Tag Me Tuesday – The Closet Confidential Tag!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to another Tag Me Tuesday. Today’s tag is the Closet Confidential Tag!

I was tagged by the amazing Angela, quite some time ago. I might have to start doubling up on tags. My list is getting quite long since all of you love to tag me and I love to do your tags! So if you really like reading tags, you’re at the right blog! Just call me the Queen of Tags. (Unless someone already claimed this title, then we have to find something else for me to rule over.)

This post doesn’t seem to be appearing in the Reader properly so sorry if you’ve gotten alerts about this post multiple times as I try to fix!

Oh and fun story, I made it to 600 followers today! I haven’t planned anything to celebrate since I feel it’s so soon after 500 so I’ll probably plan something for 750. Anyway, thank you so much to everyone who supports my blog! You’re amazing!

Here we go!

What is the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?

Pretty much everything I own is old, because I don’t get rid of clothes until they’re no longer wearable pretty much. I think the oldest is probably an orange tank. It’s got a lace-y back and has cute buttons down the front. I don’t really wear it anymore and it’s actually stored away because of that but I wore it the day my parents dropped me off at college. I’m so sentimental haha.

What is the newest item?

I haven’t been buying new clothes lately but I did buy some new pjs that were on sale at Walmart.


What is the most expensive item?

Do handbags count? I mean, it’s in my closet so let’s go with yes. This Michael Kors rose gold handbag! I don’t like to spend much on just one item but this cost me around $100. It retailed for $200 but I was a retail employee so I used my discount and employee money (that you earned when you opened a store credit card for a customer) and so I got about half off! I’m such a savvy shopper!


What was the biggest bargain?

I’m pretty good at finding low priced clothing. It’s something I learned from my mom as she’s quite thrifty. Probably this top from Meijer’s that I got for maybe $2-3.


What was the biggest waste of money?

Two pairs of white pants. I don’t even wear white! They weren’t expensive or anything, but I never wear them so they’re a waste.

What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)?

Definitely these slippers. They were $5 from the dollar spot at Target and I use them all the time!


What are your 3 favorite items right now?

I have been loving a little black shrug as I like to wear sleeveless tops with it. I also love a particular pair of LOFT jeans as they’re the ones that fit me the best. And my last favorite is this blue shirt with these fun ruffle sleeves.


What is your favorite piece that you’ve gotten as a gift?

Probably that blue shirt above. My mom gave it to me for my birthday this year and I love it!

What is the most comfortable item?

This romper. It’s so soft and comfy! Now that I’m thinking about it I want to change into it!


What is the most outrageous/colorful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)?

I don’t wear it but I love this super colorful dress I bought in Mexico during my vacation in Acapulco last year.


What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)?

I don’t have a photo of it because it’s packed away for the summer, but it’s a lovely cream colored sweater with gold thread woven into it. It’s uncomfortable because it’s quite scratchy and my shoulders are very delicate things but it’s so cute that I keep wearing it!

Where do you shop the most at?

Well, like I said, I’m not shopping too much right now but usually it’s LOFT.

Pick your favorite black item and your favorite white item.

I don’t wear white so I don’t have an item for that category but my favorite black item is the black shrug I mentioned above. It’s a great versatile item!

Something you love but everyone else hates?

I don’t think I have something like this! Usually people tell me they like my clothes, they don’t tell me if they hate it!

Something that you’re excited to wear soon?

This maxi skirt that I dug up for my dresses and skirts collection post I did recently. I really want to wear it!


And that’s the Closet Confidential Tag! If you want to do this tag, please go ahead! It’s a lot of fun to think about and consider your options.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I own clothes until they are un-wearable too πŸ˜‚ Gotta’ get a return on my investment. Also, white pants – I see them on other people and they are so cute but not for me!! I own one pair – never worn πŸ˜”

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  2. This didn’t show up in my reader so thanks for tagging me!! I still love this tag, and I’m happy you did it! It gave me another peek into your closet πŸ˜€ That rose gold handbag is stunning by the way!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am someone who isn’t that big of a shopper: but don’t fully dislike shopping. I did recently go shopping with a friend and I did buy four shirts.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love your MK bag! Also Meijer?! I haven’t been to one in a few years. My husband’s from MI but we don’t have them here in PA. Thats like his favorite store haha. Though I don’t see why he gets so excited about them. To me its just like a Walmart.

    Liked by 1 person

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