My Trip to Houston! – Part 2

Hello everyone! So today will be the last few days of my Houston work tript! Well quite frankly I didn’t do much the last two days, I was working! I really could have had it all in one post but my trip hadn’t been over yet I did have to split it to two.

So picking up where I left off, my day by day Houston adventure!


I got to come into work late! We were not very busy so I got to sleep in a bit before heading over. Unfortunately that did mean I missed breakfast but I did grab lunch! (Provided by the client.)

I worked until late so I really did not do much at all in Thursday. I did go down to the hotel bar to hang out with a few coworkers before they left the next day. I was one of the few that were staying until the end of the event.

I should add here that I got to know another person! I forgot to ask her permission to add her name so I’ll leave it out but she followed my blog so if you’re reading this, shout out to you!

This new friend just recently started at the company and I loved having her around because she was always up for an adventure. Starbucks? She came with! Lunch or dinner time? She said “sign me up!” It was great having her around!

She works in my office so luckily I get to see her unlike some of my their new friends who are either our temps from Houston (they were amazing) or the other people from my company who worked the event (most from Maryland). Or even the clients I got to know! (They’re from everywhere!)


This was the last day for a ton of people and, again, I got to start late! It was amazing being able to sleep in although if I’m being honest, I could tell I was getting sick. I chose to power through it and it worked!

Friday was another easy day, we watched some of the competition from our computers when we weren’t helping people and I tried not to take work from the temps. I don’t like not doing anything though so it was tough! I believe this was also the day there was a concert for the event at Discovery Green (park in front of my hotel and the convention center) but I had no interest. Or maybe that was Wednesday? The days blur together!

I left a little early on Friday and got to watch two competitions live! It was really exciting to watch! There was so much going on and the game the robots participated in was really cool! They had a few task including shooting balls into a two possible goals to get points, transporting gears to players on structures in the area to use to spin the turbines, and then the robots had to climb a rope to make a lamp light up! If you have the chance this week, you should check it out. The competition is in St. Louis this week but it’s the same game. I’ll leave the link below.

FIRST Championship Live Stream

The client didn’t ask me to share it, I just thought it was cool!

Then I went to my room once the day was done and wrote my blog post, the part one of this series! If you missed it, check it out here!


Saturday I once again started late and headed down to the convention center. By the time I got there half the computers were already put away! We operated with about half of the staff as well and even though it was the weekend it was manageable. All the teams had already arrived so it was just the spectators which were usually 1-4 people at a time.

I had a lovely lunch where I met a couple from Arkansas (who love Chicago!) and the husband’s parents from Houston who had been watching their three children compete. I also a nice lady from the board of directors from North Carolina (I believe) and we had a nice chat about how awesome it was to see kids so passionate about this competition.

That day brought a lot of people out of pure curiosity as well. There was a family that came in after doing a family 5k run, many people who just “live down the street” from the convention center, and so many parents bringing their kids (boys and girls) because the kiddos were focused on seeing robots!

I can’t be sure exactly what day this next story happened on because the days kinda blur together but I did meet a cute guy who plays flute in the Houston Symphony! That was cool! Also met a lady from NASA!


Oh, and I got presents! The teams gain points when they win the games, of course, but they also apparently get points for things like their team spirit or their uniforms. No wonder so many of the teams were dressed funny! The coaches/mentors, the kids, and the families would all show up in matching colors or t-shirts, or even hats or hairstyles! They also would bring presents to give out. I got a little packet of Turkish coffee from two girls from Turkey and they also gave me a soap shaped like a pear, I got a key chain of the Chilean flag from a team from Chile, and I got a bracelet from a team from Israel (which I did wear all day)! These kids are incredibly sweet and talented, I am so lucky I was able to help with this event!

Eventually the center closed and all that was left were the onsite team from my work. Everyone else had gone to Minute Maid Park, the baseball stadium down the street, to see the closing ceremonies and the temps went home after many hugs and handshakes. I helped take apart and pack all the remaining computers and it was obvious which cables had been the ones I tied up! But I did my best haha.

After we finished tearing down we all headed out to our hotel. The three remaining people, besides myself, went to the pool bar I believe but I went to work out! I got a view of the baseball stadium and I had hoped to hear from my treadmill but that didn’t happen. Yes, was there! Apparently he and the founder of the competition/organization that holds the competition, are buddies so he regularly stops by at the events. Fun story, I got to make his badge! Am I actually familiar with the artist? Not really, I just know he was or is in the Black Eyed Peas but still pretty cool!


Oh! I ordered room service for the first time! I realize I could have made a better picture but I was so hungry I didn’t bother and just snapped a photo so I could eat! I learned I like Dijon mustard and the fries were delicious. So was the turkey BLT sandwich (hard to get that wrong!) and the brownie was a little much but good overall. I watched a ton of the Office afterwards while I packed and then went to bed.



Time to go home! The four remaining onsite crew rose to leave the hotel at 5am. We hopped in a taxi and went to the airport. They were all heading to Maryland but we had flights around the same time. I, of course, got a Starbucks and actually felt a little more sick as I boarded the plane. I had a window seat and while that’s usually my preference I was actually feeling a little anxious, probably because I was worried I’d be sick and not be able to get out of my seat. I put on Singin’ In the Rain though and that chased all the anxiety away! Such a beautiful movie! I was torn between that one, Moana, La La Land, and a few others but totally made the right choice! My seat neighbor slept most of the ride and instead of typing up this post I just watched the movie. (Which is why it’s so late.) Luckily I also had an in-seat charger so I charged my phone at the same time.


The last half hour was brutal though. My nose started running, my tummy was upset, my head was feeling stuffed. I was sick… I also got kinda lost in the airport and had to ask how to get out! I did manage to find the light tunnel though! Haha I was found by my sister in the end and we all headed home. Well first we headed to get tacos and then home. I managed to eat three tacos (my first meal of the day) and then got home and unpacked. Then I accidentally napped most of the afternoon! I did give my parents their presents (Texas key chains!) and got my belated Easter candy and that was that! My trip was officially over and I was home!

So that’s that! Thanks for following along with me on my trip! I know this post is kinda long and crazy but I’m soooo sick and I can’t think as clearly. I’m drinking sleepy sleepy tea and going to bed in hopes that I feel better tomorrow.

Oh! One last thing. During the week I worked closely with one of the clients. She was incredibly sweet today and sent me a nice little email thanking me for helping her and telling me she hoped I would join them again next year! I felt so happy when I saw it because I honestly hadn’t expected it. She’d thanked me various times throughout the week, including really quickly on Saturday when she was getting off the elevator and I was getting on. I told her I hoped I would and smiled the rest of the day! Through the coughs and nose blowing of course.

So let me know what your favorite part of my trip was! So far I think it was the Texas lazy river for everyone? That was pretty amazing! For me it was so many moments and I know I forgot some. My time with my new friend Ressa was also amazing and meeting so many people from my company that I hadn’t met before was special. And of course, the email from the client!

Okay I’ll stop rambling. I will have a Tag Me Tuesday up tomorrow unless the plague gets worse but it will likely be late as well because I’m going to bed now instead of writing it! I normally write Sundays but I spent it traveling and sleeping so I’m super behind now! I do hope you’ll forgive me.

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really enjoyed reading all about your time in Houston! The whole event sounds like it went great. ^_^
    I’m so sorry it ended with sickness, though! 😦 Big (((hugs))), I hope you’re feeling better now. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it Valerie! It was so much fun and a great adventure for me. 🙂 I really do hope I get to go again next year.
      I am feeling much better now, thank you!! It wasn’t the best way to end the trip but worth it I guess!

      Liked by 1 person

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