My “I’m Sick” Makeup Routine!

Hey everyone! So I was ill last week and thought I’d share my makeup routine after I had somewhat recovered. I’m also going to throw in a bit of skin care too actually so I guess it’s more of a beauty routine!

I was lucky enough to be able to work from home when I was really sick, last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Really, I wasn’t deathly ill or anything but I was pretty ill with the flu so I knew I’d be more comfortable at home.

When I got back to work everyone started asking me where I had been, well those that work outside of my team anyway, all of whom got an email letting them know I was ill and working from home. When I mentioned that I had been sick and stayed home they thanked me for not spreading germs around the office. Personally I think society as a whole is too germaphobic but you’re welcome to the whole office I guess!

Anyway, when I was at home I didn’t wear any makeup, since I was not leaving the house until I felt better. Once I was ready to go back though I had to plan my makeup to withstand any potential nose blowing or runny eyes. Even when I was home though I still used good skin care products as my body was fighting off infection and needed all the help it could get!

Also as a quick note I was supposed to do my Spring Makeup Look for today but I was so sick I wasn’t able to experiment with looks or anything so I owe you that post!

Here’s what I used!



To start I used the Laura Mercier Primer to get my face prepped for the day. I then used the Benefit Big Easy BB Cream which is super lightweight and looks so natural, which was great because I didn’t want to look sick, just wanted to look all nice and normal. I used the Maybelline FitMe Concealer for any spots or places where I needed more coverage and used the Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara which isn’t waterproof but I’ve never had a problem with it getting messy. To finish off the look I used the CoverFX Setting Powder.

Skin Care

For skin care I kept it simple. For nighttime I used my Laneige Water Bank Serum as it’s the most hydrating and being ill and having to wipe my nose all the time really dries out the skin around my nose. Then for daytime I used my usual Estee Lauder DayWear Moisturizer.

And that’s my makeup and skin care! I know this post is quite short but I just kept it as quick and easy as possible. Let me know what your beauty routine is for when you’re feeling poorly!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww, sorry you were sick. 😦 I’m impressed that you have a routine for skin and makeup when you’re sick, that honestly sounds so refreshing and nourishing, my goodness! ^_^ Nice! Where do you buy the estee lauder mascara?

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    • Awww thank you! I’m just super committed to wearing makeup to work. It’s a little silly because my office is soooo laid back, but I still insist on it! 🙂 I think I got that mascara as part of a gift with purchase, which is why it’s travel sized. I used to buy Estee Lauder items from Macy’s because I worked there years ago and knew some of the employees there so I’d do it to support my friends. Now most have moved on and Estee Lauder is available through Sephora now so I get my stuff there!

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  2. I love Benefits Big Easy BB Cream! When I’m feeling poorly and want to make myself look a bit more human 😂 I like to use rimmel wake me up foundation, benefits sugarbomb blush and maybelline lash sensational mascara! ☺️💕

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