My July Favorites!

Hi everyone! July really seemed to fly by for me! We’re nearly at the end of the month, so it’s time to show you my favorites for the month. I haven’t tried many new things this month since I haven’t really had the time but I do have a few repeats and a couple new items so here we go!


Trader Joe's SPA Face Wash w/ Tea Tree OilI know I just mentioned this in last month’s favorites but the Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Oil Cleanser is still blowing me away! I do really like this cleanser as I feel it’s the main reason the patch of acne I’ve had is starting to really clear up.Β  I think I found the issue, which was my night moisturizer. It’s confusing because it’s one I’ve used for some time and even included it in my favorites, but when I use it lately it seems to flare up again. I’ve gotten a new one so I’m hoping that will work better and it will all finally clear up.

Moscow Mule

This month I went out with my coworkers to say goodbye to one of them as she was moving on to a new job. Of course, we went out for drinks and I ended up loving the Ginger Peach Moscow Mule I tried. I only had one as I was driving and had ballet after, but my coworkers downed a few each! I only snapped one photo before the table got to cluttered to take another so here you go!

Remember how I said I needed white out a few posts ago? Actually it was awhile ago, but I have some now. My coworker, Michelle, read that I needed white out and got me some! How thoughtful of her! It has been very useful, particularly as I change my August schedule around since I’m finalizing it now.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting SprayAnother repeat favorite is the Urban Decay Setting Spray that I always use when I need my makeup to stay all day. I have used this when I’m walking around downtown Chicago in the summer heat while waiting for whatever musical I’m going to see that month to start and it works wonderfully! My makeup holds up really well the entire trip and I love that it takes the stress of looking good out of the day. The only part of my face that rubs off is my nose where my sunglasses sit, everything else stays perfect, even through the sweat!

LifeproofA few months ago I found a Lifeproof case on sale at Target and I am so happy I did buy it. It’s waterproof so even though I don’t dunk my phone into the water (although I have tested it with a tissue and it works) I’m glad that I don’t have to worry if I am in the lazy river at Six Flags and it gets a bit wet. It is a little bulky and does seem to lessen the photo quality a bit but overall I think it’s worth the money!

img_6029I also loved the red, white, and blue flower headband that I bought at Target. I wore it for the Fourth of July holiday and can still wear it again for other holidays like Labor Day if I want since it’ll still be within the theme!

I also bought motivational posters at the Target “See Spot Save” section or whatever it’s called these days. I then bought an 8×10 frame at the Dollar Store. Although the poster was supposed to also be 8×10 it didn’t fit in the frame so I trimmed a bit off. I think it’s so cute with the flowers and it says “outdream yourself” on it. I have a few others so I’m planning to switch them out when I get bored. It has replaced the “Hello Spring” frame I had since it’s not spring anymore, sadly.


I also included my new Elmhurst College cup as well! I have quite a bit of Elmhurst drinkwear and attire but I got this cup and shirt when I was accepted to the MBA program (told you I’d talk about it often!). I don’t like t-shirts so I likely won’t wear it often but I know we’re planning “spirit” days at work and one is probably going to be school related so I’ll wear it then. I use the cups with straws all the time, so I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of use out of it! I also got an Elmhurst College charm I think. I couldn’t really tell what purpose it’s supposed to serve but it’s cute! I also have some new school supplies but I’m hoping to be able to share those with you in a video next month.

And that’s my July favorites! Let me know what you’ve been liking this month, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wow you did such a good job with the motivational poster & frame! I love little budget tips & tricks like that because i am very much on a student budget lol :))

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  2. July is coming is a close. I bought a book this July in a fascinating. Imagine a bookshelf where all the books were wrapped up in brown craft paper and the craft paper where adjectives were written on top and you had to buy a book based off of the adjectives and it is always fun discovering which book you are going to get: that book was in Asheville, North Carolina.


  3. Some really good favourites there Pamela!! The headband you bought at Target is super cute and it definitely shows off your love of America!! Can’t believe it’s nearly August already where has the time gone 😱😱 xx

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  4. Awesome favorites, Pamela! That TJ’s tea tree oil cleanser sounds like a dream!! I’ll have to look for it next time we go; I need serious help with acne. πŸ˜‚ nothing works!

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