My Dream Living Room! #BirthMay Day 13

Hi everyone! Today I’m showing you my dream living room!

I am taking inspiration from Arhaus, a company that makes beautiful home furniture and decor, for this post.

Really quick before I continue, my birthday was yesterday but the celebration continues for me all month as I’m blogging everyday! Yes, I take my birthday really seriously! I’m calling it #BirthMay because I thought it was cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

Having imagined my dream home and its many rooms (I even have a secret library!) many times I thought this would be a piece of cake. However all the beautiful furniture had me going back and forth quite a bit! Plus, I don’t have my own house nor have I ever really bought furniture before on my own, so my imagination was going wild!

For my dream living room specifically, I would want it to be beautiful and functional. I want to be able to show it off but also use it as a space to relax or to work from.

First up, all the furniture!


Starting with the sofa, I absolutely loved the Garner three piece sectional in “team mineral”. I knew immediately that I wanted a dark grey sofa so I was happy to see this one did come in the color, although I believe you can customize most of their sofas to a color you like. Arhaus will mail you swatches if you’re ordering custom and want to see what the color will look like.

One other thing that I really liked about this sofa was that under the product details one of the points was that that frame is hand-painted and the wood is certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. The foam in the cushions is listed as eco-friendly.


I picked the coffee table next, and chose the Palmer Nesting Coffee Table Set in “bali brown”. I really liked it because when I work I like to spread everything out, but when relaxing I want everything put away and as clean as possible.

I was happy to find plenty of options without drawers. I once watched a YouTube video about how having drawers will actually encourage more mess because you can just rely on pushing it into the drawers. Yikes! I wanted to avoid that so I chose the table without drawers. I imagine I’d put a little fake plant on there and probably one or two books. Leave me good coffee table book recommendations! I’ll start a “My Dream Coffee Table Books” list!

img_5384I also selected the Palmer Nesting End Table Set in “bali brown” to match the coffee table. I though about picking a different style but I really liked the idea of having matching furniture throughout the living room. On these I would likely put more plants in nice vases or leave them nested, only put a vase on the tallest, and take them out if they’re needed.

The wood for this color on both the coffee table set and the end table set comes from mango wood from Indonesia, and it’s only harvested when the trees are fully grown and no longer produce fruit that can be sold. It is also hand-sanded in Indonesia as well.

img_5382I then went back and selected a recliner as well for my dream living room. I think I would get at 1-2 depending on the exact size of the living room. Probably 2 because I always imagine the room to be massive. It is in the Easton Upholstered Tufted Recliner in “elmont ink”.

The recliner has the same eco-friendly foam and the upholstery is handcrafted by American furniture artisans. It looks so comfortable and I would love to add some throw blankets and pillows to them. But more on that later!

img_5385From there I moved onto another key component of a living room, the media console! I wanted something simple, but then I found this one and I had to pick it. I chose this Baumann Media Wall Unit in “ashland brown”.

To start, the console has two bookshelves on either side! I know my dream house will have a library but I wanted to have books in my living room as well. And not just on the coffee table! In addition to books I imagine I would also have candles, any coasters that I have surely collected, and a little tea tin as well so I don’t have to go all the way to my dream kitchen to make some. It’s not that far, but it’s far enough that I’d keep a stash here too.

img_5388This next photo is a different wood but the unit is the same. I wanted to show it with the middle part open as well.

As you can see, there’s a sizable section here for the TV and some drawers as well. I would likely keep any movies organized here either in the drawers or on the shelves. In the drawers I’d also like to keep any extra blankets that I didn’t want to leave out.

This wall unit is made out of American grown oak wood and it’s stated that it is in adherence to global environmental policies. That is very nice to hear because it’s beautiful furniture, enhanced by the fact that the company is social conscious!

img_5386Continuing with the shelves, I also selected this Athens Library in “cigar brown”. I would probably have two of these in my living room full of books.

At first I thought that the ladder was purely decorative but after reading the details I found that the ladder rungs actually are reinforced and are able to support up to 200 pounds. It’s also in compliance with American ladder standards. So not only does it look good, it’s also fully functional! I really like that and I would definitely keep a good amount of my vintage books and more informational books on this elegant unit.

img_5389And then just to provide a bit more seating I went back and selected this Butler Tufted Upholstered Rectangle Ottoman with trays in “vale platinum”. It’s a bit lighter than I wanted but it does have a customize option.

It is another eco-friendly item and I liked that the trays can be moved about. I do like to snack when I work so if I was writing a blog post I would love to use them for food. I remember I had really liked having an ottoman in my hotel room in Houston so I wanted to include one here!

I’ll try to go faster now since I know this is getting pretty long. I selected a floor lamp as I actually didn’t want table lamps. I also picked out a dark grey rug as well for the sofa area.

The throw blankets I wanted! Keeping with they grey theme. And adding a ton of cozy points into the equation!


Next, I went a bit crazy with the throw pillows. I basically decided here that I wanted to add blue to the room, as everything is pretty neutral I want my decor to add color. Blue is the winner here!

I also selected curtains and paint in a silver-grey color as well.

And the vases I selected! The bell jar reminded me of Beauty and the Beast and I’m super close to actually buying it! Then I continued to find look for blue and chose this one because it reminded me of a dragon egg or something cool like that!

I then picked out some wall art. I love peonies and there was an x-rayed peony print that I liked. The next two I picked because of the maps. The first is a world map in 6 frames, the second is a map of Chicago, where I’m from (well the suburbs).

And that’s my dream living room! Thank you to Arhaus for the inspiration and idea. Fun story, my parents are constantly falling asleep in the living room so having a cozy space where I could potentially nap is important to me! I get my inspiration from them as well!

What does your dream living room look like? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!



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