Hobbies I want to learn!

Hi everyone! I have many hobbies but I always want more! There’s just so much to learn and do. I read, write, run, do various odd crafts, and of course I blog! But here’s what I still want to learn to do.

Of course, if you have any tips on how to get started with any of these, let me know!


So this first one is kind of cheating since I technically have done this before and will be starting it up again, but ballet is a hobby I’ve always wanted to do. I did it for a bit in college, then didn’t dance again after that. However I just found a class offered through a nearby park district so I’m going to be doing that on Thursday evenings later this month until August. I’m excited!


I found a place that does lessons and they do have a musical theatre teacher, which is what I would want, but it was kind of expensive since it’s supposedly a really good place. I would like to do it but I think I might hold off until I can find a more affordable place.


This is another I used to do. I started playing flute in the 5th grade and continued for over 10 years until I graduated college. I would be interested in playing again in a group. I’d need lessons again and a lot of practice to get decent at it again but it would be fun. I always enjoyed playing in a band. However I haven’t really found a place for lessons besides that singing place so it’s pretty pricey for me right now.


I envy people who play piano. It seems like the best instrument to learn! Unfortunately I don’t have a piano and I know I could play on an instructor’s piano but then I can’t practice. Not that I would anyway probably. So this one will have to wait.

Rock Climbing

I don’t know why this interests me so much but I really want to learn about rock climbing! I was actually looking for lessons on this when I found the ballet class I signed up for so that clearly didn’t work too well. I hear that the outdoor store REI offers trips and some are specifically for beginners. One will be opening near me next year so I might put this off until then or go to another store’s events. Otherwise there’s a small rock climbing wall where my ballet class is with open wall climbing hours so I might try to make it to some of those in the future since it’s only $1 there.


This is similar to rock climbing but probably easier to get into since it requires less technical equipment and just more quality items like clothes and shoes based on how intense the hike is. Again, I will likely wait for REI to open and offer trips but I might try to get out onto the trails in the various forest preserves near me for this.


For someone who doesn’t like the outdoors, bugs, sweating, hot weather, cold weather, getting dirty, etc. I really seem to like activities that do take me outside. My dad and I have discussed getting a canoe before but we agreed it would likely go unused since he works too much in the summer and I won’t want to go alone. I did find a place that does canoe rentals near me so I might try to get us out there sometime.


Well I actually have a makeshift archery range in my basement. I decided I wanted to buy a bow and some arrows a few years back with a target and my dad set it up for me. I got pretty good but then I started a new job and got too busy to continue practicing down there. I need to take it back up because it was quite a bit of money to just lose out on!


I was a swimmer in high school and was actually pretty good but my college didn’t have a swim team or even a pool so I didn’t continue. It was such a good way to stay fit and I would join a local Master’s team if I could. However all teams I’ve found either are too expensive, have a schedule that doesn’t fit with mine, or too out of the way. Maybe someday!


Not going to lie, this caught my interest after I watched 30 Rock with Tina Fey and Parks and Recreation with Amy Poehler. After I watched the shows I read their books (Bossypants and Yes Please respectively) where they each talked about being in Second City together, an improve group from Chicago. They also went over their time on Saturday Night Live and I was just so impressed with their lives that I wanted to try this. I found a group but they’re also a bit expensive for something that I want to try just for fun. Maybe someday though.


So I take photos for my blog but I do want to take photos for fun again and I want to do it digitally. One summer I took a black and white film photography for my arts general education requirement and it was fun but I do want to take a digital photography course someday or at least a photo editing course.

Kick boxing

This one is both for fitness and for self defense! I haven’t actively looked for classes for awhile but I had found a few places that offered kick boxing so I might try to take this up after ballet if I chose not to continue that.


This hobby is also another that I’ve done before and I used to blog about it (if you look under “Life” at the top of the page and hover over “Blog Archives” you’ll see the “Equestrian” page. I had to quit doing this suddenly due to my instructor behaving quite unprofessionally and I do miss the horse I used to ride a lot but I want to take up this again. I had been hoping to compete in horse shows this year, but since I’m not doing that anymore I obviously won’t be doing that. Maybe someday!

And that’s all I can think of! What about you, do you have any hobbies you want to take up? Leave me a comment if you do.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. That stinks about your riding instructor, I hope you can find a new one! I work in Parks & Rec, we just started offering somd climbing courses and they filled immediately! I think it’s becoming more widely available now. Definitely an interesting sport! I hope you find the time for all of these πŸ˜„

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  2. I’m with you on pretty much all of these haha XD
    Especially piano and flute as I used to both in school, but have since dropped it. It’s also extra shameful as I have a perfectly good keyboard I could practise on but don’t. Same with my ukulele…ugh. I need motivation and someone to throw things at me till I do it.

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  3. I would love to try rock climbing and learn how to take good photos!! Let us all know if you do end up getting any of these things you want to do crossed off your list!! Maybe with the piano you could invest in a keyboard? It’s great as well that you get to do ballet again!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’“

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  4. Ahh this is such a fun list of hobbies, Pamela! 😍 That’s so cool that you want to learn ballet. When I was I think four years old, I took a few lessons, but much preferred gymnastics tumbling classes over how slow ballet lessons went. πŸ˜‚πŸ’• also, about photography: there are soooo many awesome resources online! Last year as an elective for school, I browsed Google for articles on photoshoot tips and Pinterest for pose ideas and I learned so much. 😊 There are also lots of articles on iPhoneography (or basically learning how to take pictures with the simple camera features on phones) and I’ve gotten much better at photography since then! Also, Rookie Cam, the app I use to filter all of my photos, is such a great app!! If you can get it on your phone, I highly recommend it.

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  5. Oh I love trying new hobbies!!! When I was younger, I used to have so many hobbies and I did almost EVERYTHING πŸ˜€
    Dancing, Tennis, Theatre, Ladies Football, Ballet, Triathlon, Swimming, Equestrianism, Equestrian Vaulting, Playing the Flute, everything πŸ˜€
    Now I’m playing the Ukulele, I’m going to the gym, I go running, I still love swimming and I danced Ballet for 5 years. Now after having graduated, everything is different and I’m not able to attend ballet class anymore, unfortunately 😦

    We can’t do everything but I love your hobby list :)!!!!

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      • Well now I know which things/hobby really matter for me πŸ™‚ but I don’t recommend trying too many things, since it often turns out that you can’t prioritise anymore πŸ˜„ (especially in my case)
        Yes! And we shouldn’t look back and regret anything we’ve tried- everything we do will have an impact I believe πŸ™‚

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  6. Right with you on wanting to learn piano! I’ve always wanted to pick up a second instrument (and am super jealous of those people who can just sit down at a piano and blow everyone away) but I haven’t been able to because money is tight right now. But hopefully one day!

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  7. I played the violin in school and now that it’s been years, I have to relearn everything, including reading music, from scratch. But it’s on my life list. I also stopped dancing (modern dance) after I had my first child and never went back. I still think of it all the time and would love to get back to it soon. It’s been 12 years! I’d love to take horseback riding lessons, oil painting. I’d love to get really good at camping and just surviving in the wild on my own. I want to become certified in scuba but I’m terrified of fish, so I’m going very slowly on that one. I want to make candles and grow my own vegetables and flowers. Here’s to everyone accomplishing their goals!

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  8. It’s fascinating that you can love so many different things!! Good luck!! I would LOVE to get more into hiking. Something about appreciating nature while getting a good workout in seems to be doing the trick for me. Photography is also a huge passion of mine, so I think I will start to invest in it.

    Georgia X

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  9. How did you like Tina Fey’s and Amy Poehler’s books? I’ve been meaning to read them but I usually am not a fan of celebrities’ books.
    Such a shame that you had to quit horseback riding because of the instructor, I remember reading about that in a different post.

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    • I enjoyed them at the time and they do have great points in them! I think they were maybe longer than they really needed to be but it was a fun read. Both had me rolling in laughter a few times! Yeah, I hope to get back to horseback riding someday! With a different instructor haha.


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