Random Saturday Morning Thoughts! 

Hi everyone! I’m having a bit of a lazy Saturday morning today and had a few thoughts running through my head. I thought, why not share them on my blog? 

First I’ll mention that on June 26th Harry Potter turns 20! I was reminded by a lovely post by Hannah today. Can you believe it? I first found Harry Potter when my third grade teacher read the books to us in class. She was obsessed with this magical world, and I was too! Tell me how you first found Harry Potter in the comments please! 

Next, I’m approaching 500 followers faster than expected. I want to do something special to celebrate! I see my dear friends Cheila from Pink For Days and Angela from Life of Angela making awesome videos on YouTube. I kinda want to try that! I’m not sure yet if I’ll try to find an introductory tag to do or a Q and A. It’s hard to decide! Maybe I should do like a fashion video instead or beauty? If you have a preference let me know! 

I really need to finish reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. But all I want to do is reread A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas. Also I question Clare’s character names. “Clary”? Really?

I wasn’t going to include this because I normally do a post about my activities at the end of the month. I won’t talk about the actual class then, just my outfit! I wore leggings from Gap, a long sleeve from Target, and a Ballet top from Under Armour my sister bought me. I also had on my Angelo Luzio ballet slippers that I bought ages ago from a dance store in downtown Chicago. Overall the class was fun but more on that at the end of the month! (Look out for my Lively June post!)

I finally played a bit on my PlayStation 3 last night! I’ll upgrade to a 4 someday. Maybe. I played a bit of Skyrim. I loved that game so much a few years back and still do. Since I haven’t played in awhile I keep losing track of what I have and haven’t done. Also in the game my character is married and has two adopted daughters. I forgot I moved them from Riften to Markarth. I looked all over for them! I’m doing the Dawnguard DLC so my vampire follower Serena probably thought I was the worst mom ever. I have my daughters an Elven dagger each and then watched them practice in their room (they have a practice dummy I’m not completely irresponsible) before sending them to do their chores. I could have sent them out to play but the city is a maze, I’d never find them. They’re cute though. Sissel was orphaned and asked for an allowance when I got home. She also has a pet rabbit that I let her keep so you’d probably think she’s the favorite. Sofie lived in the streets selling flowers and asks for less though. Who knows. 😂 Also are any of you familiar with what I’m talking about or do you all think I’m crazy now? Anyway I left after arming the girls and saying hi to the hubby to hunt dragons and bandits and vampires and giants. Good times.

Look, I’m a career woman. I saved the world from Alduin, lead the assassin’s, theives, and the rent-a-cop guilds, and have a ton of quests waiting for me to finish them. Plus now I have to save the world from the vampires so I can’t stay at home all the time! I should probably move them to Riften again. I’m there much more often. But then they’d ask for an allowance more often too. Sigh.

Shout out to Felicia Day for bringing this game to my attention years ago!


Oh, I had a dream I had bought Sapphire, the cute little horse I used to ride. I miss that pretty, sassy lady.

I think that’s it for now. I don’t really have plans today. We were invited to a graduation party today but my mom didn’t really find out many details. Literally all she has is the address and we don’t have a present. Haha we’ll see if we make it! Other than that I want to write my blog posts for the week and run to Target for a few things. What are you up to this weekend?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Love that you play Skyrim xD I only got into Oblivion but everyone keeps telling me to try Skyrim since it’s bigger and better! Only reading the first harry potter now book because I never had them as a kid but always wanted to! It’s crazy that it’s almost 20 years old! ;o Cool post!

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    • I loved Oblivion too! Their assassins guild story line was much better than Skyrim’s. But the world and graphics in Skyrim are amazing! You should totally check it out!!! And the DLCs are super fun too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, sad! I was in 5th grade I think when our librarian started reading the series to us. I was so sad reading the last book, childhood was literally over. Skyrim and ballet? You are just a Renaissance woman 😊 And Sapphire does look lovely and sassy. I’d watch your YouTube, I think it’s amazing that anyone does it!

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  3. I love your Harry Potter shelf! 😀 It’s good that you were introduced to the books before the films. I kind of wish I’d done it that way round because now whenever I read the books my imagination is just Daniel Radcliffe/Rupert Grint/Emma Watson.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! ☺️ Harry Potter deserves his own shelf! I’m definitely happy that I was introduced to them because if it wasn’t for that teacher, I might not have been at all! Yeah I definitely picture them different and the world different when I read the books!

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  4. It’s crazy it’s been 20 years now since Harry Potter came out. Some people have never lived in a world without it! Crazy! Please do a video Pamela!! I would love to see it!! Do whichever you feel more comfortable with, I’ll watch whatever 😂

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  5. I can’t remember exactly how I discovered Harry Potter – how sad! I think I was in 4th grade and I believe my parents gifted the book to me – but I’m not positive. How is it possible that I don’t remember how I discovered one of my most favorite things in this wold?!

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