My Dream Home!

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my dream home inspired by photos from Pinterest! I had wanted to do one and I saw Angela and Ella‘s posts, so I had to join in the fun!

I also have to say, once I had a dream of a really gorgeous house so I have always been looking for pictures that kind of match up to that. It’s been awhile so I don’t remember every detail of the house but I remember the general layout and plus it needed some modifications anyway.

Disclaimer: I got all my photos from Pinterest, and I’ve linked them back to the posts they came from (I think… it’s my first time doing this!). None of them are my own photos! You can follow my Pinterest if you’d like!

Okay, here we go!

Exterior – Front


So I would describe my preferred style as a modern ranch house. This is basically what I envision although it has less plants and I am picturing a two story house. I also picture the house to be white with a dark grey roof, probably because that’s the colors my current home has!



This is a bit smaller than I envision but you get the idea.

Sitting Room


If you entered through the front door and went left, you’d reach the sitting room! So I once read an article that most places don’t have separate sitting rooms, they just have living rooms, and Chicago area homes are just crazy that we have both. Is that right? Or do other places have sitting rooms as well?

Anyway this is my sitting room. In true sitting room fashion, no one uses it for anything except for it to look pretty. I’d probably like a piano in here and maybe I’d know how to play!

Living Room


Separate from the sitting room is the living room, where you actually do the living part of the house. To get to the living room you have to go all the way down the hall into the dining area, then into the kitchen area, then turn right. That’s complicated. Basically it’s across the hall from the sitting room but there’s no door from the front hallway. You have to go all the way around.

This is actually similar to the dream living room I created not to long ago in another post.

Kitchen/Dining Area


It’s hard to find the kitchen I envision. Keep the colors and the island style from this photo in mind and then go onto the next one please!


Okay, so this kitchen is much closely laid out to what I’m picturing. Basically it should be the first kitchen but in this layout. Although in my head the island is at a diagonal angle rather than parallel to the wall. It’s a very modern kitchen but I haven’t found one that really matches what I have in my head so I can’t accurately show it. Also instead of a dishwasher I have a wine fridge. That’s very important. Not pictured is the long dining table I would place on the other side of the island.

So it’s a very open kitchen and dining area, and it takes up the entire back left corner area of the ground floor.



Here’s the library! The library is beyond the sitting room, behind the stairs. There’s a secret entrance under the stairs! It’s not really a secret though because that’s the only entrance and I show it off all the time probably.

Powder Room


Then at the very back left there’s a hallway and it leads to the powder room.

Laundry room


It also leads to the laundry room!

Back hallway


And here’s the hallway! Although the floor is probably actually wood floor because it’s an indoor hallway and has a door at the end but this is kinda of what I’m imagining, lots of windows on one side! It does lead off towards a path to either the garage or to one towards the back yard.

Now onto the upstairs!

Master Bedroom


I like this set up with the chairs in front of the fireplace and the colors and style overall. The only thing I would change is the bed frame because I love mine so much. Mine is a dark wood canopy bed, so I’d probably use that instead. I would totally use the area with the couch for my dressing table though. Also the master bedroom is on the 2nd floor, not ground floor.

Walk In Closet


I really liked this idea for a walk in closet with so many shelves!


I also liked this one too, so but while it looks nice it doesn’t seem to have the same shelving options from this angle. I’d definitely want the space of the first one and the look of the second one.

Master Bathroom


I loved how this bathroom looked, with the separate shower and bathtub as well as the spacing.

Home Office


This was a little hard because I really love my current home office set up. I liked how this one looked though. One of the biggest complaints I get about my current set up is that there’s no places to sit (from the parents and sister). It confuses me because it’s not a socializing room, it’s a working room for me but hey, they wouldn’t have the problem anymore with this one!


I’d still like a desk of my own though so I’d chose this. Except for that chair. I want a spinny chair because I’m a child at heart.

Extra rooms (probably 3 rooms)


I don’t know why I’d have so many guest rooms but I would love to have a few in case I have friends! Otherwise I think my parents would enjoy staying here!


Oooooo look at this one! My sister would totes stay here when she visits. Or one of you lovely friends!


And while this is still quite fancy, it’s blue so if I know any guys that visit they can stay here! I’m assuming I have a husband when I have this house, tbh, so he better have some friends haha. Or maybe the in-laws would like it? Who knows!

Back Yard


The yard probably has a ton of grass and horses. So cute! Not the river though, we have a pool and there’s a danger of flooding with it.



I would love to have a pool and tons of plants! This is exactly what I’d like and on the end of the pool I’m imagining a waterfall type area. On the other side of that? Probably a lap pool!



No home is complete without a patio! (Probably.) This one looks amazing! There’s probably a hot tub nearby.

And that’s my dream house! For not really having a lot of parties I sure do have a lot of space for all my imaginary friends to hang out. You guys are totally welcome to come over when I have this house though! Also somehow this house ended up being a rural home so that was unexpected. I pictured suburban home at first!

What would your dream house have? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. I loovee this! Everything about it the idea, the pictures you chose, how you explained things. โ˜บ๏ธ my favorites would be the front, the siting room, and bedrooms. I’d definitely have to have a walk in closet, library, pool, piano (and learn how to play) aha and a nice back yard with a great view!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. That is an impressive dream home!!! I can kinda picture it in my head, as you laid it all out pretty well! I only have vague bits and pieces of ideas I like. I love your kitchen idea, it’s so big! I hadn’t thought about it, but I’d like quite a big kitchen too. Ooh, and I love those walk in closets! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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