Happy Mother’s Day! – #BirthMay Day 14

Hi everyone! Happy mother’s day to all the moms out there! I myself am not a mother to either human offspring or fur babies but I do have my own mother!

She will not let me put photos of her on my social media or my blog, but everyone tells me I look like her all the time. That’s very nice to hear.


Really quickly, #BirthMay is my month long blogging plan for May in celebration of my birthday!

Fun story, in 1991 Mother’s Day in the US (second Sunday of the month) was May 12th. So I was born on Mother’s Day! Three years later Mother’s Day fell on May 8th, so my sister was also born on Mother’s Day! The poor doctor couldn’t spend Mother’s Day with his mommy because of us but we gave our mom the most awesome presents so she didn’t complain.

Anyway, since she’s been a mom for 26 years, I figured I’d write 26 things I love about my mommy!

  1. She’s the most amazing mom in the entire world!
  2. On various occasions she’s gone with me to see musicals that she has no desire to see herself. She even went to see The Book of Mormon with me. That’s not her type of humor at all!
  3. She plans the most amazing surprises for me. Last summer when we went to Mexico together she surprised me by planning a secret trip to Acapulco! It just so happened that her sister had been planning a trip that weekend anyway and we got to tag along!
  4. She’s constantly excited for my projects, such as my blog or if I start a new book.
  5. Above all, she’s the real reason that I loved school and grew so passionate about education. She always told me education came first and never let me forget that. Oh, and she was so involved she never missed a parent-teacher conference!
  6. She will work hard to achieve her goals. She learned to drive and went back to school for her GED after taking night classes.
  7. She was a very successful business woman in her own way. When I was in school she would babysit the neighborhood children until their parents came home from work.
  8. Despite it being out of her comfort zone she did get involved with my school activities such as sports and band fundraisers.
  9. She tells me I’m pretty alllllll the time! Talk about confidence booster!
  10. Every so often she surprises me with presents.
  11. She doesn’t hesitate when an adventure is presented!
  12. I can always count on her for a story. A very long rambly story but a story nevertheless.
  13. She makes really yummy food!
  14. In addition to musicals she’s also been known to come with me to meet YouTubers when I’ve gone to book signings in the past.
  15. On occasion I can have desert before dinner!
  16. She’ll always make a stop into the Disney store, Sephora, or the book store with me.
  17. She stops me from spending money at the aforementioned stores.
  18. When it’s nice out she’ll also join me for a walk!
  19. She always has change which is great for when we go to the library (every Thursday after work) and I find a book or two that I want in the Book Sale section.
  20. I hate doing laundry because I forget I’m doing laundry and if I do she usually moves my clothing around for me.
  21. When I occasionally chose to eat healthy she’ll get healthy food and snacks.
  22. She helps me pick out my outfits all the time!
  23. She decided that I needed a sibling and then no more than that. I love my sister and she’s plenty!
  24. I can always get a hug from her. Usually because I’m faster so she can’t run away from cuddle time.
  25. She cuts up fruit everyday for my breakfast!
  26. I know that no matter what, she’s always there as my biggest supporter and #1 fan!

And there we go, 26 reasons why I love my mom!

Let me know one reason why you love your mom! And if you’re a mom, what’s the best thing about being a mom?

Thanks for reading!



  1. This is such a sweet list! ❤ I can really relate to numbers 5 and 19, I think they were – I love education so much because of how my mom has taught me, and she is a lifesaver at library book sales. I never have enough on me!

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