My Lively May!

Hi everyone! Today will be my lively May post!This post basically revolves around my hobbies and what my progress was for the month. I did my May books already in a separate post as I did read quite a bit this month.

Here we go!


I haven’t done any creative writing sadly enough but I did write my first draft of my graduate school statement of purpose! I am going to go back and revise it this week.


I had a great blogging month! I completed a blog post every day for my personal project, BirthMay! This was so special for me because I had dreamed up BirthMay over a year ago where I would celebrate for my birthday. I worried that the posts wouldn’t be good, or I wouldn’t stick to it, or even that everyone would get bored of hearing from me. Quite the opposite! I loved the posts I wrote, I wrote every day, and I got some great feedback from it! I didn’t want it to end!

Running & Health

Well I failed quite a bit in this one. I didn’t run once this month, sadly enough. I pretty much only run on weekends and one of those days I am usually working for my dad’s company (more on that later). On the other day it’s usually been cold, rainy, or I’ve had other plans. I hope to get out and run this month though!

Small Business Work

My dad has his own business. It’s very small, as he’s scaled back the company after he bought his partner out a few years ago and decided he wanted to work full time instead. We have one client now, so it’s manageable with just our family. On weekends we dedicate one day to the work. It is landscape work so that’s why we have to plan according to the weather. It takes up a few hours of the day and is a great way to earn some extra money! I do the invoicing once a month (for one client, takes two seconds) and every few months I do the accounting work as well. Fun times!

Film & TV

I didn’t really see any films this month but I have been watching some tv. I have been watching some more of The Office. I’m on season 5 and I don’t want to spoil anything but it’s been a pretty good time this season!

I’ve also been watching a tiny bit of Anne with an E as well. Based on Anne of Green Gables, I watched part of the first episode but the internet was being very spotty in my room (furthest point in the house from the router) so I gave up on that and then my parents put it on over dinner (my dad is Netflix obsessed) and he put on the episode where Anne gets her period and invites Diana over for tea.

That’s really all I got up to this month! It hasn’t been as much but I think I made up for it as I read a lot of books! It seems to be one or the other lately.

How have your hobbies been going? Leave a comment and let me know!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Nice work Pamela! You’ve done a lot this past month, especially with your BirthMay posts! Posting everyday does put a lot more on your plate. Here’s hoping you’ll have more time for running, writing and watching movies this month πŸ˜€

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  2. I love what you’re calling this end-of-the-month series, Pamela! The title is so catchy and cute 😊 Hahaha, my bedroom is also the farthest spot from our internet router! Sometimes, that causes problems, but the extension my dad bought usually helps, so I’m thankful for that. I’m dying to watch Anne With An E but my family and I don’t have Netflix! 😩 We watch different shows on Amazon Prime, but not Netflix. *sighs sadly*

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    • Thank you Maggie! Haha it took awhile to name this post and I wasn’t completely happy with it at first but now I think it fits perfectly! If I am, you know, lively haha. I understand the struggle. There’s shows on amazon and Hulu I want to watch sometimes but I only have Netflix. Actually, I’m the one that pays for Netflix and my dad watches it a lot more than I do! But he pays for the wifi that I use a lot (when it works haha) and all the other bills so I guess I can’t complain. πŸ˜‚

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  3. What?! There is a show based on Anne of Green Gables? What a blast from the past, have to check that out. Good luck with the running! I also run but not outside because bees πŸ˜‚ Hopefully the weather starts cooperating for you!!

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  4. Lovely blog post as always! 😊 I started walking to work at the beginning of May and I haven’t stopped since, which is surprising as I normally would of given up after a couple of days with exercise! πŸ˜‚πŸ’—

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