A Day in the Life – A Six Flags Day! – #BirthMay Day 28

Hi everyone! I’m doing my very first day in the life post! How exciting! Today’s post will be all about my day yesterday at Six Flags Great America. Although summer hasn’t “officially” started, Memorial Day Weekend always seems to start off the season.

Oh and shout out to Maggie for requesting a day in the life post from me!

Before I go on, who’s sad that #BirthMay is coming to an end?? So #BirthMay is my month long celebration of my birthday which was on May 12th. I wanted to try blogging everyday and I thought BirthMay would be a cute name for it!

Back to my day!


My mom and I arrived at the park a little before noon I believe. There were no lines walking in, so we started off around the park. I had spent a better part of the morning reading a book (started and finished it all before I even got out of bed) and then had some food. I also had taken the time to write most of my blog post for tomorrow to try to get ahead a bit.


My mom and I passed by the Joker, the new ride at the park. We were meant to go the evening before, as Friday was a season pass holder exclusive but the problem was that it was raining so we decided not to go. I went into the single rider line to try and get in faster. It was faster but still took awhile. I forgot to time it but I think the regular line was probably around 90 minutes, and the single rider maybe took about half of that? I got placed with a lovely family, a dad and his two daughters (I’m guessing), from California! I had expected the ride to be a little faster so I was underwhelmed but it was still a good time. Excuse the rude trash can that decided to photo bomb.


The Joker is next to the Batman ride so my mom headed over there next. The line was a little long, about half hour or so. She did ride this one with me! It’s usually hit or miss if she rides.


Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the Goliath ride so here’s another photo of the theme around Batman. Anyway, I did get into the Goliath single rider line. It took maybe 5-10 minutes from when I got in the line to when I got on the ride. I was placed with a guy in a group of five. The group was a mix of high schoolers to maybe very early 20s. They seemed very young in their conversational topics anyway. But they were nice and the ride was awesome. I do love Goliath. If you look up photos the drop looks almost 90 degrees, and it’s funny because I can’t convince myself to let go until we’re at the top when it’s obvious that if I go flying out, my little hands won’t be able to hold me in, so why bother! This ride is fun and one of my favorites.


Afterwards my mom and I headed off again and found my mom’s favorite ride, X-Flight. I like it a lot too so we went into the line, probably a 30 minute or so wait. The theme for this one is a flight mission, and the tower is actually a decommissioned air traffic control tower from O’Hare International Airport (at least that’s what I’ve heard). While in line my sister, who had been volunteering that morning, arrived at the park! She went to get lunch at the food court that’s actually right across from X-Flight. Not only are the three of us season pass holders (gold level, so we get free parking and access to all Six Flags theme parks), but we also have the season dining pass (gold level, so we get lunch, dinner, and a snack with every visit and free drinks all season long).

We spend a small fortune at Six Flags for these passes but honestly we’re there so much it really pays off. Six Flags, sponsor me.

This ride seats in groups of two so my mom and I fit perfectly! We headed over to find my sister and helped her finish her lunch. We’re so nice.

We set off again and ended up at the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis ride. It’s a laser shooting game ride, so my mom also chose to come with us. The line was a long longer than we expected, probably an hour or so and the power actually went off while we were in line, almost at the front. Since we were so close we decided to continue to wait. The concept for this one is that Lex Luthor and the Joker have teamed up and kidnapped several members of the Justice League, so we have to go save them. The ride seats six, with three in each row, so again we fit perfectly! We were joined by two young boys and I was disappointed because I like to try to win and I always lose to the little boys riding.

The ride did seem to stop again while we were in the middle of it, but only for 30 seconds or so before it kept going. My sister and I have been on enough that we could tell the scene we were shooting at was going on longer than normal and when it finally did end we didn’t move forward for a bit. Other than that, I think my gun was defective because I lost. LOL.


We had planned to go back to the Joker so my sister could ride it as well but the Justice League took so much time we ended up skipping it and calling my dad to let him know we were heading home. He doesn’t like theme parks as much (scared of heights and roller coasters, of all things) so he had told us to call him when we were heading home so he could start the grill. I called and he said he’d already started so we picked up some funnel cakes for later and headed out. I don’t personally recommend this because it isn’t as good later but we weren’t able to eat it there because we were heading home for dinner.


This is how we transported the funnel cakes home. Since we each got one, we all stacked them up and my mom carried them home as my sister and I were driving our own cars home.


Oh! On the way out I heard an employee say he was giving away free snacks so you can bet I ran over, ditched my mom and sister to figure out where I’d gone to in a hurry and then they had to run to catch up and get their own snacks. I’m a great daughter/sister.


And with that we headed home as it was nearly six and we were promised food. I love to take photos of the six flags (haha get it?) at the front.

Also, what’s up with all these photo bombing trash cans?

And that’s my day! I didn’t get a single photo of my outfit or my face, oddly enough. Something to keep in mind for next time. Let me know if you enjoyed this type of post! It was fun although I probably could have taken more photos. This was a good first attempt though, I think.

What have you been up to this weekend? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Aww this is such a great Day in the Life post, Pamela! 😍 I loved getting to see another Six Flags park! I’ve only been to the one in Georgia so far, haha. Those photobombing trash cans rock lol!!! I’m so sad that Birthmay is coming to an end 😭😭 but I’ve enjoyed every post sooo much! My weekend has been uneventful, but still enjoyable! I spent time doing games with my family, working on blog posts, and we went out to dinner tonight. 😊 Have a great evening, Pamela! ❀

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Pamela, this was an awesome Day in the Life post! I love these, and what a day to pick! Those rides sound like fun, but I can’t deal with those waiting times. It’s all lead up to the thrill though πŸ˜€
    I’d love to see another one of these some day πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you Angela! Waiting times are the worst!!! I always go into the single rider line if I can because it’s usually much faster, but not always available. I love coasters but always get nervous in line and on the way to the top! πŸ˜… I’ll be sure to do another!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. How fun!! We haven’t been to Six Flags in a few years and I really miss it! I would love to have a season pass and go a bunch….maybe next summer we’ll do that! ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

    • I recommend!! It’s great because we don’t often have many places to go in the summer. I mean we do but nothing we want to do haha. Having six flags close by is awesome so we get the season pass and season dining so we just show up, play and eat, and then go home! πŸ˜€


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