My April Favorites!

Hi everyone! This month really flew by! I feel like most of it was focused on Houston, probably because it basically was. I didn’t try too many new beauty products because I was traveling and wanted to take the best products I had. But I have a ton of other favorites to share!



I have a nice but minimal make up look in Houston. I wore my Marc Jacobs Re(Marc)able foundation over my Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. Another favorite was my Besame Brightening Powder. When I was starting later I would take the time to add a bit more powder and do more to my face and everyone (well the ladies anyway) showered me with compliments! Every time I wear this powder I get so much praise. I highly, highly recommend this one!


Skin Care

There were so many goodies in the hotel room but I didn’t really use them all. Really the only one I used was the hand wash, Thane orange & tangerine. It smelled amazing! I want to look for it and see if I can get more. I love my current peony scented hand soap but I love orange scented products too. I took my own body wash (which I really didn’t have to) but it was so nice! I had the Lancome Savon Fraichelle Invigorating Body Cleansing Gel. I had had this travel sized version for a really long time, probably from a gift with purchase and I just kept it in hopes that I’d be able to use it someday for travel. Fun story, I was supposed to take this to Mexico when I went last year but I forgot to pack it! Luckily I did get to use it in the end.


I’m including this bag in this post since I don’t think I took a photo of it with my outfits last week! I had a small Guess side bag with me for when I was working and going about the city. I took a larger bag for the plane journey as my personal item but this bag was the one I used the most. It fit my badge, credit card, phone charger and backup batter, as well as a few other random goodies like my lipstick, band-aids, and presents from teams attending the event I was working at.

“I’m Sick. This Sucks.” Meds – aka Health

I got a cold on the flight back from Houston. It was pretty brutal and I was so annoyed because I already got the flu this year, now I got the cold in the same season? I have always gotten the flu at least once a year but then I went a few years where I managed to avoid it. Then it started up again… But I went to Walgreens and bought Wal-Fu which is a powder you mix with boiling water to make a sort of tea that has medicine. There’s a daytime (“wakey wakey meds”) version and a night time (“sleepy sleepy meds”) version. (As you can see, I’m a baby when I get sick.) Same thing with the Cold & Flu pills as well. I took the pills mostly during the day and the tea at night before bed. I didn’t take a picture of them because they’re living in my bag but I also got the Ricola Honey & Lemon Cough Drops which I was taking like candy for my sore throat. (I don’t have any nickname for these but I’m willing to take suggestions!)

Luckily by mixing all of these and plenty of sleep I was able to recover in after three days. I feel perfect now!



The O’Hare Light Tunnel! I finally found it! I usually travel through International Terminal 5 so I hadn’t seen this before. Last time I traveled domestically I did go through Terminal 1 but didn’t pass the light tunnel as my gate was in the opposite direction of where the the tunnel is in Concourse B. This time I flew out of Concourse B again and didn’t know I was so close to it until it was nearly time to board! But when I flew in I arrived in Concourse C of Terminal 1 and had to pass through the tunnel to leave. I took a quick photo before heading out. I’m putting it up on my Instagram (StarringPamela) tomorrow so you get a sneak peak!

Starbucks Drink


My favorite drink this month was the famous Unicorn Frappuchino! My new friend Ressa and I got them while in Houston and used our break for a nice photo shoot. This is actually her picture but she’s much better at this than I am so she kindly let me use her photo. I can’t wait to meet up with her again when I visit Houston next! I loved getting to know her and her city!

So those are my favorites this month! A little all over the place, but that’s just how this month worked out. Thank you so much for dealing with my late posts. I normally post around 4pm CST and have been posting around 7-10pm CST due to my work schedule last week and my cold this week.

I plan to be on time from now on and Friday’s post will be my OOTD Houston post I’ve been promising! (Cheila, that post is totally going to be dedicated to you since you requested it!)

What about you? What have you been loving this month? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Have you done a review on the Smashbox primer? I’m looking for a primer but I need recommendations. Happy May! May it bring only health your way! XO

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    • Hahaha it was a really surprising month for me. I totally went into it worried I wouldn’t have fun things planned and the month would drag. Now we’re in May and I still can’t believe it!

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