Fashion Favorite: Sunglasses!

Hi everyone! It actually surprises me how little I talk about sunglasses despite how obsessed I am with that accessory. Honestly, I always forget to put on earrings, a necklace, or another accessory except for sunglasses. I can’t leave home without them! Since I use them so often I usually have a few pairs lying around. One pair lives in my handbag, but I’ll have a pair in my car as well. (See below for evidence of my obsession.)

As summer approaches I pay more attention to my sunglasses because I usually have to drive in the sun and I am constantly sneezing if the sun hits my eye. (It’s a thing, promise!)

If you don’t know this about me, I have terrible eyesight so I live with contacts and glasses. For years, I actually didn’t have glasses that were my correct prescription because they were pricey and I would prefer to wear contacts anyway (then I can wear sunglasses and still see, otherwise I’m squinting).

That’s how the company Warby Parker first came to my attention. Warby Parker was started by college business students in order to provide reasonably priced glasses.

I recently listened to the podcast NPR How I Built This where Warby Parker founders, Dave Gilboa and Neil Blumenthal spoke to host Guy Raz about, well, how they built the company. The website was a huge overnight success, and I laughed aloud when the founders recalled a college memory about how they sat in class trying desperately to keep up with their customer service email box, soon after the website opened. When they looked up the professor and their classmates were all watching, wondering what they were doing as there were no notes to be taking at that time. I can see the scene so clearly and I still laugh when I recall this part.


In addition to glasses the company has grown to sell Warby Parker sunglasses. There are quite a few styles but last week the newest collection of Haskell Flash Mirror sunglasses launched and they look amazing!

I haven’t tried Warby Parker sunglasses but I’m so tempted! Due to my constant usage of sunglasses I am constantly breaking them, scratching them, or wearing then out in general. Looking through the site, the frames are made of durable materials and lightweight titanium. The lenses are also scratch-resistant which is great because my sunnies are never kept in a case.


An added bonus is that the lenses also offer 100% UV protection. I am constantly in the sun, whether because I am enjoying the day at the local water park, working outside with my dad’s landscape business, or driving about to work or to enjoy the summer protecting my eyes is always a top priority for me. The sunglasses can be made as prescription or non-prescription and the materials the lenses are made of change depending on the need but otherwise all else stays the same.


The glasses featured on the above model are my favorite! I love the reflective blue lenses and I can totally see myself wearing them about! The color range on this collection is really great, and the sunglasses fit narrow faces, which is what I have. Glasses are constantly slipping from my face so the fact that they’re light and designed to fit well are bonuses for me.

Further reading on the Warby Parker website promotes a great customer service experience already. There are 30-day, no-questions-asked return policy for every frame they sell. On top of that, the lenses are no-scratch guaranteed for a year. If the lenses do get scratched within that time period, the company will replace them for free!

Have you tried Warby Parker glasses or sunglasses? Let me know! I’m seriously considering getting those blue sunglasses and perhaps for my next pair of glasses. My current ones are great except they are way too heavy and slide down my nose a lot… It isn’t fun to try to plan what days it’s “safe” to wear glasses because I won’t be able to do too much activity in them! It doesn’t sound like I’ll have those issues with Warby Parker so I’m excited to try them out sometime!

Let me know which of the Haskell sunglasses are your favorite! Like I said, mine are the blue lenses but which one(s) do you like the best?

Thanks for reading!


*This post was inspired by Warby Parker. Photo courtesy for all images featuring Warby Parker sunglasses (including the featured image for this post): Warby Parker.


  1. I love sunglasses, too! (And your collection is amazing!) I finally got a pair that are comfortable from Kohl’s. Most sunglasses arms squeeze the sides of my head and give me a headache! Anyway, haha…those colorful sunglasses are so cool! I love the blue pair 😍

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