Day In the Life – Weekend Work!

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share a day in my life with you! As you might know already, I work with my dad on weekends for his small business so I figured I’d share what that looks like for me. I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would, strangely enough, as I kept forgetting but you’ll be able to get the idea!

Here we go!

So I started the morning when my dad came to wake me up. I don’t bother with an alarm because he doesn’t always leave at the same time. I normally wake up earlier anyway and read a bit but I had stayed up late filling out my financial aid application for school, so I was too sleepy.

I got up, got dressed and ready, and then grabbed my bag, phone, and book. I was reading When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon, and was about a third of the way through. I was past halfway when we got to the Mexican restaurant where we stopped for breakfast before work. I didn’t get photos since I completely forgot I was going to show you my day! But breakfast was yummy.



I did remember to take a selfie! I always wear long sleeves (and pants although they’re not pictured) because of poison ivy, bugs, mosquitoes, ticks, etc. So I have a Nike long sleeve, my LOFT sunglasses, and my Disney hat. My pants were grey and pink. Clearly fashion and matching were not at the forefront of my mind that morning.


Usually I’m watering the flower beds and pots but it’s been pouring rain lately. Several towns around me have flooded and I even had to turn around and go home one day and work from home as I couldn’t make it to the office. Lots of roads have finally started to open again but we’re still getting storms in the forecast. Because of all this water, my mad landscaping skills were needed elsewhere. I got to spray weeds instead! My dad applied the pond chemicals so that it won’t get green and mossy, before pruning some trees, and my mom was pulling weeds as they’re really enjoying the rain!

Our client has a lovely brick driveway and stone patios but the weeds grow in between the stones and bricks. I was about halfway when he came out, and we caught up as he and his wife had been away for two weeks. I also updated him on how I’m going back to school and he was very surprised but was happy to hear it. We’ve known these clients for years, so we know quite a bit about each other’s lives now. We also talked about some trees that need to be taken down as they’re dead and about the gutters on the house as well.


After he went back inside I finished up and we headed out. Oh, I forgot to mention, while at work I listen to podcasts. On this day I finished listening to a Stuff You Should Know podcast, “All We Know About Guessing” and then started and nearly finished an episode of The History Chicks, which was “Episode 91: Emily Post”.


Once we left I continued to read my book so I didn’t even notice when we pulled up to Menards. My dad needed some things so my mom and I ditched him and we went off to look around. I found a nice present for him as his birthday is tomorrow, which is a blue cooling towel. (I already had a gift but I’m adding this on.) He likes these as it prevents his neck from getting too sunburned and help keep him cool as he works outside everyday. My mom told me he recently lost one of his so it’s perfect! I also got myself a pink one as they were on sale and I found a 6 photo collage frame for about $3 so I couldn’t pass that up! I’ve actually filled it with postcards that I bought while abroad. Anyway, once we walked around a few times we hung out on the patio furniture until we got bored and then went to find my dad, who had a bunch of items already with him. We checked out and headed home.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I showered, wrote this blog post and others, took photos for the posts, and scheduled 4 of the 5 posts for the week. Now I’m about to attempt to finish my August schedule for my blog and YouTube channel (I’m going to try for 3 videos next month since I only did one this month, only 2 are MBA themed!), going to finish my 5th post for the week and schedule it, and then write my school a check so I can sign up for classes. Oh and I need to remind my dad that I need my immunization records. Neither of us have seen them for years since I think the last time I needed them was 8 years ago when I started my undergrad! I am vaccinated though (thank you science and parents who listen to science) so I shouldn’t have an issues with that, I just need to have them to make sure.

And that’s really all I have for my day! I don’t work too much with my dad, just a few hours a week. I really do like going as it’s nice to get a change of pace and help him out. Less work for him!

Let me know what you do on your weekends! Do you work as well? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. My weekends: that can depend really on if I am in my hometown or if I am Gardner Webb.

    Now, on weekends, I go to church every Sunday. This coming weekend I will be in Florida. School is just around the corner. Some weekends, I can be at the theatre seeing a musical live. It depends on the weekend really.

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  2. My weekends usually involve church, exploring new restaurants/places to eat with my friend, occasionally shopping, reading and catching up on blog posts. I haven’t worked in awhile but I’m looking forward to when I do πŸ™‚

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