Tag Me Tuesday! – Sunshine Blogger Award! 2, 3, & 4 – #BirthMay Day 16

Hi everyone! I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award again, not just once, but three more times! I was nominated by three amazing bloggers, Jamie from Don’t Give a Jam, Maggie from Dreaming of Guatemala, and Georgia from Student Makeup Struggles!

Real quick, the usual intros. Tag Me Tuesday is my weekly posts where I catch up on any tags, awards, challenges, etc. that my fellow bloggers so kindly tag me in! I’m still quite behind but catching up quickly since I’ve added Thursday editions for the month.

#BirthMay is my month long celebration of my birthday! My birthday was on the 12th but the celebrations are continuing in the form of a blog post every day this month.

One more not-so-quick note, I started getting ridiculous spam comments on my older posts and even on some of your comments as well from my more recent posts. This was incredibly annoying as they didn’t make sense to the posts, it wasn’t like it was a generic “nice post check out this link” it was some very strange and at times borderline offensive comments that had nothing to do with the content. I marked them all as spam and removed them but it started picking up anyway so I changed my comments restrictions. Now in order to comment you do need to be logged into WordPress and if you haven’t commented I have to approve it. I’m really quite annoyed by this and it sucks that I feel I have to “police” my comments but I really didn’t want the spam comments at all so for a little bit I’m going to leave the restrictions in and hopefully the spammers will go away. I do plan to remove them in a few days but if they start up again I’m going to leave them on.



  • Thank the person(s) who nominated you & link to their blog
  • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person(s) who nominated you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers to receive the award and write 11 questions for them
  • List the rules and display the award logo on your post and/or your blog

Jamie’s Questions & My Answers:

  1. What is one unpopular opinion you have?
    Hmmm at times it feels like my opinions are the popular opinion and then sometimes it feels like they’re unpopular. I think one of my most polarizing would probably be that I’m a feminist. Lots of misconceptions exist about this term. It means that I want equality regardless of gender. Some people don’t understand it or misunderstand so I do want to make sure I stress the equality part!
  2. If people start moving to Mars, are you going?
    The opportunity to go to space?? Yeah! SIGN ME UP! I’m the kind of person that it would break my heart to give up everything that I still want to do on Earth and miss anyone that I love that wouldn’t go with me but I couldn’t say no to that adventure.
  3. What’s your favorite sandwich?
    Italian. It makes for a great calzone as well.
  4. If you could live in a movie, which would you choose?
    Harry Potter. For sure, Harry Potter.
  5. What’s your go-to snack?
    Usually candy…
  6. If you could turn into an animal, which animal would you be?
    Probably a bird. I am not too familiar with bird types so I don’t know which one exactly. Maybe a bald eagle or something since they look so majestic. And AMERICA.
  7. Coffee or tea?
    Tea. Coffee makes my heart go BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM and my brain go DANGERDANGERDANGERDANGER. Tea is the much safer option. Although I do love coffee.
  8. What’s your favorite go-to outfit?
    I always wish I had a more fancy go-to outfit but honestly it’s jeans, a cozy sweater, and converse. My handbag is always fancy though and looks out of place!
  9. Do you have any guilty pleasures? Share one!
    Do I ever! I love watching HGTV. I don’t get the channel at home but when I was in Houston last month for work I had a blast watching it one night. I know, it’s rich people complaining about how they’re spending so much money for a house they don’t consider perfect but I love it.
  10. Who’s your favorite tv show character?
    Hands down Leslie Knope. I have been compared to her often and I take it as a compliment. We work relentlessly hard for what we believe in and want to work to better the world around us.
  11. If you got abducted by aliens, what would you ask them first?
    Hmmmm I think my plan to get un-abducted would be to annoy the aliens so I would just ask “why?” over and over again. Either that or “where’s the bathroom?” and try to escape through the window. Wow for being all for going to Mars I apparently could care less about aliens.

Maggie’s Questions & My Answers:

  1. What is your all-time favorite TV show and why?
    Parks and Recreation! This is my go-to tv show when I want to watch something. I don’t watch a lot of tv as I find it really boring usually but this is one I’ll never get tired of.
  2. Do you collect anything?
    No, I feel like I have a personality that would become obsessed with it and I would become a hoarder with it.
  3. What are few songs that you’ve been loving to listen to lately?
    I’ve been super obsessed with the Hamilton cast recording and I’ve been enjoying the entire album. Quite honestly, I listen to little else.
  4. How do you blog – careful planning and following a schedule, or on a whim?
    Mostly careful planning. I plan my posts typically at the end of the month for the next month. But I always remind myself to be flexible about it so that I don’t feel like I can’t change things around or write about something else.
  5. Why did you name your blog what you did?
    I actually had the name long before I started my blog. I remember I was trying to find a name for my instagram and twitter so I could have the same on both. I had previously had two different names on them. At the time I was in college and convinced that I would create my own movies somehow (I went through a few “I found a potential career” phases) and star in them (naturally) so I went with “StarringPamela”. Then when it was time to name my blog, the name stuck.
  6. Have you ever met any famous people? How and where did you meet them?
    Yeah! Not like movie stars or anything. I’ve met a few YouTubers. Hannah Hart (twice!), Grace Helbig (twice!), and Felicia Day. I’ve also met a few authors. I’ve met Veronica Roth (the Divergent series and Carve the Mark) and Jeremy McCarter (Hamilton: The Revolution aka the “Hamiltome”). Oh and I met Jesse Jackson who is a civil rights activist. A friend and I were in the Student Affairs office when he came through (one of the offices were being used as his green room) before he spoke at the school. I think that’s it.
  7. Do you wear glasses or contacts?
    Both! I have terrible vision so I need them to see. I have glasses but they’re really heavy and fall of my face a lot (lesson learned, don’t get huge frames), so I mostly wear my contacts. I have the one use contacts and it’s a relief not to have to bother with contact solution!
  8. What’s your favorite place to shop for clothes? What was the last thing you bought there?
    Loft. I get pretty much most of my wardrobe from there. I honestly can’t remember the last thing I bought there because I haven’t bought anything in awhile (I’m on a self imposed shopping ban). Probably jeans though. I go through them so fast!
  9. Who’s your favorite Disney animal sidekick?
    Oooooo! I’m going to go with Belle’s horse, Phillipe. Yeah, he can’t talk but he’s a horse so that’s my pick!

Georgia’s Questions & My Answers:

  1. What’s your favourite thing to do in your down time?
    I like to read! Usually books but also blogs. Oh and I watch an unhealthy amount of YouTube.
  2. Tell us about your favourite blog right now?
    I don’t know if I could ever pick just one! How about I say my favorite type of blog? Lately I’ve been reading more personal blogs and they’re really cool to read!
  3. How long have you been blogging for?
    I’ve been blogging since November 2015.
  4. What’s your favourite thing about your home town?
    Hmmmm I don’t like my home town that much actually! I guess my favorite thing is that we have a train station that can take me straight into Chicago downtown. I don’t like driving into Chicago because it’s so crazy but I can brave the train.
  5. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
    This changes for me every day it seems! Right now it would be Disney World. I have four things on my Disney wish list. 1) Mickey ears. 2) Hermione’s wand. (Technically Universal Studios but I’m not making a separate wish list.) 3) Be Our Guest. 4) Go around the world in Epcot!

My Questions:

  1. What is your favorite hairstyle?
  2. Do you have a hobby you’ve never tried but always wanted to?
  3. When you plan your dream vacations, what do you look for?
  4. What’s your favorite video game?
  5. Do you have a favorite type of post you like to write?
  6. Where’s the most interesting place you’ve been?
  7. What are you smelling right now?
  8. Do you normally eat breakfast and, if so, what do you typically eat?
  9. What is your favorite season and why?
  10. Do you talk about your blog often to people you know?
  11. What is one thing you can’t leave home without (besides the obvious phone/wallet/keys)?

My Nominees:

  1. Elsie
  2. Stella
  3. Alex
  4. Angela
  5. Emma
  6. Georgia
  7. Ella
  8. Natalie
  9. Kali
  10. Morgan
  11. Georgina

To my nominees, if you’re too busy or have already done this award, or don’t feel like doing it for any reason, no worries! Just know that I love your blogs and wanted to nominate you. If you do decide to do it, I can’t wait to read your answers!

And that’s the Sunshine Blogger Award. Thank you again Maggie, Jaime, and Georgia for your nominations!

Thanks for reading!



  1. Thank you so much for thinking of my blog and nominating me!! Spam messages really annoy me! I get alerted those spam messages and get worried thinking my phone has sent it to someone’s blog somehow but then I realize its someone who wasn’t even in on the conversation and it doesnt make sense 😂 it’s like what is even the point of spam when it is known that no one will reply? 😂 Your “if you got abducted by aliens question” answer was so funny 😂 I can’t wait to answer your questions! 😄💗

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can’t wait to read your answers! Yeah, it was just getting to be too much so I had to stop the messages from getting through. I don’t know what the point is either!!! Hahaha glad you enjoyed that one! It was the only thing I could think of to be un-abducted 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much for answering my questions, Pamela!! 😍 Haha addictions can be quite dangerous; I’ve had to downside my little collections over the years. Spam comments are just the worst! A week or two ago, I had over 200 spam comments that showed up one morning…and I had to go through all of them to make sure there weren’t any real commenters stuck in there, haha! I also got one commenter that bashed me quite stupidly by saying, in three separate comments, “shut up, f___, you’re not funny.” It was horrid!!! 😂 and completely random! I couldn’t believe it didn’t get spammed. Real comments do, but that one didn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was so much fun Maggie! Haha your questions were fun to answer! I can’t believe you got that many! I got maybe 35 before I changed the comments setting. It seems to have stopped it but it was so annoying! I can’t believe that they don’t get caught. The comments didn’t have anything to do with the posts. Sorry you got a mean one!! I got one that was so strange, it basically said “so and so, is this the right blog we’re supposed to protest” or something!! As long as it stops though I’m planning to remove the restrictions. I just want real comments only!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thirty-five is a bit more tolerable than well over 200 – you’re lucky, hahaha! Yeah that unkind spam comment was from some random, anonymous-type person, not someone with a legitimate blog, which is better than knowing some random blogger out there bashed me, lol. Hahaha “the right blog we’re supposed to protest”!! 😂 I’ve gotten some insane and pretty funny spam comments over the months, but that one’s pretty great. Recently, I’ve been getting comments from a guy named “where can I buy gold”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hahahaha yeah! I read it, literally laughed out loud, and then marked it as spam. 😂 Omg I might have to turn it on again later and see what else I get! But I don’t want 200!


  3. And America – hahaha! Love it 😂 My comments have been wonky too – almost everything was going to spam but weird ones were coming through. I had to change my permissions as well and have to approve comments now. I don’t know what happened but it is annoying!! Thanks for the shout out 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahaha glad you enjoyed it! Literally I know so few bird so I figured I might as well be the good looking patriotic one 😂 yeah I changed everything now so I have to approve. I wasn’t happy about that because I don’t want people to think I don’t want them to comment but I don’t want spam!! And you’re welcome! I just love your blog! Your stories always make me laugh!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations Pamela! I think being compared to Leslie Knope is the highest honour possible! She is incredible, and I aspire to her level of optimism and determination 😀
    Also, thank you for the nomination! You’re so sweet! I will answer them in another little bonus round post soon 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congrats, honey!! HAHA coffee makes my heart boom to, but only after the third cup. Where do the spam comments come from? It has never happened to me. So annoying.There’s no LOFT in Portugal but if there were it would be too expensive for me. I’ve just checked the online store and 60 something euros for a top is very expensive. I usually pay 20€ max for a top. And I try to get it on sale first lol

    Liked by 1 person

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