On Being a Ravenclaw!

Hi everyone! And a “happy birthday” to the Harry Potter series that were first published on this day 20 years ago!

Actually I had planned to write this post over a year ago, but somehow never got around to it. It sat as a draft with only the title written. Then when I decided I didn’t want to write the post I had planned to write, it worked out! Plus I haven’t been able to get this anniversary out of my head since Saturday.

Ravenclaw Mug

Growing up I thought I was a Gryffindor and while I feel I do still have some Gryffindor tendencies, I am very much a Ravenclaw. In fact, I get sorted into Gryffindor a third of the time. Literally. I have 3 email addresses I’ve used on Pottermore since the new quiz was released and my results were Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Ravenclaw (I just took it again when writing this post). I’ve been known to get Slytherin too so maybe next time I take it I’ll get Hufflepuff.


I’m still overwhelmingly Ravenclaw though, and if the Sorting Hat asked, I’d pick Ravenclaw.

So how do I feel about being a Ravenclaw?


I love it!!!

Ravenclaw house appeals to me because the goal is to learn and explore. Many descriptions of the house state they welcome “eccentric” people. If something catches the attention of a Ravenclaw student they’re given space to explore it.

I kinda picture the common room as a mixture of a mini library (because they already have the school library), a science lab of the magical sorts (potions, herbology, etc.), and then a separate and bare room for the students to practice new spells. Of course it can get rowdy in there because of all the students debating and experimenting and yelling at each other to shut up because it’s “quiet study time”.

On Pottermore it’s shown to have plenty of windows and sunlight so I’d get great lighting for my selfies. That’s always a plus.


I do like that Ravenclaws speak their mind because I always wish people would do that more often. I also love the color blue, that the common room is in a tower, and the eagle as the house animal! According to my house, I’m intelligent, wise, sharp, witty, and individualistic. All of those are true.


House descriptions also point out that it can be quite a competitive house as the students want the highest marks and may resort to some sort of sabotage. Fun fact, in school if a teacher made the students create the quiz, I’d purposefully try to make the quiz as hard as possible to shame the others for not knowing everything as well as I did and make sure I got the highest grade. Well, it’s really only a fun fact if you’re not the student that had to take the quiz later. Also, yes, I had really lazy teachers.

I do think I’m a classic Ravenclaw. If I had been a Hogwarts student I’m sure I would have had friends in all four houses though. Here’s why!

Ravenclaws, I’d totally help you with your intellectual experiments and recruit you for my projects. Also if there’s something you don’t know, I probably do, and vice versa. Let’s meet in the library, okay? Also, yes, we’re ultimately going to go after our own success but believe me, I enjoy having a front row seat to your path to success as much as you enjoy having one in mine! We’ll still learn a lot along the way. And in the meantime, see you in the common room! There’s always something interesting going on, isn’t there?

Gryffindors, I’ve never been known to turn down an adventure and consider your survival pretty much guaranteed as I’ll make sure you’re somewhat safe. I’ll also bring you down a notch when you’re getting a big head. I’m a good friend. Also I’m sure I’d probably date a Gryffindor. Do you know any hot, rich, single Gryffindor guys aged at least 26? LOL. (Actually my mom reads my blog now, jk mom.)

Hufflepuffs, I have a feeling at least one of my besties would come from this house. I mean, think of the perks of our friendship! You’d bring me food, you can take notes for me while I’m being super smart, and be super supportive! I’d help you with your schoolwork, I’m like decent at plants so I’d help you figure out a way to get extra credit in herbology by growing better magical plants, and I wouldn’t take it personally if you chose to cheer for your own house during the Quidditch finals. Mostly because I don’t care about sports, but still!

Slytherins, our conversations would be fun! I think our houses are pretty similar, we’re success-oriented and can defend ourselves with our arsenal of spells. And I’ve been sorted into your house once so that’s got to count for something! Also I’ve got a great spell for you to use in the common room of your house. I know you don’t get much sunlight so here’s a spell for you to install a sunlight in the common room! (Jokes!) But I’d love to plot about how we’re going to take away the annoying Quidditch player’s happiness in a true April Ludgate fashion.


Whatever house you’re in, I’d invite you to a cup of tea so we could geek out about how lucky we are to be at Hogwarts and make super fun memories! Also as much as I love Harry and think he’s a badass, I sincerely hope he’s not in school when I am, because I hate to study and ain’t nobody got time for that.


Also, yes I know, I’m probably actually meant to go to Ilvermorny (I’ve been sorted into Horned Serpent, Wampus, and Thunderbird so it’s not just Hogwarts that I keep jumping house) (but Horned Serpent foreverrrr). Since Hogwarts was the school that started it all, I chose to focus on my house for that school. Ilvermorny is probably better though and it’s in Massachusetts! I’m convinced I’d like that state if I got to know it.

So, let me know, what house are you in and, if so, would we be Hogwarts besties? Feel free to tell me your favorite Harry Potter related story in the comments! Oh and feel free to check out Angela’s Harry Potter story and party as well!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. You definitely are a ravenclaw! As Any Poehler would be too πŸ˜ƒ You’re smart, ambitious and talented! As a Hufflepuff I feel we would get along. I would be endlessly baking, and i would love to share it with everyone! I would be down for the occasional scheme, along with study groups where we help each other out in the subjects we don’t quite like or understand. It would be so much fun!!! πŸ˜„

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes!!! You’d be my Hufflepuff bestie for sure! πŸ˜€ you’re totally a Hufflepuff! You’re so thoughtful, kind, and you work super hard! We would have had a blast at Hogwarts for sure!! And we’d be in the same year I think! πŸ˜€


  2. Fun fact?! Hahaha πŸ˜‚ Sounds like a nightmare, hilarious. I’ve not done the quiz! I’m going to do it, sounds like fun. Thanks for sharing, what a fun post!! /*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have always thought I was a Grifindor, but I am not sure I have ever officially read up on the characteristics of each house so I think I should. I need to get a Harry Potter marathon going in my house ASAP! My daughter is 2 and loves it already. She gets on my kitchen broom and runs around saying “mom I’m catching the snitch!” SO CUTE!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh my god I am obsessed with this post! Officially I’m a Hufflepuff but I always come out in quizzes and such to be almost split evenly between Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor so I’m not totally sure! Think I would have to ask the sorting hat to place me where I wanted in the end too! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Yknow, reading this I’ve just realised how few Ravenclaws I know in my day to day life! My first Pottermore results (back when it was the Beta version) came back as Slytherin, and I’ve always gotten Slytherin as way back as I can remember. My gut tells me that these days I’m more Hufflepuff than Slytherin, but I maintain that the sorting that matters is the one before you reach the age of 18. Personalities change after all!

    Either way, I’m a proud Slytherin through and through! Harry Potter fever is really hitting this year I might have to go back and revisit the books one of these days.

    xx Jan

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true! Personalities do change, but I think I’m a Ravenclaw for sure!
      Since you’re a Slytherin, three of the four houses are represented in the comments! Just waiting on those Gryffindors to show up. πŸ˜‚
      Pottermore is doing a book club if you want to join in on that! Otherwise lots of people read them in December for the holidays. Or you can read them whenever you want! πŸ˜€

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