My Lively June!

Hi everyone! Today I’m going over all my life’s activities! 

So I always thought my Lively posts would be more of like a fitness kind of post but it really hasn’t worked out that way. It’s really just my hobbies overall! I’m okay with it. This month though, will be mostly fitness. Actually all of it will be.

Blogging is really taking a lot of time but I don’t mind it at all! I really do like it, and that’s my biggest hobby of all.



So I forgot to take a photo so here’s an old one, but I did go running once this month! Only once… oh geez. I did wear that shirt and sunglasses though, so that’s accurate. It’s been pretty hot lately and I meant to go on Sunday but my dad got home from work much later than we thought he would. I will likely go this weekend, so it’ll still be June!




If you follow me Instagram (StarringPamela) or saw my favorites earlier this week (as well as a couple other posts), you’ll know I’m taking ballet classes! I danced briefly in college as a student in a beginner course and after I graduated I had a difficult time finding a class that worked for me in terms of location/price/schedule/etc. It’s quite difficult to find a course outside of the city and I’m in the suburbs. I finally did find a class and signed up! It’s about 20mins from my house (in the evening traffic), under $100 for a summer term (I pay $83 dollars I believe, but it would be cheaper if I lived in that town), and on Thursday evenings (I work office hours).

Oh, my outfit is Gap leggings, Under Armour top, Target Merona long sleeve shirt, and BodyWrappers canvas split sole shoes. The shoes are kinda cut off but you’ll see them later!

Story time! When I arrived the facility looked amazing. It’s actually a park district gym. I didn’t get photos since I was trying to find where I needed to be. I was quite early, about half an hour as I worried I would have a tough time finding it or be stuck in traffic but that didn’t happen. There were plenty of signs around to point me where to go. The issue became that there’s a class right before mine of children and it didn’t look like they were wrapping up. I had to sit among the moms on the chairs outside the room (awkward…) and no one looked like they were there for my class. I texted my buddy Erin though, to pass the time.

Eventually two older girls did show up. The class is for ages 16+ and my guess is that one is around 18 and the other around 16. I later found out they were sisters and were pretty judgmental ones at that. The older one was laughing about someone in another one of her dance classes who fell. They’re young, but also very immature from the sound of it. The older one is actually an instructor so I feel bad for her students. Maybe she just made a bad first impression but she doesn’t seem to be the type of person who should be teaching! She was in pointe shoes that she didn’t break in before the class, so she kept using that as an excuse for everything too. The younger sister didn’t really make much of an impression.

Once the children’s class wrapped up I went in and verified I was in the right place. That conversation went like this:

Me: Am I in the right place?

Instructor: Are you here for ballet?

Me: Yes! And I’m an adult!

Instructor: Then you are!

I like her. She’s very nice and funny as well. So far she’s done a good job of keeping it simple but also moving quickly as most of us do have some background in dance.

Another person walked up in dance gear and she seemed grumpy at first but she’s quite nice. This student is probably a few years younger than me. We chatted a bit before class and she seemed a bit nervous. She’d asked me if I’d done a class like it before and I said I had but in college, not that recently. She said she’d never done ballet but she had done musical theatre and was studying the performing arts in college.  She seems cool and since she dances already she seems to like it.

And the last person to arrive was a mom who signed up after her kid had a class with the instructor (or I think a few classes). She actually arrived late so we didn’t get to talk to her as much but she seems nice. She doesn’t seem to have taken any dance before, but she’s certainly eager to learn!

I’m writing this on Wednesday and my next class is tomorrow so if I have more to say on my class I’ll come back and add more!


Update! I just had my second class and the overly judgy teen (the older one) was judgy before class again with her sister. I arrived early and heard them in the hall. Then I got bored, went to the bathroom, and when I came back the door was open for us to go in! By that time Judgy Teen (yes, that’s her official nickname now) was in her pointe shoes and talking with her sister Judgy Jr. (her new nickname). I’m giving them all nicknames now. The instructor, Miss Teacher, was off planning the music and on her phone. Then the musical theatre girl, aka New BFF, and I chatted for a bit about how I didn’t want my shoes to get dirty and how she had tried to practice but didn’t think she was remembering everything or doing it correctly. Then Mother Dancer arrived and joined in.

Oh real quick about my outfit, you’ll see my shoes! The BodyWrappers split sole canvas shoes. New BFF was checking them out and asked if she could touch them. I was totes okay with it. She wears her jazz shoes so I understand her curiosity. My leggings that you can see is Target C9 fitness leggings. Not pictured because I didn’t take a full body photo (felt kinda bloated, is that tmi?) but I also wore my Caprezio leotard under my leggings and a Target C9 sweater as well.

Back to the class. By that time Miss Teacher told us that her son’s championship baseball game, which she thought would be cancelled, was going on at the same time as class. I can’t get away from sports… They follow me everywhere I go.

Angelo Luzio BodyWrappers Ballet Slippers

We did our barre exercises and moved to the floor. We actually did pirouettes! I thought it was funny because Miss Teacher said we could land in fifth position if we wanted, and Judgy Teen said she thought that was harder. Jokes on you Judgy Teen, that’s the only way I can land! Ha! No but seriously, I can’t do it properly yet, I can only land in fifth. Otherwise I’m a prodigy. For reals.

New BFF actually had difficulty with one of our floor exercises and commented how it looked good when I did it. I pointed out that I’d taken a basics class before so it wasn’t completely new to me, even if I hadn’t done it in forever. But I’d agree, I think it was pretty. (I’m so full of myself, aren’t I?)

I did get a few good digs at Judgy Teen too. See below.

Judgy Teen: Miss [Other Teacher She Knows] gave me some of her old leotards!

Miss Teacher: Oh how nice of her!

Judgy Teen: Yes, she also gave me some costumes but I could never use them. I loved them but my dances are too dark and depressing to wear a white costume.

Me: Wow, I’ve never had that issue before in my life! That’s a tough life!


Judgy Teen: My [pointe] shoes make so much noise!

Me: I don’t have that problem. You have a lot of issues today.

Judgy Teen and the class just laughed. Which is totally cool because I like it when people think I’m funny. And she did stop making silly complaints after awhile so we’ll see if that continues.

That’s really all I have so far. I definitely need to work on my spotting when I turn. As in I need to remember to actually do it. I forget because I think about the turn. Miss Teacher says that my turn is fine, and I should focus on spotting though, and she’s the expert so I’m going to try to do that.

Luckily I’m not the worse in the class! I mean I am in some regards, I try to do the exercises too fast so I’m always off (I’m not getting any younger here, geez). Oh and I can’t remember combinations if they’re too long. My mind is so tired at that point that it wanders off! Either way it’s super fun and I really wish I could be in this class year round. I can’t wait until my next lesson!

Let me know how your lively life is going! I’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to this month whether it be fitness related activities or other hobbies.

Thanks for reading!


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    • Thanks!!! I like to keep busy and I’m glad I found this class that’s so affordable! Hahaha glad you like them! I told my coworkers about them using their nicknames too. I just hope I can remember their real names when it’s class time 😅

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