My Favorite YouTubers!

Hi there everyone! So this has been one of my most requested posts as of late! I’m super obsessed with YouTube, as I type I have a video playing next to me.

Hold on, the video ended.

And we’re back!

I love YouTube a lot. I am constantly watching videos and have around 300-400 videos in my “Watch Later” list at any given point in time. I’m always falling behind. Just when I get close to getting it under 300 I seem to go away on a trip or have a busy week, and there goes all that progress!

But that’s a story for another day isn’t it? I have a ton of favorite YouTubers so this may be really long. I’m going to start with the YouTubers that never make it (or hardly ever) to the Watch Later list because I watch then that day! They’re my top favorites, the ones I make the time to see. Then I’ll go into ones that I like a lot but aren’t quite my favorites, and I think I’ll include some that I’ve recently found and have potential to be up there.

I don’t think I’ll go through all of them necessarily, because I’m subscribed to a lot of channels. Like 257 channels… Yeah.

Onto the YouTubers!

Top YouTubers

  • SacconeJolys
    These are my absolute favorite of the YouTubers. I love this family! Jonathan and Anna vlog every day of their lives with their children Emilia, Eduardo, and baby Alessia. I totally have a favorite and it’s Emilia. She’s sooooo precious. I don’t even want kids but if I ever have one, that baby better be a girl and better be like Emilia! They are a (mostly) Irish family who live in England with their six dogs. I’ve watched every vlog since Emilia’s second birthday and a few sporadically from before that time.

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  • It’s Grace
    Grace Helbig is hilarious to me and I love her videos so much! She has a million projects going on at a time, so she’s definitely an inspiration for working hard. I’ve been lucky enough to meet her twice during each of her book tours and she’s incredibly sweet and so nice! And tall. I mentioned that I listen to her podcast in one of my recent posts, which is also very funny. Grace is actually the reason I found so many YouTubers and I am pretty sure she was the first person I subscribed to.
  • MyHarto
    I’ve been watching Hannah Hart pretty much from her start. I started watching right before she really started getting a lot of attention, so it’s been a while! I’ve also been able to meet Hannah twice, both times for promotions for her book, once at BookCon and the other during her book tour. She’s another sweetheart and I loved meeting her so much. Her channel features her signature “My Drunk Kitchen” series as well as videos about being a member of the LGBT+ community and more.


  • Felicia Day
    The story of how I found Felicia is pretty hilarious. So I’d just seen Dr. Horrible and The Guild when I saw her as Charlie in Supernatural. Before then I’d found her channel through her Skyrim videos on her channel. It took an embarrassingly long time for me to finally Google her and confirm it was the same cool redheaded lady! To be honest, she’s probably 90% of the reason that I bought a PlayStation 3 so I could play Skyrim. Still one of my favorite video games to play. I met Felicia during her book tour, and we even chatted a bit about the game. Why are YouTubers so nice?! Felica’s channel is mostly play-throughs right now although from her Twitch channel but they’re more sporadic than ever as she has a pretty little baby! She is also constantly working and creating, so she’s another inspiration for me.
  • SprinkleofGlitter/SprinkleofChatter
    Louise is a mom to the lovely “baby glitter” Darcy. She’s friends with Zoella and that’s how I found her (that’s how I found the SacconeJolys as well) and I love how she’s rebranded her channel. She talks about more grown up topics and as I continue growing older I love it when YouTubers do this because I don’t feel like I “grow out of” them or anything. I get to keep watching!
  • Tati
    Also known as GlamLifeGuru, I love Tati’s channel. She is my go-to beauty Youtuber because I know that if I’m wondering what a product is like, Tati has probably reviewed it. I love her WTF series where she reviews crazy expensive products. I wouldn’t spend that much on a product but I enjoy watching her do so!
  • Nicole Guerriero
    Nicole was recommended to me by my work friend Diana (who hasn’t gotten a shoutout in a looooong time, Diana if you’re reading this we need to talk more!). Diana initially recommended her after I went through the makeup she had just bought in Walgreens and had Nicole’s lashes in her stash. Since I like reading and Nicole recommends audio books every so often she thought I’d enjoy her channel. I really have, I love watching her Yesterdays vlogs and love that she jams out in her car alllll the time. Me too girl, me too.
  • Lily Pebbles
    Lily’s channel is so cool. I had sort of stopped watching her videos and recently remembered how much I loved them after her wedding. I’m so glad I did because Lily provides a great perspective on so many lifestyle topics. She used to have a more traditional job so she talks about her experiences about that, talks about her channel, and her vlogs are great!
  • Shirley Curry
    Grandma Shirley (not my grandma) is the most awesome Skyrim playing grandma out there (although I’m not sure if there are others). She starts every video with a “hello grandkids” and I love it. I really enjoy watching her play the game that I love so much! I normally put her videos on when I’m writing or cleaning as they’re about half hour long usually so I don’t have to worry about finding a new one for awhile!
  • Smosh Games
    I have more gaming favorites than I thought. Grand Theft Smosh is my favorite of their series but they don’t really do that anymore. Otherwise I enjoyed their Winter Games, love Board AF, and Cell Outs.
  • ItsWayPastMyBedTime
    If you’ve been following me for awhile you know that I love musicals. Carrie Hope Fletcher is actually performing as Wednesday in the first production of The Addams Family musical around the UK. I would love to see her perform, I wish I lived in the UK! My favorite videos from her as of late is her Watch Me Wednesday videos where she vlogs about her life on tour. She’s also about to start her book tour at the same cities where the tour is headed. Extra jealous!
  • IISuperwomanII/SuperwomanVlogs
    And another inspiring businesswoman. Lilly never seems to stop moving and growing! Her content is amazing, well thought out, funny, and she occasionally dresses up as her parents, which is hilarious. She’s recently finished her tour and the vlogs were incredible.
  • bitsandclips
    I found Marie through Louise. Marie is a stay at home mom to her three kiddos Scarlett, Luca, and Sadie. Her husband Ryan has started appearing in her vlogs more as of late and I’m glad he does because seeing their family all together is amazing. They’re so cute and very close to one another.
  • ASMR Massage Psychetruth
    I do love ASMR. It is so relaxing to me and helps with my anxiety. I love this channel as there is always new content and I can usually find something I want to listen to! There are multiple people who work for this channel, and while I do have favorite types of ASMR videos I love that I can explore other videos easily if I want.
  • LatteASMR
    Another ASMR favorite, Latte does videos in English, Korean, and Japanese. I don’t know what she says roughly a third of the time but that doesn’t always stop me. She normally does an English version of her videos too, which is amazing. I don’t always like roleplays but sometimes I’ll click onto hers because she’ll start with something like “I’m Doctor Latte” and that makes me giggle because it sounds cute and funny.
  • polandbananasBOOKS
    Christine is a booktuber and a funny one at that! She’s the main reason I listened to Hamilton after she did her Hamilton Book Tag! I really love watching her writing series as she has finished writing a book and is now in the editing stages. Her vlogs are quite fun as well and her content is so fun to watch. I love her sibling rivalry videos as well as her brother and sister are hilarious to see as well.
  • Evan Edinger/Travel
    An American expat living in London, Evan’s videos revolve around life in a new country, politics, comparing the two cultures, and his various travels. He is constantly losing his passport and visa and makes great puns.
  • JennaMarbles
    Do I really need to explain Jenna? How does one even explain Jenna? She’s awesome, funny, and so incredibly creative. Her boyfriend Julian and her pets Kermit (dog), Marbles (dog), Peach (boyfriend’s dog), and AD (hamster) constantly are featured in her videos and I wonder how her brain works sometimes.
  • doddleoddle/doddlevloggle
    Dodie is a talented lady! Her videos will feature her life, her thoughts, musical talents, and she isn’t afraid to talk about mental health and her opinions.
  • MissFenderr/MissAlaynaa
    Alayna’s channels are really interesting! Her videos usually theme around the LGBT+ community and mental health. I love watching her as she’s very intelligent and open.

Others I enjoy (I’ll say what kind of channel it is but this is getting long):

Potential Faves (I’ll add a description of the channel as well but may not be fully accurate as I’m still learning about these channels):

Have I convinced you of my obsession yet? I really think I have a problem.

Let me know if we share any favorites or if you have any recommendations for me! Oh yes, and I did change my blog’s theme over the weekend. I like it much better now. Hope you do too!

Thanks for reading!



  1. You really do have an obsession, I didn’t know this many channels existed πŸ˜‚ I watched ONE squishy unboxing video on Bunny’s channel and now my feed is 80% ASMR. Those videos stress me out, I’m always waiting for something to happen! Good pics though πŸ˜„πŸ˜‚

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