My February Life!

Hey everyone! February was short but sweet for me. It honestly went by so fast and I’m happy it did! I can’t wait for spring so I already decorated my office with a new Spring banner and “hello spring” frame. It’s been a very nice, very mild winter here in northern Illinois overall, which is very different from what we normally experience. The effects of global warming were definitely felt here.


First up, I went running this month! It was a two mile run, and took like half an hour, but I’ll hopefully get better at this soon! I need to get out and run more often, and I’m sure I will when the weather gets nicer out as it can still be cold. I didn’t go last weekend since I wasn’t feeling very well and it was cold (it also snowed but barely so that’s not really an excuse) but I can’t wait to go out again.


Growing up I always wanted to be a Girl Scout and then when I was too old to be a Girl Scout I wanted to try the cookies they sell! Luckily, two girls across the street came to my rescue when they were selling their cookies. I got three kinds, do-si-dos which are peanut butter sandwich cookies, smores, and samoas. My sister and I devoured the smores ones and the do-si-dos were okay. We still need to try the samoas but my mom buys cookies that look exactly like them at the store and I love those so I’m sure those will be my favorite.


My Broadway in Chicago tickets for the upcoming season came! That’s right, I’m officially a patron of the arts! (Self-proclaimed.) I’m excited for the season. I’m going to see The King and I, Something Rotten, An American in Paris, Les Miserables, and Escape to Margaritaville. I’m super excited for the season. I’ve banished myself to the balcony for the season as I have the option to upgrade my seats if I want but I think I’ll keep my current seats and hope I don’t regret it! Depending on the next season shows, my financial situation, and overall interest I might upgrade. My favorite spots are in the dress circle as it’s so cozy and still elevated so we’ll see!


Something random that happened to me in February was that my boss called me into her office to give me a pair of socks. Without going into too much detail, my work got some socks to give out so she offered a pair to everyone on the team. I’ve looked up the company and they aim to “bee better” and donate a pair of socks for every pair they sell. In their “about” video online they took two years to make the “perfect” sock and then two and a half years to donate a million pairs of socks for people in need. The two entrepreneurs who started the company did so by quitting their jobs after one of them saw on Facebook that socks were the top requested items at homeless shelters, as all socks they give out must be new, not used. I looked up the site and the socks are $12 a pair, and available in bulk for a discount, so they’re definitely cheaper than I expected! Overall this is very reminiscent of the TOMS Shoes that were super popular when I was in college a few years ago. I have not yet worn them but I believe they are meant to be comfortable athletic socks so I’m excited to try them on my next run! Wish me luck? 🙂


Also this month, my parents took off and went to Mexico without me! Or my sister. My mom left mid-month and my dad joined her the week after before they returned this past weekend. My sister and I survived a whole week on our own so I’m worried my parents might think it’s time to kick us out! Just kidding, it was a fun adventure for all of us and I’m glad my parents got to spend time with their families. My mom had been six months ago when she and I went together but my dad hadn’t been in maybe fifteen or more years, so I’m really glad he made it a priority to go this year. It’s clear they both miss and love Mexico even after making such a great home here. They even went to a soccer match!

And that’s my February! Let me know what you’ve been up to this month!

Thanks for reading!

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