How I organize my blog!

Hi everyone! I’ve been blogging for over a year now, so I figured I’d give out some insight on blog organization based on how I organize my own blog! Previously I’ve done a post on my tips for fostering creativity, so you can also check that out if you’d like!


So my number one tip is to plan ahead! I work a full time job, have other hobbies, and usually spend one day a week writing my blog posts for the week up ahead. In a week I put up three posts, sometimes more. When I first started blogging I would write posts the night before or the day of when I posted them, but it quickly became clear that it was not an efficient way to do it.

It would take so long to come up with an idea, write it out, take photos, edit, and post. Eventually I started to plan the week before but even then that didn’t work out well for me. Once Blogmas rolled around I really struggled since I had to put up a post everyday in December until Christmas.

Now I use the pictured “2017-2018 Two Year Planner” to schedule out my blog. I plan out my posts a month in advance and write them out in my planner to keep track. Then over the weekend I’ll write the posts and schedule them!

Another tip I have is to have categories for the types of posts you write. For example, I mostly write about three overall themes; beauty, books/other forms of entertainment, and then I have a general life theme. I further break down my themes and have “series” like posts, for example my Reviewing History posts or beauty item reviews, so I love to be able to put them in their categories. I don’t get too overly specific so I don’t have a million tabs on my blog page but I do keep them kind of separated out.

I also use themes for my posts. On Mondays I write about anything that falls under “Entertainment & Creativity” which can be book reviews, movie adaptation comparisons, baking adventures, and more. Wednesdays are my “Beauty & Style” days so any make-up posts, skin care, OOTDs, and so on are posted then. Fridays are my “General Life” days, so any thoughts about current events, updates about hobbies that don’t fit my other two days (historically those have been riding updates), and any other miscellaneous things. Because it’s so varied I never feel that I get bored or don’t want to write what I’ve planned. Sometimes I do make changes but it’s mostly because of events that have happened.

Whenever possible I take inspiration from life, writing about my experiences. Also pictured above is my 2017 planner, and I consult what I have planned so I can write about it near that time. For example, most musicals and events I go to happen over the weekend so I will write about it for a post the week after. That way it’s not only easier to plan my posts but also I’m excited to write about it!

One thing I do need to get better at is making sure I’m doing posts more consistently. I’ve mentioned this before but I go through periods where I’m posting a lot of reviews and not enough OOTDs, or writing too much about movies and not enough about books, etc. While I don’t want to feel like I am limited in what I need to write about, I do want to get better at writing about the same items consistently.

Let me know what works for you in terms of organizing for your blog, school, work, life, whatever you want!

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love having an organized blog schedule. Like you, I have categories and topics that I like to rotate through, giving my readers variety and allowing me to write on a good number of interests.
    I do not have the ability to do a lot of writing at one time because I have an eight month old, so instead I have lots of drafts going at once and I work on them here and there as I’m able to. I aim for specific dates to publish but more often than not I switch things around, lol. I have two months worth tentatively planned for but, like I said, I play around with the publish dates. πŸ™‚
    Keep up the great work!

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    • Congrats on the kiddo! πŸ™‚ I think flexibility is great when it comes to creativity. I mean, sometimes you’re just more creative and focused than others. I know that I try to write my posts on Sundays but sometimes I can write a post in 20mins and sometimes it takes much, much longer. Having ideas ready is definitely something that works well for me! πŸ™‚

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