My Trip to Houston! – Part 1

Hey guys! I have so much to share with you so I figured I’d get started! I’m splitting this post up into two parts because my whole trip isn’t finished yet and I have so much already.

Here we go!


Sunday was a travel day for me as well as a work day! I flew from Chicago to Houston in the morning and then checked into my hotel room at the Marriott Marquis around noon. From there I went across the skywalk connecting the hotel and the convention center to start working! I soon got started with setting up all the computers. Everyone else had arrived before me but I catch on quickly so it wasn’t a problem.

We got out really early and then went to lunch at a restaurant nearby called Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen. I actually ordered a grilled chicken salad and it was good but it took so long to come out! Apparently the waiter brought out a salad but there was no grilled chicken on it (it was behind me, a coworker told me after he left saying my food would be out soon) so by the time I got my food everyone else was almost finished! So awkward! We bumped into a few people from the client and they joined us as well.

Afterwards I went to the pool and enjoyed that for a bit before heading back to my room! It was kinda crowded but I loved the Texas shaped lazy river! It’s not that lazy actually, so it was kinda tiring!


On Monday I worked a bit more in the morning and we finished setting up. When all was done with set up I got to print my badge! I’m in town for the FIRST Robotics Championship event in Houston. Really smart kids build robots and it’s super awesome!

We got out super early and had lunch at Pappasito’s Cantina at the Hilton Americas nearby. It was really good and the service was good as well! We then walked to a local amazing grocery store, Phoenicia Specialty Foods. I loved it! There’s a lot of healthy and foreign food there as well as a bar actually.

Once we got back I hung out at my hotel room for a bit. I do regret that I didn’t use this time to get a Lyft and go to the Space Center, so I’ll have to do that next time I’m in Houston! After realizing that I would have to limit my time at the museum to only 1 hour I decided to instead go to the pool as it was likely my last opportunity to use it. Originally the group I was working with planned to go to a baseball game but I wasn’t really interested and a coworker and I instead tried to find dinner. We walked all over downtown to end up in front of the ball park anyway. I forgot the name of the bar we found but it was good and the staff was great. It was also a coworker that I don’t always chat or see eye to eye with so it was really nice to get to spend time with her and get to know each other a bit more.


I had a really long day on Tuesday, but I did see some art! I took a photo of a mural by a local artist named Gonzo247 and an employee at the convention center told me about how he met the artist when he was touching up the mural and even got a signed spray paint can! It is titled Lifting Off, Houston.

I also took a photo of a mobile artwork hanging above the registration desk on the main floor where I was working. This one is Soaring In The Clouds and the lights change colors. This is also by a local artist Ed Wilson. We were fed by the client for all three meals of the day! It was pretty good and best of all, free, so I was happy! We registered a lot of people and had a great time doing it!


On Wednesday I had another early day but made time for breakfast at the center (provided by the client) and there were cookies that reminded me of home!

My new friend Ressa (blog at and I got Unicorn Frapps and took a quick break to snap a photo. She took the most amazing one and edited it really cool AND was nice enough to let me use it! I’m so happy Houston has brought me a new friend. She also took the photo with the FIRST sign in front of the sculpture Wings Over Water by Joe O’Connell + Creative Machines. Basically everything was redone for the Super Bowl (American football event) that was held in the city last year and looks amazing. Ressa somehow timed the photo perfectly so you can see the water that shoots up as well! At night there are colored lights that also make it look cool.

That night Ressa and I hung out and found a cool restaurant for dinner. We ate at a really good Spanish place called Andalucia Tapas Restaurant and Bar. The food and drinks were amazing and the waitress was really nice as well!

That’s where I’ll leave off! I don’t get to see many sights or take many photos because I’m usually rushing around. I’ve also really loved Discovery Green, which is a really nice park right in front of my hotel.

Phew! One more day and then I fly home. I’ve had a great time so far and I’ll post the rest of my trip next week. I’ve really liked Houston so far and I think it’s a great city! The people are awesome and the event is incredible!

Let me know what you’ve done lately either in another city or your own! I’d love to know what you’ve been up to.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Houston looks so awesome, Pamela! 😍 That lazy-not-so-lazy river (haha) looks epic!! And I love that mural. I’m glad you had such an awesome time! Looking forward to part two!!

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  2. Soaring in the Clouds is really cool! I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself! It sounds like a lot of work but fun sprinkled in as well. I want to swim in that pool!!! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    • Houston is full of amazing art! I loved sitting under such a great piece. πŸ™‚ it has been a good balance of both and I’m so glad I was able to experience this.
      And yes, that pool is awesome!!! I’d make it a priority if you’re in Houston sometime!!


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