Tag Me Tuesday! The SMILE Tag! – #BirthMay Day 30

Hi everyone! I’ve been nominated for the SMILE Tag! Doesn’t this tag sound so cute? I was nominated by the amazing Jamie, who has a great blog on beauty and lifestyle. Her SMILE Tag is linked and I recommend you check it out because it’s so cute!

Real quick, BirthMay is almost over! If you’re new, BirthMay is my month long blogging celebration of my birthday (May 12th). I’m going to miss it… It’s been fun! Tag Me Tuesday is when I do all my tags if I have any pending.

Back to the tag!

Rules (Copied from original post):

Ciarralorren, creator of The SMILE Tag, wants to see your smiles! If you are nominated for this tag (which I hope all of you are), then simply post a photo of yourself smiling! There really are no rules for this tag. You can post as many pictures with as many people as you’d like solely under the condition that you are smiling in the photo or looking back at the photo makes you smile! It’s really quite simply. If you’d like, also share the story or stories behind the photos you post to let your followers gain more of an insight of who you are and what makes you happy. Or don’t! It’s really up to you! !Truthfully, it doesn’t matter how you interpret this tag, so long as you spread joy and happiness around the Internet and in doing so within your own life. Let’s all be happy and share our smiles!

Did I pick too many photos? I don’t think so!  These are all pictures with my smile! Photos with my sister, on special days, on normal happy days, when I met people I admire, etc. Both my graduation and my sister’s graduation is on here. I also included a photo of myself with Sapphire, the horse I used to ride regularly when I decided I wanted to learn to ride a horse so I went and did just that. I also have a photo from when I studied abroad in Barcelona during college, a photo from the pool in Houston at my first work trip to an event, a photo from my work trip to Cleveland, and a few from my trip to Mexico last year! Oh and a few from a few times I’ve met some YouTubers and authors.

And photos that make me smile! An overwhelming majority of them seem to be at the theatre. This is why I keep saying I can’t move away from where I live now! I have so many musical theatre options! I also have photos of decor from around my room and home office, including little Chip! More photos from my trips and other nice memories for me. Musicals and travel seem to be dominating this group!

My nominees:

To all my nominees course, this is completely optional so if you don’t want to do it, already did it, or don’t have time, no worries! Just know that I love your blog and wanted to see your amazing smile! 🙂

And that’s the SMILE Tag! What makes you smile? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



  1. I was literally smiling through this whole post!! You have such an infectious gorgeous smile, and you’ve gotten to see, meet and do so much awesome stuff! I can’t believe you’ve met Hannah, Grace and Felicia!! That’s so awesome. I actually just loaned Buffering from the library and plan to read it after I finish After You 😀

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