Baking Adventures: Chocolate Chip Cookies! 

Hey everyone! I made something from scratch!!! Cookies!

I found a cookie kit to make cookies from scratch, and had to try it. I’ve always wanted to make things from scratch but the idea of having to buy all the ingredients and have stuff left over always deterred me.

I didn’t take pictures of everything before unfortunately but everything was packaged separately, numbered, and labeled. All I had to supply was unsalted butter and an egg. It was quite simple and the instructions were super easy to follow.

Since I had already bought Girl Scout cookies I wasn’t going to make them but my parents were coming home from a trip to Mexico. I thought homemade cookies would be a good way to welcome them home.

So that was my cookie baking adventure! The cookies were pretty yummy. I made them the night before my parents came home so they weren’t still warm from the oven but still good. I have a tendency to leave cookies in too long so they’re harder than a normal cookie when they cool but this time I think I got them out just in time!

Let me know what you’ve been baking lately!

Thanks for reading! 

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