My Lively March!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the first lively month post for my blog! In cases you missed it in my recent blog/life updates post, this post is all about my hobbies for this month! This post is replacing my monthly riding life posts as I am no longer riding regularly and I have other interests that I’d like to talk about as well.

So the basic layout for these posts will be pretty loose. I know I won’t have major updates for everything all the time, so I’m going to change the topics as we go. For example, this month I could talk about creative writing and jewelry making, but next month I might talk about writing, running, and musicals. A few of my hobbies are not going to be a part of this post. My reading will still be it’s own posts as will my makeup posts. Although they are still hobbies they do have a big enough impact on my life that they will still remain their own categories and get their own posts.

So here we go!


Jewelry Making

This is a new hobby for me and I’m not sure how often I’ll do it but it was fun! I had bought a jewelry making kit a long time ago and just never got around to it until recently. The kit was very easy to use although I was slightly freaked out when I realized that there wasn’t any concrete instructions. While I appreciated the freedom the kit gave me I also would have liked more direction for being my first time trying this! I ended up making a necklace and a bracelet to match. Or rather, the other way around since I did the bracelet first. Not too bad for a beginner I think! This was fun and I’ll for sure be trying this again once I get more supplies.

Working out

I failed miserably at this. I was sick over the only nice weekend of the month so I didn’t get the chance to go out for a run at all! I can really only get out over the weekend because during the week I don’t get home from work until after 6pm so I really only have time to eat, shower, and relax a bit before going to bed. I really can’t do proper workouts during the week without giving up the time I use to recharge. While I could do that I feel like my physical state would increase but my mental state would suffer. Of course, I wouldn’t have to workout every day and perhaps I’m making a bigger deal of it than I need to but we’ll see how April turns out for this.

General Crafts

I had made those ballerina stick signs in the picture above with the jewelry awhile ago, back in my college years when I took ballet as a fun elective course. I had the idea to string them together with a pink ribbon so I could hang them up in my home office so I went and got myself a hot glue gun and got to work! I’m sure I could have turned them into coasters somehow but I already have cute coasters that I bought at Pier 1 (way overpriced I might add but I couldn’t find coasters anywhere else at the time!). I was planning to do horseback riding inspired ones but since I’m not riding anymore I am no longer planning to do so. I did prep some more signs that I need to paint though so if you are interested in me doing that for a separate post and showing how I did that let me know! I might do Beauty and the Beast since I’m so obsessed right now!


I haven’t been doing much creative writing because a lot of my writing time is dedicated to my blog. However I have come up with a lot of new ideas! This month has been really great in terms of coming up with creative writing ideas. Not all of them are book writing although that’s generally what I tend to try to do. A few of them have been ideas that I can see plainly as movies or even a comic book! My ideas tend to come from random inspiration. I’ll drive past something or hear something or even dream something that will give me an idea that I can get really excited about. Once I have the idea the story literally unfolds before my eyes. Sure, some of those ideas change an evolve for the better but the story itself always stays the same. While I likely won’t actually write these stories for awhile but I have tons of stories to think about for NaNoWriMo this year! I’ve started keeping my ideas in my Notes app on my iPhone and I’m really glad that I’m doing that because I’m sure I’ve had ideas that I haven’t taken the time to write down and consequently forgotten.

Film and TV

I suppose this could count as a hobby, right? This month I saw both Logan and Beauty and the Beast in theaters and I loved them both! I did reviews on each, so if you haven’t checked them out please do (I did both spoiler and spoiler free reviews on them). I’m actually not a huge fan of movies, especially at theaters because I get so bored during the trailers and they always take 20+ minutes! By the time the trailers are over I’m finished with my popcorn, drink, need to pee, and ready to get up and go home. However my dad is a big movie fan and he loves going to the theater so I always put up with it for him. And it can be fun!

And that’s the update on my hobbies for the month! What have you guys been up to this month? Let me know!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I really like this idea for a regular post! I’ve just posted a works in progress post that I’m planning to do at the end of each month, which any sewing and/or craft projects. πŸ™‚ Sharing things like this inspires the readers AND the writer!
    Anyway, that’s a super cute idea with the popsicle sticks – I should do one with my five year old with simple silhouettes of things he likes, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Interesting post by the way. Love the idea. Readers love to be kept engaged and inspired – so doing this would simultaneously increase the two. Thereby, making your blog a more recommended site to visit. And yeah, I loved what you did with that necklace and bracelet – I find it very chic. Not much of a beginners work to me. Am a guy but i really do appreciate elegant creations.

    Thanks and Good Luck with your blog

    Liked by 1 person

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