charlie, if not all. The music ones I’ve had since college, as well as the flowers and arrows I believe. I keep them in that silver shell I got in Acapulco.


I also have a few rings! I hardly wear them and they’re all really big on me. That’s because 1) I have baby fingers and can never find my size and 2) I have a fear that they’ll get stuck and the doctors will have to chop off my finger. If you’re saying “they’ll cut the ring off before your finger” well that’s what my mom and boss said but I’m not willing to take that chance. Most of these are Charming Charlie except the little gold ones (number 2, 3, and 6 from the left) which are Clarie’s I believe and the pink rose which is also from Barcelona.


This is all costume jewelry as well but special to me as I wore it for my 15th birthday party photos. (Remember I showed the dress in my dresses collection post.) I have  a bracelet, a ring, and hair pieces.


I used to wear headbands all the time in college but finally stopped when I realized I already have a young face and they made me look like I’m five. Occasionally I’ll still wear these, mostly from Charming Charlie’s or Francesca’s.


Yup, I have two tiaras because why not? (Charming Charlie, hey Charming Charlie sponsor me.)


And lastly I have my giant string of pearls. And they’re actual pearls. I originally wanted a small string but got carried away when there was a sale. Now I have a giant string of pearls. Ah my crazy youthful spending habits.

So that’s my jewelry collection! Let me know which was your favorite of my items and what you like to wear the most.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. You have such a variety in your collection! Everything is so nice I especially love the necklaces. I’m in need for more necklaces and earrings. Those headbands are so cute too!💛

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  2. I love the treble clef ring. And the tiaras. I have tiaras too – three of them, except only one is comfortable to wear. Still, I love the sparkles as they all sit on my shelf.

    Liked by 1 person

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