My Dress Collection!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to show you the ridiculous amount of dresses I own! Seriously! It’s crazy! No one needs this many dresses but I have a big collection!

This post is inspired by both Cheila and Angela but mostly at Cheila‘s insistence. Cheila is tagged twice because she has two parts to her dresses, Angela only has one although she does have a “Say Yes to the Dress” post about her wedding dress. How many times can I say Cheila and Angela in one paragraph? Also technically Angela’s was a favorite dresses, not a full collection so she’s probably the sanest of the three of us. (Love ya ladies!)

Oh, and before I continue, Lee is featuring posts on me all week at her blog, Golden Pink Journal! I shared my guest post with you in yesterday’s post and her post on me yesterday is a 10+10 post which I’ll let her explain in the post. If you could go show her some love as she’s quite an awesome blogger, I’d appreciate it!

Okay, onto the dresses!



This dress I haven’t actually worn but I bought it in Mexico while on vacation at Acapulco in a nice little market because I loved it so much. It looks more red in the photo but it’s definitely hot pink. It’s got a belt that came with it that I’ve photographed separately as I didn’t want to cover up the flowers on the dress. I think it’s so cute and I kinda want to buy a large frame to keep it in and display it but that would be quite large and expensive. But it would really brighten up my home office!


While I don’t wear this dress anymore I keep it because I bought it during my study abroad semester in Barcelona and wore it during my 21st birthday trip to Sitges, a small beach town outside of Barcelona. Because this trip was a few years ago I don’t recall what store I found this in anymore but it was during the “rebajas” time period, the massive sales in January.


This dress is one that I do still wear, and recently wore it during my two musicals day. It’s from LOFT and is black with white dots. It’s very light weight for summer. I have quite broad shoulders so it’s a little tight in that area but otherwise fits perfectly and I canΒ  make it work!


I bought this pink dress from JC Penny. I haven’t worn it recently but it’s also perfect for a summer day!


This is one of my favorite dresses to wear, also from LOFT. Top is white with black dots, bottom is black with white dots. I’ve worn it to a company event before but also for days out so it is more of a special day dress for me than a casual dress.


Another LOFT dress is this pink with white dots dress. It looks summery but it’s actually a little heavier so I wear it more in the spring. This is more of a special occasion dress too.


I don’t remember buying this dress so I’m not sure where it came from, but it’s black and casual. It would probably be good for a Six Flags day!


I’ve had this dress for years, from Aeropostale I think. It looks quite, um, young I think so I might have to say goodbye to this one. Plus the white at the top is a little see through and I don’t like that.


This dress is from GAP and also one I haven’t worn. It’s very summery, and extremely light weight. It’s more see-through so I believe it’s meant to be more of a dress to wear to the beach over your swim suit or something.


You’ve seen this one recently too! I wore this maxi dress to the Arlington Race Track where my office outing was. Originally I bought it for the department outing at the same place last year but it was much too hot for that. I’m glad I got to wear it this year! It is from Banana Republic.


This dress was the one I wore last year! It is from Banana Republic as well actually! It has an opening in the back as was the trend last year.


This is a romper actually, and I don’t recall where I bought it from. But it’s cute!


Here’s another romper! This one is from Target. I love it and my mom hates it so clearly, I used to wear this much too often. Now it doesn’t quite fit anymore as I’ve gained some weight so it might be time so say goodbye to this one.


I haven’t worn this dress yet but I bought it at Charming Charlie for maybe $10. I love it!


This dress is from Aeropostale is also one that I haven’t worn in a long time. It’s quite tight because of the material but stretchy so while it probably would fit it wouldn’t look as good so I might get rid of this one as well.


Oodly enough, I haven’t worn this dress yet from Windsor but I think it’s so cute! It looks more like a fall dress so I’ll try to wear it this year.


This red dress is from LOFT! It’s definitely a special occasion dress and I believe I’ve worn it twice. Once was when I went to the spring graduation ceremony for my graduating year at college. That wasn’t my ceremony, as I had actually graduated a semester early in the winter ceremony. But I did go as I knew many people graduating and had friends that were graduating. The other was probably with a cardigan for a work event.


Also LOFT, blue with white and lighter blue specks. I wear this one quite often actually.


This dress is one that I don’t exactly recall where I bought it from but it’s black with some more black sheer detailing on the top. You can’t see it since it blends in on this photo. It’s pretty light and I haven’t worn it yet so I should probably get rid of it.


This one looks grey but it’s more of a hunter green in person. I don’t recall where this one is from either but it’s great for fall!


This dress is from Forever 21 and is also hunter green. It’s much too small for me now I’m sure as I could barely fit into it when I was in Barcelona but I really love it and don’t want to get rid of it so I refuse to try it on.


This summery dress is from LOFT. I haven’t worn it yet and it was actually hidden in between other dresses so I’m glad I found it. I’ll probably wear this out this summer sometime, maybe to work on a Friday or something when we can wear more casual clothing! (Although our everyday dress code includes jeans so…)


This black dress also didn’t photograph too well but it’s very light weight. I might wear this when I go downtown again this weekend for another musical actually.


I don’t think I’ve ever found the right event to wear this yellow LOFT dress but I’m confident I will someday!


This maxi skirt is from LOFT as well, and I haven’t worn it because one of my coworkers has a similar one so now I worry we’ll wear it at the same time. I don’t think she’d mind that much though and I do want to wear it.


I don’t know why I bought skirts of this type. I don’t wear them! I should get rid of them but they’re soooo cute! This one is from JC Penny I believe.


I’m not sure exactly where I got this one from but it’s also never worn. But cute!


If you’re thinking “did you just chop off the bottom of that earlier maxi skirt?” no I did not, but it is also from LOFT so maybe a LOFT employee did. Lols.


Another LOFT skirt. Also never worn, also cute.


This skirt is from Windsor and I do love it despite not having worn it yet.


No idea where it’s from but it’s coming up a darker green on screen. I don’t think I’ll wear it so I might try to give it away.


And now for the dresses that I’ll likely keep forever. This dress is coming up more blue but it’s actually more of a silvery-grey. This was my college graduation dress! It was hidden under my graduation gown but I wore it at the little reception we had afterwards and for photos with my classmates and everyone who went to see me at the ceremony. I believe it is from White House Black Market.


This dress is an off the shoulder dress I wore to my senior prom in high school! I bought it at Marshall Fields (or rather, my mom did for me) before it was bought by Macy’s. I absolutely loved this dress and it was one of about three or four I wore to special events at the end of the year, but this one is the prettiest and most special.


And the last dress but not least is the beautiful pink one that I wore for my 15th birthday photos. I didn’t have a quinceanera but my mom still wanted me to get photos done so she got me this dress and a photo shoot! I don’t have any of the photos on my laptop but they are on a CD somewhere so if you want to see some of those let me know and I’ll try to find them. I’ll likely never fit into it again as it’s tiny but I want to keep it forever.

And those are my dresses! Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments and then count all your dresses and tell me how many you have pretty please.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Your LOFT must be amazing, I ever find anything that I would remotely wear in the ones near me but you have some really nice pieces from them! I love the skirts especially, very cute. Loved this – thanks for sharing!

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  2. You have so many dresses!! Haha, my favourite dresses post showed all the dresses I own πŸ˜‚ I need to step up my game. I do have a fair bit of skirts I haven’t shown though. I love your black and white polka dress!! I really want one just like it 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Pamela!
    This was a great post and I really enjoyed seeing your dress collection. I rarely wear dresses anymore, but reading your post makes me want to dig into my closet and dust them off πŸ™‚

    ❀ Alana

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Beautiful dresses baby doll. Red and white dots for the win. ❀️😍 And ‘..mainly at Cheilas insistence’ hahah. The honesty! Love it. 🀣🀣

    Liked by 1 person

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