How I Organize my Makeup! – #BirthMay Day 24

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to show how I organize my makeup! I had seen Emma’s post on her bedroom dressing table tour ages ago and wanted to do something similar!

I’m not going to go too much into the exact products I have but let me know if you are interested in a more in depth post on what I own and use or if you have any questions.

Real quick, #BirthMay is what I’m calling this month of daily blogging that I’m doing in celebration of my birthday! My birthday was May 12th but I’m still celebrating in my blog posts every day. I’m having so much fun with this! I seriously thought I’d be sick of blogging every day by now, but it’s the exact opposite, I’m loving the challenge of finding something new to blog about and now I’ve found a lot of daily bloggers and am constantly inspired by them and how hard they work. I’m going to miss BirthMay.

But back to makeup and my mad organization skills!


Starting with my dressing table, I found this great one at Bed Bath & Beyond a few years back and it’s perfect for me. I love the marble on top and I remember when I bought it at a discount because the box was a bit banged up so I worried that something would be broken. But it turned out to be perfect so it was quite a bargain for me! It’s located in my bedroom by my closest, and fits wonderfully.

On my table top I have a small box that holds all my everyday essentials, or at least all the items I reach for the most. I also have products that I want to try out or use up. I really need to go through that box again and switch out the products I have on there. I also always have whatever candle I’m burning in my room on the table and my monthly planner for my life. I don’t use it as often as I should though. Normally the little black vase is full of my makeup brushes but I took this photo after I had just washed them all so that’s why they’re missing.

To decorate it a bit I have a pale pink “P” and my mask I bought in Venice during my spring break trip when I studied abroad in Barcelona.


I don’t have a lot of storage with the table itself. The top drawer isn’t makeup related so I’m going to leave that off but I will show the cabinet. On the top shelf in the cabinet isn’t really make-up either actually. I keep a mini box of essentials such as lens wipes for my glasses, band-aids, tissues, upset travel tummy meds, and a bit of extra odds and ends. Next to it I also have bags of sewing materials and ribbons.

On the bottom shelf I have my nail polishes in the green basket. Behind it there is another basket like the top shelf’s full of cotton balls, stick on nails, and polish remover. On the side I keep batteries (for lack of another place to put them), lotion, and a spare candle that I had been using in my home office until I decided I wanted to use it in my room after my current one is up.


Moving on to the next part of my storage. I have two little stack-able bookshelves that I did stack up to fit into this little gap. I’ll go through each one of the shelves but I do want to replace this someday with drawers. I want the IKEA Alex Drawers but the closest IKEA is kind of hard to get to and I hate paying for shipping, so I don’t want to do that. Maybe someday! For now, these work just fine.


In my top basket I have makeup bags, most that I’ve gotten from gifts with purchases or as presents from friends and family. I have two Beauty and the Beast ones actually! Mostly they’re from Estee Lauder or Lancome but a few are from Sephora and Target as well.


The second basket is pretty empty right now because this is where I keep my product empties. I recently did a post on my empties so that’s why I only have two items in here for the next one.


My next shelf is my foundation and primer shelf. I have a little metal tray that’s split into compartments that I use to organize them a bit. I also have a random spray bottle full of water and I can’t quite remember why it’s full but it is so I should figure something out with that.


The next shelf is my powder and setting spray shelf, along with a Disney mug of more brushes. It’s looking a bit empty right now because most of my setting powders and sprays are on my table in the box.


The bottom shelf has a little drawer contraption of it’s own. The top one is for lipsticks that don’t fit in my main lipstick storage area (more on that later) or that I don’t like as much. Right now there’s only three, which is good because I’m a hoarder that needs to get rid of a lot of stuff.

The second one is full of eye liners and product sharpeners. I don’t know how I have so many because I actually don’t use eye liner often.

And the bottom is for eye brown products. I don’t use these often either so I have a more respectable amount.


And here’s where you’ll really see how much of a hoarder I am. I have a whole other bookcase just to hold my makeup. My top shelf is for jewelry/accessories and perfume so I won’t go into this one, although if you’re interested I have done a perfume collection post before.


Pardon the dust, but here’s the lipstick I keep in case I ever have a small army of friends that want me to do their makeup. I keep them kind of organized by brand with lipsticks in the front holder and then lip glosses or liquid lipsticks in the back one. The rest of the shelf is meant to hold the box from the table but I don’t often put it back because I need it every day so I could use this space for something else.


My bottom shelf has a larger 3 drawer contraption and a large acrylic organizer that’s split into 3 sections.


My drawers are full of products here. My top one is for highlighters, blushes, and bronzers. The middle is for mascara. And the bottom one is for single eye shadows or small palettes.


Almost done! My palettes are last. Well, actually the far left is single shadows that all came in a cute packages so I kept those in tact as well as some professional makeup brushes that I bought in a case in Mexico. Then the middle section is full of eye shadow palettes. I also have enough eye shadow for my small army of friends that I may or may not have someday. And the far right is for palettes as well but they’re mostly face palettes or multiple products. So they have eye shadow but also blush and perhaps a mascara and so on.

And that’s how I keep my makeup organized! I’d love to have a bit of a fancier set up but I am okay with how I have it now. It works for me and plus I do want to downsize my collection as I use up and don’t repurchase items so I don’t want to purchase items I won’t need later. Let me know what you keep on your dressing table and how you keep organized!

Thanks for reading!



    • Hahaha I have a weakness for lipsticks. They’re just all so beautiful! And thank you! I’m not usually that organized but I couldn’t find anything when it was all lumped together. Sheer necessity inspired this set up! πŸ˜…

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  1. Ahaha your empties basket is pretty empty right now, am I right? 😜 I loooove your dressing table area! It’s so cute, and all the colors go well together! You have great organization skills πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha it’s so empty for being a basket specifically for empties! πŸ˜‚ gotta use up more stuff! Thank you, I’m not super organized but this was necessary since I couldn’t ever find anything! πŸ˜…

      Liked by 1 person

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