Tag Me Thursday – Would You Rather Book Tag!

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Tag Me Tuesday (Thursday Edition)! Today I’m doing the Would You Rather Book Tag! I don’t talk enough about books, do I? I first saw this on Mel’s blog thebookishwanderer and knew I wanted to join in.

I know we have a lot of new people so I’ll let you know, I love books and reading but I’m in a bit of a really extended reading slump. Plus I’ve been keeping busy with blogging so I haven’t been able to dedicate as much time to reading  as I would like anyway. But I do still love it and that’s why I wanted to do the tag!

Here we go!

Would you rather: a series or a standalone?

Despite complaining that many series nowadays feel like they’re unnecessary, I will go with series. When you find a world that you want to immerse yourself in, one book isn’t enough!

Would you rather: read only female authors or only male authors?

Female authors. Not only do I want to support them, but most of my favorite books are written by females!

Would you rather: shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?

B&N for sure! I have a membership that I don’t use enough but get amazing discounts. Nothing beats going to the store and finding a new story to submerse yourself in. Book stores are my happy place.

Would you rather: all book adaptations become movies or tv shows?

This is tough! I will go with movies because I can’t imagine a world where the Harry Potter films didn’t exist!

Would you rather: read 5 pages a week or 5 books a week?

I will go with 5 books a week! That would be so nice! Like I said, I haven’t been able to read much but I love it.

Would you rather: be a professional book reviewer or a professional author?

I will go with author since I have always wanted to see my name on a book. Sometimes I write although I haven’t in ages!

Would you rather: only read your top 20 books over and over again or always read a new book?

New book! The stories I love will stay with me, and I love exploring new worlds.

Would you rather: be a librarian or book seller?

What bookworm hasn’t wished to be a book seller! Actually when I was younger my dream was to have a book shop connected to a coffee shop connected to a flower shop. That’s normal, right?

Would you rather: read only from your favorite genre or read anything but your favorite genre?

So at first I selected anything but my favorite genre but then I realized that I don’t often venture out of my favorite. I love fantasy books so much because they are so creative and fun to explore. So I will actually pick only my favorite genre.

Would you rather: read physical books or ebooks?

Physical books please! I don’t actually read ebooks or listen to audio books or anything, just paper books for me. Plus my phone is usually full of pictures anyway.

That’s my Would You Rather Book Tag! I actually had very similar answers to Mel, but trust me, I wasn’t copying! We just have similar bookish tastes I suppose!

It was very tough to do actually, I definitely thought it would be easier! If you want to do this tag, please take part and remember to tag me or leave your link in the comments so I can go read it.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. This tag has been in my drafts forever! I need to get onto it! This was so fun to read Pamela! I could not imagine only reading 5 pages a week. That’s so sloooow. When i get into a book I finish a few chapters at once. Although 5 books in a week seems impossible on top of everything else 😂

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  2. I love your business idea! We could be partners at managing bookstore, cafe, flower shop. We’d call it “The name of the Rose – best latte in the world, with a side of funeral crowns”

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  3. This is such a fun tag! We have a lot of the same answers 😊 I haven’t done this tag haha, but I would pick the same answers as you!! Paper books are the best!! 💖 Digital books will never compare.

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  4. Some of those answers would be difficult come up with. I would rather shop at Barnes and Noble only because it is easy to shop seeing the Physical book as you see the spacing between the letters and how big the words are as opposed to amazon. I am defiantly the physical book person as I find something more rewarding to have the actual book myself.

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      • Makes sense: moving books out. Some books I would rather keep than others. All of my classics for instance are ones to keep

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      • I own eight classics and have read five of them. The classics I own are Oliver Twist (I read that one this summer), Don Quixote (read that one last summer), Les Misérables (read the unabridged summer 2015), Great Expectations (read Christmas of 2016), Tale of Two Cities (read either Christmas of 2014 or 2015), Hunchback of Notre Dame (still have to read), Nicholas Nickleby (still have to read) and David Cooperfield (still have to read).


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