My February Favorites!

Hey everyone! February is nearly done and for being a short month, it didn’t actually go by very fast for me. I also don’t have a ton of new favorites, just a few.

Here we go!

Beauty Favorite: Laura Mercier Primer


I have loved this primer a lot this month. I’m trying to use up the stuff I have before getting new things so I’ve been experimenting with primers lately. This primer is pretty moisturizing and with my skin feeling so dry it’s been the one I reach for the most.

Perfume: Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose


I didn’t plan to have a rose scented perfume as my favorite for February, it just happened! I feel like I might have to switch to a new scent as this is a very winter-y perfume, but I’m going to stick with it for a bit longer.

Riding Favorite: Riding Gloves


My horseshoe heart SSG Gloves have been a favorite as well. My fingers get so numb when it’s cold, so the gloves definitely helped keep me warm when riding in the winter. The barn where I have been riding at has an indoor arena but it’s still cold in there!

Decor Favorite: Target “hello spring” frame


I found this “hello spring” frame at Target’s dollar section and had to have it! The frame does open so you can switch out the art so I might try to find something online to print or buy or maybe try to make something cute!

Decor Favorite: Gold Leaf


Another decor favorite has been this gold leaf that I found at Pier 1. It’s so pretty and shiny. It’s definitely going to be the favorite piece of decor in my home office!

Favorite Movies: Moana and La La Land


Represented by a sticker pad I found at Target, Moana was a movie favorite for me this month! I thought it was so cute and the music was amazing! Moana was such an amazing hero for the movie. Her animal sidekicks weren’t my favorite but Maui was alright. Moana was by far my favorite of the characters and her story was so beautifully created and brought to life on screen.

I also saw La La Land this month and overall I really liked it. At the beginning of the movie I thought it was overhyped, it didn’t start off very strongly, but as it went on it was a beautiful love letter to Hollywood and those who have devoted their lives to the arts. It was sweet and heartwarming.

And that’s my February favorites! Like I said, there’s not too many of them but hopefully I encounter a few more new things next month.

Thanks for reading!


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