A Little Random Haul – June 2017!

Hi everyone! I thought I’d share a little haul today from stuff I’ve gotten in the past two weeks or so. As some of you may remember, I haven’t been purchasing many items but I do try to treat myself every so often plus people keep giving me presents.


Here we go!



The first thing in my haul is this really cute Fourth of July themed box for my desk chair! I found it at the dollar store so that was a nice price for it!


I finally got a waterproof case for my phone! I kept putting it off as they’re pretty expensive and I always figure I could leave my phone out of harm’s way rather than have it in my hand all the time. But sometimes I want it for photos and such so when I found a case on sale in Target I bought it right away! I only paid a little under $25 for it, so it was an amazing deal (normally it’s $80). I did test it with a tissue already and it works great! I still don’t plan to submerge my phone, it’s really just a splash guard and “oops” protector.


I had pre-ordered the new Beauty and the Beast movie (here is my Instagram photo from when I got it) and got it perfectly on time. It is no nice that I have it and I have only seen it once so I need to see it again soon!


These to are gifts I received from my friend Michelle, who is a new blogger! We also work together. Yup, she and I are co-workers! She knows how awesome I am in person. Her blog is very personal and about her life and challenges she’s faced. She’s a birthmother and she has written lovely posts on her experiences.

I was recently going through her makeup bag and she gave me a little sample of the Pur-lisse BB tinted cream which she says is amazing (she bought herself a full size) and a Sugar Box eye shadow palette as well. Between me and her daughter, it’s a miracle she has any makeup left really. Thanks Michelle!


I have been looking for this lipstick for a few months now (albeit not that actively) but it was always sold out whenever I checked at Ulta. I finally found one and after checking it was new (the box was a bit beat up and clearly had been opened before) I bought it. It’s part of the Lorac Alter Ego collection that I love and it’s called “jet setter”. I can really only wear it in the winter and spring when I’m a bit more pale so I’ll save this for a bit!


These next two items I actually bought after reading a post from Stella, after reading her post about keeping feet nice and fresh in the summer. I did go out and buy both of these on her recommendation and they were BOGO 50% at Ulta when I went, so that was nice. I’m excited to try these and have not smelly feet! These are the Earth Therapeutics Relexology Foot Massage and Tea Tree Oil Foot Spray.


While shopping for my dad’s Father’s Day present I found this cute little Ravenclaw mug! I actually also bought a Slytherin one for my sister but I gave that to her already. I found them at TJ Maxx and loved that I was able to find both our houses!


I was so happy to have a little present for my sister and had no idea she had a present planned of her own! She bought me the Harry Potter wand eye-shadow brush set in rose gold! Aren’t they cute? We’re clearly on the same wavelength as we both picked random Harry Potter presents for each other.


And the next item is also a present from my sister. So I found a ballet class and signed up, and without knowing that, my sister found this ballet themed shirt from Under Armour and bought it for me! Again, same wavelength. We’re also really good at knowing what song the other is thinking about without singing it out loud. Lols. I need to step up my present game, she’s totally winning!

So actually that had been all my items but last night I went to a spontaneous Walmart trip so I thought I’d add that stuff here. Also I’ve started taking photos on my better DSLR camera which means I have to set up my tripod, adjust everything, take the photos, plug my camera into my laptop, import the photos, edit the photos, then because my laptop is weird I have to email the photos to myself to save them onto my phone to then upload them onto the WordPress app, then I can add them to my post! So many steps but I think the photos do look better so might as well!


Someday I’ll get good at setting up my photos. I found these cute nail wraps, just in time for 4th of July! I’m excited to try them out, they’re so sparkly! Normally we go to my aunt and uncle’s home south of the city so I’m hoping we get an invite again because it’s so fun down there. They make excellent food, all my cousins and their hilarious kids arrive, and they live on a farm so you can see fireworks all around. Fingers crossed!!!


I found this cute tank of Stitch as well! I love Disney and Stitch is one of my favorites, so I had to get it! My sister got the same one so I’m hoping we wear it on the same day sometime! If we do I’ll put a photo on Instagram (StarringPamela, follow meeeeee!).


There were so many tanks on sale. The other one I got was Harry Potter themed! It’s so cute and I’ve been getting so much Harry Potter merch lately so I’m excited to wear it!


My sister dragged me to the pajamas section, and I have a weakness for pjs. I got this “Latte & Lounging” pj tank. I almost got one that said “viva la weekend” but my sister ended up getting that one instead. I also saw a cute Batman set but ended up with this one instead. I might have to go back for the Batman set.


I’m going to pair my above top with this flamingos pj shorts. Do they match? Not exactly. Do I really care? No, not at all. They’re cute and I wanted them so they’re going to get along and get on my body.


And last but not least I got a succulent! My flowering plant is still alive. It was questionable for a moment but I googled how to properly care for it and it looks much happier now. My succulent will join it now and I love them both!

And that’s my little haul! Hope you enjoyed it! What have you recently gotten that you have loved?

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Ahh this was such a fun haul!! I loved the whole variety of different things you got πŸ™‚ the Fourth of July bow you found is soooo cute!! I love decorating my room (especially my desk) for the holidays. That waterproof case you found (and at such a good price) is awesome!! I could use one of those myself haha, but for now, my protective case just keeps it from breaking, lol. Your Beauty and The Beast movies and cups are GORGEOUS! I had a bit of a Disney fan girl moment hahaha! Also, I saw that you said you want to learn how to better set up your photos, but you’re honestly already so good at it!!! All of your photos are pleasing to look at – I love them πŸ™‚ I loooove your Ravenclaw mug and wand makeup brushes – I am so jealous now! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I seriously want my own wand brushes, especially in rose gold. Nail wraps are a lot of fun! Have you heard of Jamberry? They’re a bit pricey, but they’re made well and have the cutest designs! Sorry for the long comment, Pamela, LOL but I have to mention one last thing – isn’t it crazy how Walmart can have the cutest clothes?? I love the ones you found! My favorite shirt for a long time has been is a dark gray tee that says ‘Quidditch Tryouts’ with a little golden snitch in between the text 😍 I get comments on it almost every time I wear it! I hope you have a great evening, Pamela!

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    • Ahhhhh I love your long comment!!!! Hahaha I looove to decorate! The dollar store and target dollar section are the best for cheap holiday decor. I’m so excited to have my phone on me alllll summer long! Even around water!!! Hahaha I love buying nerdy things. It’s a problem maybe πŸ˜… Awww I’m glad you like my photos πŸ’– I try my best!!! Jamberry sounds familiar but I’m not sure. I’ll look it up!! And Walmart has such cute clothes, and I had no idea!!! Your shirt sounds cute! I’m going to make sure to go more often! Thank you and have a lovely evening as well!!!


    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! I was very lucky to find it, I hadn’t checked the electronics section and only went back because the lines were long and I wanted them to shorten a bit. I’m glad I did! πŸ˜€

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  2. What a fun post! I recently bought my favorite rosehip oil, the essano brand. I’m always happy when I find it because it’s like $15 on Amazon. So i only ever but it at marshals or tj maxx when its only $7. It’s a tiny bottle but sooo effective for me! Oh & I love your Harry potter brushes — SO pretty ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love them so much! I don’t want to use them so they won’t get dirty πŸ˜‚ Haha I haven’t changed my banner to be Fourth of July themed yet but when I do it’ll be like Captain America works in there. πŸ˜‚

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  3. Omg all that beauty and the beast ish is so cute! Also I’m so interested in that foot stuff HAHA feet are nasty, have you tried it out yet? AND THOSE MAKE-UP BRUSHES like who knew? They’re soo pretty!

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