My Shoes Collection!

Hi everyone! If you thought my dress collection was a blast then my shoe collection is going to be out of this world! Much like I showed my dresses at Cheila’s insistence, my shoes are also per her request! She was inspired by Angela, so clearly whatever these two do, I do too!

Fun fact, apparently I thought about sharing my shoes about 9 months ago according to my drafts? I don’t remember that but I also have a handbag collection post from around that time. So I’m thinking I might as well do that sometime as well. (Cheila, Angela, you two in??)

Now, I have a lot of shoes. A lot. These aren’t even all of them probably. The reason I have so many is because I used to work in a women’s shoe department so I would buy them when they were on sale. I typically wear size 6, 6 1/2, or 7 and there’s generally quite a lot of shoes in that size since my feet are pretty small. Also, because I have so many shoes I didn’t check each individual ones but just labelled all that looked like leather as “leather” although most are fake leather. Probably just the high end designer shoes are actual leather.

So here we go!

Black Heels

Black Heels

Black shoes don’t photograph as well as I thought… But here we go!

  1. Alfani black suede heels – I wear these to interviews usually
  2. Michael Kors black patent leather peep toe high heels – party shoes that I have yet to wear
  3. Style & Co. black lace heels- also never worn
  4. Alfani black suede pointy toe heels w/ patent leather designs on the toes – also interview shoes
  5.  Charlotte Russe black suede high heels – also party shoes I have worn maybe once
  6. Unknown brand, black leather heels – interview shoes but I don’t wear these since I got the other two, I think I actually got these from my mom and I can’t see a brand anywhere on them

I might get rid of #1, #3, #5, and #6. I don’t do many interviews anymore since I am happy in my current company and I also don’t go out to many parties that require heels. I don’t need quite this many! Or do I? (Hoarder problems.)

Non-black Heels


  1. Style & Co. peep toe, sling back nude heels – great versatile shoes for when I need to go out
  2. Nine West peep toe natural colored canvas heels – I love using these for going out when I need to look fancy as well
  3. Lifestride navy leather heels – if you find a good pair of navy heels, buy them. Trust me, it’s hard to find this type of shoe
  4.  Charlotte Russe white and black strappy high heels – party shoes that I haven’t worn. I actually didn’t buy these, a friend of my sister’s was getting rid of shoes and I got them.
  5.  Charming Charlie white and black patterned leather heels – these used to be my interview shoes! Kinda bold for me now but they did get me my aforementioned job selling shoes.
  6. Nine West grey shoes w/ buckle – love these! Haven’t worn them yet because I haven’t done an interview but would also be great for that.

I’ll likely keep most of these because they’re good classic style shoes that can be hard to find. I will likely get rid of #4 since I just don’t think I’ll ever wear these enough.

Wedges, Casual Heels, and Special Shoes

Wedges, Heels, and Special Occasion Shoes

  1. Target Merona nude strappy wedges – I bought these because they were the cheaper version of some Michael Kors that I had been eyeing and needed shoes for a party. I didn’t end up wearing them but they’re very cute!
  2. Qupid hunter green strappy casual heels – I plan to wear them once fall gets here!
  3. Bamboo brown strappy casual heels – also planning to wear in the fall!
  4. Touch of Nina black shiny pointy toe slingbacks – these were my college graduation shoes, I had to go to a million stores trying to find shoes and it was worth it because I loved these!
  5. White House Black Market black satin slingbacks – these were my high school prom shoes
  6. Delicious white patent leather peeptoe wedges – these were my high school graduation shoes. My graduation was on the football field so I didn’t want heels and these were also hard to find

I will likely keep all of these because some I plan to use in the fall and others are too special to get rid of!

Flats & Sandals

Flats 2 and Sandals

  1. Dr. Scholls black and white stripped canvas flats – you might recall that I bought these specifically to be my comfy flats for my work trip to Houston. They’re incredibly comfy!
  2. Target Cat & Jack pink/magenta suede flats – I haven’t been able to wear these lately because of all the rain but I love these flats. I’ll likely wear them more often in the fall as well. Yes, these are kid shoes.
  3. Charming Charlie floral print canvas flats – not comfy but very cute.
  4. Material Girl black sandals – one of my most worn this summer. They already look a little beat up so they’ll go in the trash at the first snowfall.
  5. Call It Spring nude/aqua sandals – same as #4 and I’ll be sorry to see these go.
  6. Calvin Klein navy suede and leather shoes – I love these!

Michael Kors Flats

MK Flats

  1. MK pink leather flats – girls size 4 haha
  2. MK pomegranate Fulton Moccasin flats
  3. MK sapphire Fulton Moccasin flats
  4. MK fuchsia Fulton Moccasin flats
  5. MK Delphine Ballet black suede flats
  6. MK suede loafer (forgot the official name for it)

I will keep all of these since they’re MKs but as you can see, I haven’t worn them yet. I basically bought them thinking I’d have a fancy office job but my office job is more casual than anything so I haven’t bothered to bring these out. I’ll probably wear them eventually though so I’m not worried.

The rest of my flats

Flats 1

  1. Kelly and Katie black lace flats – I also got these from the friend of my sister’s giving away shoes I believe
  2. Style & Co. gold flats – definitely a Christmas time shoe but I haven’t worn because they’re not warm or comfy
  3. Banana Republic black checkered-ish flats – not comfy at all but look nice.
  4. Charming Charlie purple suede flats – not comfy but cute
  5. Charming Charlie blue and white striped flats with floral printed bow – not comfy but sooooo cute
  6. Alfani black suede flats with leather bow and black sequins on toes – not comfy either but they look good

I might throw out #1 and #3 since both are pretty used already. I’ll keep the rest since they do look cute and I wear them occasionally. Flats are not my favorite shoes though since I prefer comfort. They don’t have enough support and my heels and the top of my feet hurt if I wear them and walk a lot with them. But I can wear them in the office since I don’t walk much there.



  1. Easy Spirit black leather loafers – not technically boots but I couldn’t stick them anywhere else! These were the other pair of shoes I bought for Houston. I had thought these would be super comfortable and I would wear these more but they actually hurt my feet more than the flats did. Still comfy but I should have broken them in a bit more!
  2. Liz Claiborne black leather ankle boots – I bought these at the end of last season so I didn’t get to wear them, but they are so cute and I can’t wait for it to be cold enough to break out the boots again.
  3. Target Mossimo brown fake leather boots – I really wanted these last fall but couldn’t find them in time to get any use out of them. I did buy them for this year though!
  4. INC International Concepts black leather with gold studs ankle boots – I bought these when I worked in the shoe department I mentioned before because the boots I had been wearing that day broke at work! I had to find a pair on the shelves and bought them on sale. I also sold quite a few pairs of them following that and made sure to tell everyone to try a half size up because I was that knowledgeable about them. I got a pretty good commission from these!
  5. Metro black suede high heeled boots – so impractical. I don’t know why I have them but they’re cute.
  6. Vince Camuto black leather heeled ankle boots – so beautiful. Best purchase ever. Fun story – I was at another store (same company I worked in the women’s shoes department for, just a different location) and was shopping their clearance boots. I found the right shoe to this, and asked for the mate. The store keeps only the rights on the clearance shelves and you have to ask for the other shoe. Unfortunately the store couldn’t find it and I left sadly. Fast forward a few weeks later and I realized a pair of these boots had been returned at my store! I bought them immediately and knew it was fate that this pair of boots and I wear meant to be!

I’m going to keep all of these as I do love them all. Well #5 is questionable but I will probably force myself to wear them to this year’s holiday party for my office.

Tall boots

High Boots

  1. Ralph Lauren black leather boots – I bought these not knowing how much I would dislike tall boots. But they look great so I’m still going to wear them.
  2. Kenneth Cole black suede knee high boots – my mom bought these for me and they’re super cute and super impractical. Still love them!

Keeping both but the Ralph Laurens will likely need to be thrown out at the the end of the season as they’re getting quite worn as well.

Mid-Calf Boots

Boots 1

  1. Michael Kors leather boots – Not going to lie, I hid these boots so no one would buy them before I got the chance to. They were too cute!
  2. Michael Kors black suede boots – I don’t even know why I bought them, I hate this style of boots and think they look hideous. Oh wait, I do know why, all the girls my age were buying them and I wanted to fit in…
  3. Marc Fisher leather boots – another beautiful pair. I have worn the bottoms out completely so I need to get them to a repair place. My mom says she’s going to take them with her to Mexico next time she goes to get them repaired because it’s too expensive here. I don’t really care where they get fixed I just know I can’t get rid of them!
  4. Timberland white leather and faux fur boots – I rarely wear them because they’re white and I don’t want to get them dirty but they’re so cute and warm!
  5. G.H. Bass & Co grey fake leather boots – it’s so hard to find grey boots so I bought them the moment I saw them. I haven’t worn them yet but know I’ll get use out of them!
  6. Baretraps black leather boots – my boots that I wore all day every day last winter. They will be thrown out since they’re super worn and the buckles on the sides broke. I just forgot to throw them out at the end of the season but I won’t be trying to repair these since the uppers look totally worn out as well.

Yeah, so I’ll keep most of these except #6 which will be thrown out and I’ll still try to get #3 repaired since it’s just a beautiful boot.

Sports Shoes

Sports and Spikes

  1. Fila toe shoes – these were super trendy when I was in college, and it’s one of the few trends I jumped on since I thought they were so cool! I still do actually, I love these even though I don’t wear them.
  2. Nike Sprinting Spikes – I used to run track and bought these on sale back in high school but never got to wear them because I switched to be a distance runner.
  3. Nike Distance Spikes – I wore them to a meet or two before I quit. I liked running to stay fit but there were just too many reasons to quit at the end of the cross country season my sophomore year in college. I bought them thinking I would run for awhile in them but it just wasn’t going to happen. There are many, many reasons for it like I said but it was a sudden decision I had to make and I’m glad I did. I just wish I had gotten the chance to wear them more.

I will keep #1 and #3 just because I like them so much! I think I will message my high school track coach and see if she can take them off my hands. She coaches distance but knows the sprinting coaches so maybe they can give them to a student in need?

Casual and Sporty Shoes

Casual and Sports

  1. Converse shoes – I love this pair so much. They’re so old and worn but they are so unique and I haven’t found a pair to replace them with.
  2. Columbia hiking shoes – I bought these when I had plans to start hiking with someone. Like my running experience, there are many, many reasons that friendship ended (and I’m incredibly thankful it did) but I never got to wear them for their intended purpose. I did use them for horseback riding for awhile though!
  3. Sperry black loafers – I really like this pair since they’re kind of like the Converse style. I used to wear them to work until I was told that they weren’t professional enough. I agree but people walk around in their crocodile shoes so… Either way, they’re super comfortable and great!
  4. Sperry black and gold boat shoes – I actually don’t like these shoes that much anymore. They’re too hot for my feet and not as comfortable as everyone says.
  5. New Balance Workout Shoes – super old and worn, but I wear them when I work with my dad’s landscape business on weekends so they’re still useful!
  6. Adidas running shoes – my current running shoes. Not that I do much running! I should fix that!

So I will likely donate #4 and keep the rest since I do wear them.

Ballet Shoes

Angelo Luzio BodyWrappers Ballet Slippers

A category of their own, my pretty pink ballet shoes! As you know, I’m taking a ballet class right now and I’m having a blast! The class is nearly over and that’s so sad to me but it’s been a great time.

Cowgirl/boy boots


I bought these Ariat boots a little before I stopped riding. I did talk about this before but basically my instructor just wasn’t professional and I decided not to continue working with her. I haven’t found another place to ride at yet, and I do want to go back to it someday but it is an expensive hobby so I don’t know when I’ll get to it.

So if you didn’t count already, that’s 61 shoes I believe. (You can check my math if you really want to.) See? I’m crazy. But I do want to point out that a lot of my shoes were bought incredibly discounted. Really the only ones that I paid a huge about (for me anyway) for was my Ariat boots. Either way, I love my shoes and that retail job taught me a lot as well as provided me with an amazing employee discount. I left that job for many reasons as well but I am thankful for the learning opportunity it gave me!

So how many pairs of shoes do you have? Am I super crazy or can someone please tell me you have more shoes than I do? Also as you’re reading this I’m heading towards my MBA interview to get into grad school. Please wish me luck!!!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Good grief Pamela 😂😂😂
    That is an impressive shoe collection. You should think about selling the ones you no longer want. Like on ebay or something, we have a site like that called Trade Me down here and I always sell things on there 😃
    Also my bag collection consists of two bags 😂 it’s barely a collection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love those cat&jack flats they are bold and beautiful. I’ve been thinking about taking ballet myself :). I have similar bamboo strappy heels that I got from Dillards, I really like the hunter green strappy casual heels. I’ve honestly never counted how many shoes I have but I know it’s over 30, that I still wear that is lol. Wow 61 lol that’s definitely a lot of shoes. Wishing you the best In your interview.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! I can’t wait to wear the hunter green ones in the fall. I do have a crazy amount but I totally need them! Kinda 😂 And thank you! It did go well, I appreciate it! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m glad to hear that and anytime 🙂 yes! hunter green is such a beautiful shade to wear especially in the fall.

        Liked by 1 person

    • To be honest, they are not!!! Once they are broken in they won’t give you blisters anymore but for me, they still are too stiff and hurt certain parts of my feet so I don’t wear them too often. I stick to sandals in the summer and boots all other seasons mostly. I know some people do find them very comfortable and wear flats everyday but I can’t do that unfortunately.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes I showed this to my husband…. Yes he agreed I was not this bad… Yes he agreed to get off my back!! Your my new BFF for this!!! 😘
    Nine West grey shoes w/ buckle are my fav!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It seems having a look at your wardrobe! Nice post idea and ofc nice shoes…especially the ballet one. I have my own ballet collection in addition to the footwear one. This last one is about almost 200 pair of shoes+15 boots. Is this a common female standard?

    Liked by 1 person

  5. 61? WOW! From the beginning I was trying to keep track of the ones I loved the most so I could tell you which ones were my faves but there were too many to keep track of, lol. This was such a fun post to read. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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