Houston OOTD!

Hey everyone! As promised, I’m going to show off all my outfits from Houston. I was there for 8 days and worked each day I was there except for the last, when I flew out.

Day 1: Travel/Onsite Set Up & Pool Time!


I wore a Liz Claiborne sweater for the plane, Loft jeans, and my Adidas running shoes.

This was a great outfit because it was comfy, warm, and easy to move around in. Since I went straight to the hotel after arriving and then ran straight out to the convention center it was a perfect for the busy day!

Since we got out early I ran to the hotel pool! Remember, Texas-shaped lazy river!

I got my swim suit bottom, black swim shorts, at Target. The top is a pink halter top from JC Penny. My swim suit cover up also from JC Penny and my flip flops are Calvin Klein from Macy’s.

Day 2: More Set Up & Afternoon Off!


The next day was more set up so I put on a navy blue top from Loft along with my jeans and sunglasses with my running shoes again. We weren’t open so I was also able to dress down a bit and we were done by noon!


After work a coworker and I decided to find food and since I had been at the pool all afternoon I showered and got dressed. I basically just put another top on, also from Loft.

Day 3: First Day of Registration!


The next day the registration desk was open! My top and pants are both Loft and the shoes are Dr. Scholls from Burlington Coat Factory. My boss complimented my shirt and I complimented hers so we joked we needed to switch at some point! The shrug is from Target.

Day 4: More Registration!


For the next day I took an even blurrier photo! I wore a salmon cardigan and black pants from Loft. My black shirt is from Target and my black shoes with a bit of a heel areΒ Lifestride from Burlington Coat Factory.

Day 5: Even more registration!


Another shirt that got a compliment! This one is also from Loft along with the pants. I don’t recall where the grey cardigan is from but I want to say it’s from Ross.

Day 6: Some more registration!


Another shirt from Loft and a long black cardigan from Target.

Day 7: Last day of registration! & Worked out!


And for the last day I wore another Loft top with the black shrug. (Loft, sponsor me already!) I realize that most of my clothing is from Loft.


I did go to the gym at the hotel, in an effort to be healthy! I wore an orange Nike shirt and Gap pants. I also had my running shoes, of course.

Day 8: Travel home!


The next morning I was up and out of the room by 5am so I forgot to take a photo but I did lay out the outfit I wore! I had a pair of black yoga pants (don’t remember from where though) and a grey sweater from Target.


And here’s a closer look at my shoes! I had already had the flip flops but I had gone shopping before my trip specifically for new shoes. I wanted comfortable shoes and managed to find two pairs at the first store I went to! I had thought it would take me at least five stores because my feet are so picky but they felt really good in the store.

The striped shoes were the most comfortable! I was very surprised because flats usually hurt my feet. In fact the black shoes were the ones that rubbed the most so I didn’t wear them as much as I thought. I think they might just need a bit more breaking in than I thought because the back of my heel always gets cut open with new shoes!

And those are my outfits! Let me know which was your favorite and let me know if you think my Loft obsession is a problem.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh, you have such great style! I definitely think that Loft should be sending you free stuff right about now, lol!
    I really like the floral shirts from day two and five! And the workout outfit. 😊 You rock for working out, by the way!!

    Liked by 1 person

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