Hotel Room Tour!

Hi everyone! I thought today I’d show you around my hotel room! This post was requested by my little sister (hey Pillow!) and I took pictures on my first day, before I messed the room up too bad! The hotel did not request that I write this post at all, I just wanted to share it with you!

I’m staying at the beautiful Marriott Marquis Houston and the hotel is amazing. I ended up in a town car on the way to the hotel from the airport and my driver was impressed that I was staying at the Marriott Marquis. According to him the hotel is pretty new and he guaranteed I’d love it.

Once I arrived I was amazed at how awesome the hotel looked. The lobby was beautiful and the lovely lady that checked me in and I had a nice chat about how everyone seems to want to stay here. She noticed that I was in a queen/queen room and offered to move me to a king room as I was by myself. I didn’t mind so I got a king room!


So there’s the king bed! Beyond the bed is a nice little couch, and across the bed is a tv and dresser along with a desk. I’m currently working on the couch though, so sorry not sorry desk.

It’s super comfy!!!


Turning back towards the door there’s a full length mirror (so be on the lookout for a work trip OOTD post on Friday!) as well as the coffee pot and fridge.


The closet is located right across the mirror, and I was disappointed there wasn’t a robe in there but oh well, what can you do. I might have to use the ironing board, my clothes arrived so wrinkled! I’ve already unpacked my clothing and put away everything. Normally I live out of my suitcase but that’s because my trips are short or I’m moving from place to place. For example, my Cleveland trip last fall for work was one night only, so there was no point and my Mexico trip last summer only involved one hotel in Acapulco for two nights and the rest of the two week trip was spent going back and forth between the homes of various family members.


Unpacking is definitely new for me but I’m here for a fully week, so might as well feel at home!

The bathroom is pretty small but it looks nice. There are tons of towels (which I loved) lots of free toiletries (why did I bother bringing any!), and a great mirror.


One thing I think I gave up in the queen/queen room was a bathtub, but I’m kinda okay with that. I got this lovely shower instead! (You can kinda see me wrapped in a towel in the reflection, I’d just come back from the pool!)


Oh, and here’s my view!


Not all that glamours but I get a great view of the George R. Brown Convention Center! If I get closer and look to the right I see Minute Maid Park, which is where the team is going to go to a baseball game in my future! I’m writing this Sunday and plans are to go tomorrow. I’m not a sports person but I’m still excited to go hang out.

I unfortunately don’t have a view of the pool from my room but I do get to see it from the windows by the elevators and it’s amazing. There’s a also a huge park across the street that looks really cool and has an area for kayaking. Basically there’s tons to do around this hotel and it is so exciting!

Oh and here’s a few pictures of the hotel!

And that’s my room! I love it and I don’t think it’ll be hard to come back to this room after a long day of working at the convention center!

What’s been your favorite hotel room? Let me know in the comments. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading!


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