My May Favorites! – #BirthMay Day 31

Hi everyone! We reached end of another month, so time for me to share all the stuff I’ve loved in May! Oh and I have some blog updates as well!

It’s also, sadly the end of BirthMay has arrived. I was so worried when I started the month, thinking I might not stick to it or have difficulty coming up with ideas. However that couldn’t be further from the truth! I ended up loving every minute of it and so many of you gave me ideas and inspiration so I never lacked topics to talk about. It was so much fun!

And it may sound silly but I was worried I’d get a negative response in a way. I thought maybe no one would find all those posts interesting or that there would be too many. I worried that I would sacrifice quality for quantity but I didn’t feel that was the case at all. I felt that I was more dedicated than ever to my blog and what I wrote.

Thank you to anyone who read my posts, liked or commented, or supported me in anyway this month! I had my best blogging month in many ways. First, I think I had the most fun blogging than I ever have before! Second, my numbers were way up. I’ve said before I don’t stress about the numbers and that’s still true but it’s just nice to see that. I had my best single day views this month, had almost double the views/likes/visitors that I had last month, and four times the comments! You guys are amazing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Some blog updates before I go on. My regular schedule is Monday, Wednesday, Friday for new posts, with Tuesday added in there for any pending tags/awards/etc I may have. I’m still facing a pretty lengthy list of tags and awards I’m behind on (thank you to anyone who’s nominated me and sorry for the wait) so I’m doing Tag Me Tuesday and Thursday Edition for the entire month of June.

Basically I am scheduling posts for Monday through Friday in June! Almost daily but not quite. If I have something come up that I want to talk about I’ll put it up on the weekends but there’s no posts scheduled for those days.

I think that’s all I had for blog updates so onto the favorites we go!

Beauty Favorites


I have a few beauty favorites this month! Which is great because I feel like I never really have that many.


I did a separate review on the Smashbox Photo Finish primer so I won’t go too much into it, but I’ve been loving this . It feels great and does it’s job wonderfully. I feel that it does prolong my makeup more than other primers I’ve tried.

I have two Soap & Glory favorites. The first is Hand Food, which is an amazing hand lotion, and The Scrub of Your Life Body Scrub, which is a scrub for your body. Both products are amazing! The lotion doesn’t leave a slimy feeling and since I have naturally sweaty hands (tmi?) I don’t need it often but when my hands are dry, this is a lifesaver!

I have also loved the Blistex lip vibrancy lip balm. I like this one because it does have a bit of color as well as SPF. I think it’s perfect for no makeup makeup days or even no makeup days.


I was trying to use this sparingly but the Bissu long wear foundation I bought in Mexico is amazing and I’ve been obsessed with it! I was so surprised the color fit me perfectly as I just picked one based on the shade name on it. I’ve loved the foundation as it goes on so smoothly and easily as well. It does last and although it’s a little lighter coverage than I would like, it works great and I can always use a bit more or some concealer to powder to cover up anything that needs some extra attention.

A new favorite is the Toms luminous white toothpaste. I’ve been trying to slowly switch to more natural products and Tom’s has been my go to for toothpaste and deodorant for awhile now. I’ve tried three different toothpastes from Tom’s I believe. This one is the luminous white version and is very minty!

And lastly for my beauty favorites, I have loved this Suave Daily Clarifying Shampoo. I switch hair products like crazy because my hair does not like to stick to the same products for long. This one is so far working beautifully!

Style Favorites


Since it’s finally getting nice here in the Chicago suburbs, I had to stop wearing my boots. I love boots, they’re my favorite, but I can’t wear them in the summer. So I switched to sandals! I pulled out my Call It Spring sandals from last year, as I only wore them a few times before. They’re pretty fragile though, so I’m sure I’ll have to go sandal shopping halfway through the summer, but for now, I love them and am going to enjoy them while they last!


An ever lasting favorite of mine are my Ravenclaw pj pants that my sister bought me last year from Hot Topic. They’re actually men’s pjs and I know that because they have pockets! I love pockets so I wear these all the time. I’m so obsessed I wait for the dryer to be done to rip them out and put them on immediately.

Decor Favorites


Chip is another favorite! If you saw my birthday presents post you saw that my sister bought me a cute little Chip! He’s a jewelry tray but I’ve put him on a white cake display with gold on the rim so he has his own stand in my office.


Another present my sister got me was this Hogwarts tea cup set. It’s so cute and I’ve put them on my Harry Potter dedicated shelf in my office. I think they’re so cute!


So all of my decor favorites are in my home office. My Cinco de Mayo banner went up way after Cinco de Mayo, and I didn’t even put up my birthday banner since I thought this was so cute! I normally just string the banners on the curtain hooks but the string was too long so I used a pyramid decoration I have from Mexico to hold it onto the shelf up above my desk. I should change this out as I normally use a red, white, and blue banner over the summer for Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Labor Day but I’m leaving it up a little longer since I love the colors so much.

Entertainment Favorites

Photo from Google

So you know how much I love Beauty and the Beast by now I think. I have loved the soundtrack even more than usual this month because I actually went out and bought the cd. Yes, in this day and age, I will still buy cds for my car. It’s such a beautiful soundtrack and I can’t wait for the movie to come in the mail (I pre-ordered it from Target). I forgot to take a photo of it before I stuck it in my car so enjoy this movie poster photo I found on Google.

I don’t have a photo for the next one but Pandora has been a favorite as well. I normally listen to it at work, and have been enjoying a mostly Disney and musical theatre mix of stations. I’ve also been listening to classic rock stations as well and have even been trying to listen to older hip hop stations.

My last but certainly not least entertainment favorite is the tv show The Office which I’ve been watching on Netflix. I hadn’t seen it before but it’s pretty funny! My coworker (his name is John) kept harassing me until I agreed to watch it. My other coworker (her name is Erin) was much more chill about it but also tried to convince me to give it a try. I haven’t been watching it as much this second half of the month but I am going to watch some more later today after I catch up on a few YouTube videos. John asked me if I was in love with Jim yet and I told him no because Ben Wyatt of Parks and Recreation is the love of my life. And that’s how I got John to talk about guys with me for about 30 seconds.

Miscellaneous Favorites


I talked about these headphones a looooong time ago. So long I can’t remember what post it was! But these Bluetooth headphones have definitely been a favorite lately. I hadn’t used them in awhile because they were hidden under a pile of papers on my desk for a bit, and when I found them they weren’t charged. Once I fixed all these terrible problems I haven’t been able to stop using them! I normally have a YouTube video or Nextflix going as I write my blog posts from my iPad and it can be annoying to have the volume up or having to carry it around while I go from room to room gathering what I need for my blog. These are amazing because then the sound comes with me!


My favorite app (besides Pandora which counts as “entertainment”) has been Plant Nanny. I actually downloaded it because of Maggie, as she was always talking about it and it looked so cute! The app is pretty simple, you get a virtual plant and it grows as you drink water. I grew a cute little dandelion that I named Simba. Currently I have a cactus that I named Carrie. It doesn’t look so cute right now so I’m not including a photo. Also it’s sad because I haven’t had any water today and didn’t drink enough yesterday. Whoops. Sorry Carrie.


If you’re interested, you can read my monthly reading wrap up from Monday. I normally do this the Monday after the month ends but I felt I haven’t done enough book posts this month so I moved it up.

My lively post, where I talk about my hobbies, projects, and health initiatives will be up on Friday. And my monthly life post, where I talk about what I’ve been up to this month in my day to day life, will be up next week Wednesday!

So let me know what you’ve been loving this month! I want to know!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I’m going to miss BirthMay so much! Getting to read a post from you every day was so awesome, but I realize from experience that it takes a lot out of a person to come up with that many posts, hahaha! I looove your Ravenclaw sweats; I need some HP pyjamas in my life! 😍 I haven’t gotten any Hufflepuff merchandise yet, but I really need to. Ahaha I misplace my headphones all the time. Glad you found yours. Also, those sandals are so cute!! Personally, I have to wear shoes with more support lol, but those are definitely adorable. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • I started missing BirthMay at the beginning of the week, I want to do it again next year!!! It was so much work but so much fun.
      I didn’t know you are a Hufflepuff! That’s so cool! They are so comfy and I love the pockets so much.
      Yeah I break headphones or lose them so often! I use them all the time so they break or I forget where I put them. πŸ˜‚
      Yeah I normally don’t wear sandals, but I can’t wear my comfy shoes to work, so I suck it up. I would live in boots and running shoes if I could!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah!! Hufflepuffs rock, haha πŸ˜‚ especially Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beasts! My headphones break since they aren’t made very well 😜 I should get better quality ones, hah. Priorities, I guess. You can’t wear comfy shoes to work?? That’s sad. Haha yes, boots and running shoes are awesome!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I ❀ the whole birth may concept, so fun and creative!
    Cute sandals and aww, what a sweet Chip! We use toms toothpaste, too – love it!
    Happy June (my birth month and Elizabeth’s, too!!) 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Valerie! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Haha the sandals are surprisingly comfy and my little Chip makes me so happy! Toms has such good products. I honestly didn’t expect that when I first tried them out but I was proven wrong.
      Happy June! When is yours and Elizabeth’s birthdays? She’s going to be a year, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, my birthday is tomorrow and Elizabeth’s is on the 26th. 😊 I got your card in the nail today, by the way – so glad the ipsy bag got to you alright! πŸ’•

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well happy early birthday to you!!! And to the lovely Miss Elizabeth! Yes, I love it so much, thank you! πŸ’– Can I give you a little shout out in my Wednesday post? I wanted to mention it and you. ☺️

        Liked by 1 person

      • Aww, that’s really nice! Sure, I don’t mind. 😊 And, by the way, if you decide to sign up for ipsy, there is no tax or shipping – I was really impressed by that. Just a flat $10. 😍

        Liked by 1 person

      • Wow, I did not know that! I had seen $10 and assumed that tax and shipping weren’t included in that. I’m impressed too! Might have to sign up!! πŸ˜€


      • And thanks! My aunt and uncle are coming over tomorrow which I’m really happy about as we rarely see them. 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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